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Chapter: (022) Arriving at the boss room

Translator: Tseirp

“I’ve always thought that labyrinths would be more like, a monster comes flying out after walking for every 3 minutes… but the monsters are surprisingly sparse…”

On the labyrinth 9th floor, I greeted a 6-man (all male) party with only a nod as we passed them by and asked Haru.

I did try to be vigilant against them attacking from behind but after exchanging greetings with them, they did not pretend to be interested with us and ascended the stairs.

“A Beginner Labyrinth is like that. There are no monster rooms and strong individuals to a certain degree can ignore the monsters along the way and only defeat the boss.”

“Ah, so we are like that as well huh. The boss is… below this floor?”

“Yes… if the adventurers we passed by just now defeated the boss, we still have some time before it appears once again. We would not be able to enter the boss room during that period.”

“So there’s a respawn timer. How long would it take?”

“I think it takes about 30 minutes for it to reappear in a Beginner’s Labyrinth.”

Under Haru’s guidance, we advanced for another 5 minutes.

We found the stairs leading downward and descended. “Do you remember the way?”I asked and she replied that she traced the reverse route of the smell of the previous adventurers. So convenient.

Then, immediately after descending… there was a door with the mark of a lion. It was a huge door, 4 meters high and 2 meters across.

“The door will open when the time is up. In cases where there are other adventurers, we would wait our turn.”

“What type of monster is the boss here?”

“It’s a Goblin king. It appears together with 5 goblins but their strength is only to the extent that I can win even on my own.”

“I see. My movement won’t be poor from worry if that’s the case. The time is just about right, let’s eat.”

It was hard to gauge the time of day when we were inside the labyrinth so I relied on my stomach clock.

I think 3 hours have passed since we entered the labyrinth and it was about 4 in the afternoon.

“Is Haru alright with dried meat, bread and water as well?”

“Is it alright to eat the same food as master?”

“Yeah… actually with an item bag, we can have much fresher food but I want to try food like the dried meat at least once.”

We split the dried meat and bread and ate together.

Dried meat… I thought that it would be similar to beef jerky but it was pretty much just salted meat. Moreover, it was tough.

For the purposes of disinfection, it was soaked in sake with high alcoholic content resulting in a bad smell. To the extent that the smell flew out the moment I took it out from the item bag. Due to that, eating it conversely made my throat excessively thirsty.

Similarly, the bread was tougher than French bread and the taste was weak. It could train teeth. Naturally, the times we drank water increased.

As expected, I should pack normal food the next time.

“Dried meat is still as tasty as before.”

Haru was munching on the dried meat with her tail swinging left and right.

Her expression remained the same as before but it looks like she was eating it like it was really tasty.

“Haru likes dried meat?”

“Yes, the meat dishes Margaret-sama made yesterday was tasty as well but I still prefer tougher meat.”

“I see… conversely, I don’t… Haru, do you want to eat my share as well?”

“No, there’s no way I can receive master’s share as well.”

Her words withheld her desires but her tail was swinging wildly. She looked really happy.

Seeing her look so delighted, I felt like teasing her.

“Is that so… I’ll eat it then…”

After saying that and acting like I was going to eat it, Haru’s tail fell limp.

Is she not aware of it at all despite the tail having such large reactions?

“Hmm, but it really is tough after all. Haru, think of it as for my sake and eat this.”

“I’ll gladly receive it then.”

Haru received the dried meat solemnly but her tail’s movement was in top form.

”… Haru’s cute.”

“Thank you.”

Looking at Haru look down with blushed cheeks… my male heart soared.

“Er… erm, Haru. I’d like to ask something, for the white wolf race, do they hate having their tail or ears touched?”

“For the white wolf race, we hate having out tail, ears and stomach touched by people other than those we acknowledge as our masters… it is a privilege to be touched by master.”

So other than tail and ears, the stomach is also a no go.

However, she said that if it was me then it is alright for me to touch.

If that’s the case, I slowly rise and sat to the left of Haru. Then, with my right hand… I slid my hand into her skirt…



“No, erm, it’s the first time I am touched by someone other than my parents.”

“Ah… thank you.”

I was absolutely only touching her tail but it felt like I was doing something guilty.

However… it felt nice. It was a sensation that Cashmere and Mouton can’t compare to at all.

I treated her tail as a pillow and laid down.

Then, my hands moved toward Haru’s ears.

So warm… and soft as well. I clearly felt her pulse. I could tell that her body warmth was being transferred to me.

”… Thank you for the meal.”

”… Er, erm, master, if possible, my stomach… if you could pat it… I would be happy.”


“Yes, for the white wolf race, having our stomach patted is our greater sign of loyalty.”

Haru said as she laid on her back beside me and slightly rolled up her clothes.

I could slightly see her navel.

“I will know if anybody approaches using smell.”

“Yeah, I will also know using Presence Detection. But is it alright?”

“Yes… I originally thought of doing so after we return to our room… but you touched my tail…”

… Very well, when petticoats woo, breeks may come (when a woman shows interest, men come running). Though, it’s only patting her stomach.

I extended my arm and touched Haru’s stomach.

So soft… it was also firm but the softness almost made me addicted to it. I want to touch more. It was a wish that was going to be granted to the utmost form.

”… Master, please touch slightly higher.”

“Slightly higher?”

“Yes, slightly higher.”

“Slightly higher… really?”

What’s there is, that right?

There were 2 hills, which can no longer be categorised as stomach… eh?



”Hey… Haru-san?”

”……… Suu”

She fell asleep… eh? At that timing?


Thinking about it, looking at Haru’s face that was scarlet red, I thought of a certain possibility.

She’s drunk! Caused by the alcohol used to disinfect the dried meat!

I thought that she somehow became bolder but so that’s why.

I wonder from when was she drunk. From the time I touched her tail? Or when she laid down beside me?

Haru would definitely be embarrassed if I ask her so I won’t say anything regarding today to Haru. But I definitely won’t forget about it either.

I straightened her clothes and patted her head.

I even found a surprising weakness of Haru’s so I’ll leave it at that.

I spread my right hand which had lost its intended destination and stretched toward the ceiling. As expected, I can’t rub a sleeping girl’s chest.

At that moment, the door behind me opened. A goblin king at the back with 5 goblins stared at us.

Grinning at me with a despicable smile. I’m a man who can’t eat what was offered to me after all, sent to a life to suffer a lot of shame.

Even though I knew that I was 100% suffering from persecutory delusion, I drew my sword.

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