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I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being Jobless (Web Novel) - Chapter — (023) Statue of the Goddess in the depths of the labyrinth

Chapter: (023) Statue of the Goddess in the depths of the labyrinth

Translator: Tseirp

The Goblin King, it was multiple times larger than a regular goblin and instead of a stick, it was holding onto a sword.

Thanks to the 5 goblins around it, it was easy to appreciate the Goblin King’s greatness.

This guy is definitely that. The friend that looks slightly inferior but when you’re together with him, he tries to accentuate himself.

The type of friend that does not consider their friends as friends.

I guess there originally isn’t any friendship between goblins and Goblin Kings anyway.


There wasn’t any sign of movement from the opponent so I immediately tried using 「Slash」. However, before 「Slash」 reached the Goblin King… it disappeared in the vicinity of the door.

What was that?

“「Petite Fire」!”

After confirming that I had plenty of MP, this time, I released 「Petite Fire」toward the door… But 「Petite Fire」also disappeared in the vicinity of the door.

【Ichinojo Level up】

It’s great that my Apprentice Magician level rose to Lv7 due to my use of magic, but even so, long-range attacks don’t seem to work.

Next, I took out the bow and arrow I got from the thieves from my item bag and released an arrow.

As expected, the arrow stopped at the border of the door and dropped to the ground.

“I’m sorry master, I seem to have lost consciousness… attacks targeted at the boss from outside the boss room are invalid.”

Haru, who had woken up, explained to me. Even though she got drunk quickly, she also woke up quickly.

“Which is why if you do not enter, your attacks would not work. Also, upon entering, the door would be shut for 10 minutes, it cannot be opened unless all the monsters within are defeated or the 2 of us died. So, let us enter together. Incidentally, the boss will also not attack until we enter.”

Ah, it’s true that the goblins were glaring at me but they did not move an inch. So that’s the reason.

That was dangerous, if Haru didn’t wake up I would have entered alone.

For the time being, I’ll collect the arrow that dropped down.

“Well then, here we go~, I’ll start attacking from the left goblin, Haru will attack from the right goblin!”


I believe the battle plan was completely audible but the opponents are goblins after all so it shouldn’t matter. There’s also a high chance that they do not understand the words I said.

Then, along with when I said “Here we go~”and entered the boss room,

“「Slash」! 「Petite Fire」!”

Upon using 「Slash」, one of the goblins was instantly defeated. At the same time, I stretched my right hand forward and chanted 「Petite Fire」and another one was instantly defeated.

The call for level up did not come. Maybe the experience points are totalled after all the battles have ended.

During that time, Haru defeated the other 3 goblins. As expected of the Beast Swordsman that specialises in speed. The Goblin King unsheathed its sword and come attacking towards me but it was too late. It’s no wonder that Haru could beat it alone.

I beheaded the Goblin King with my sword.

And that was the end. A short 10 seconds bout. There wasn’t even a need to wait for the time to re-use 「Slash」. If that’s the case, then it would have been fine even if I entered alone.

【Ichinojo Level up】

【Swordsman skill: 「Slash」 skill has leveled up to 「Slash II」】

【Apprentice Magician skill: 「Water Magic」 obtained】

【Job: Apprentice Alchemist is now available】

【Job: Pugilist is now available】

【Lumberjack skill: 「Logging」 skill has leveled up to 「Logging II」】

Great, the Pugilist job has been acquired. I promptly changed Lumberjack to Pugilist.

Nevertheless, Jobless’s level has seriously become hard to increase. It won’t level up even once after defeating a boss?

“Master, Beast Swordsman have leveled up to Lv3.”

“Ooo, congratulations.”

“Originally, it would take at least 3 days to become a Lv3 Beast Swordsman in the Beginner’s Labyrinth so this is all thanks to master.”

No, it’s not due to me, it is essentially thanks to the blessings.

Also, magic stones, goblin sticks, and goblin sword were left around us.

So it was the sword used by the Goblin King.

“Goblin sword huh. It rarely ever drops so our luck is good.”

“Is it a good weapon?”

“It is a magical sword that has the power to make goblins submit. Its performance as a sword itself is not very good.”

Is that useful? If one is capable of defeating the Goblin King, then there wouldn’t be a need to go out of their way to make the goblins submit, they can just instantly kill them.”

Well, I’ll just take it. Even if there isn’t any place to use it, I can still sell it.

“Well then master, let’s go to the back of the room and pray to the statue of the Goddess. That is where we acquire the reward for clearing.”

“Eh? Statue of the Goddess?”

The door at the back of the room was open.

And then, I saw it there.

The statue of the Goddess.

“It’s the statue of the Goddess of Growth, Koshmar-sama.”

”… So faithful!”(Note: Faithful to the real image of her.)

I inadvertently cried out.

No matter how you look at it, the statue in front of my eyes was the orc Goddess-sama that gave me my blessing.

Eh, aren’t this kind of Goddess statues normally polished off into considerable beauties?

It makes me feel like I’ve been harassed regarding Goddess idolatry since coming to this world.

“Now that I think about it, all the individuals who come from another world get to lay their eyes on the Goddess’s countenance. Was master bestowed his blessing by Koshmar-sama?”

”… Yes, I received 20x experience point acquisition from this orc… Goddess-sama.”

“As I expected. Koshmar-sama is the Goddess of Growth. Many also believe that she is also the Goddess of Bountiful Harvest.”

Goddess of Bountiful Harvest huh. Certainly, without good harvests, people would have trouble with food.

Does she also act as the Goddess of Bountiful Catch? I asked but seems like that is a different Goddess.

“There was also a child-like Goddess, do you know about her?”

“There are 2 child-like Goddesses.”

“It’s a Goddess with golden twin tails.”

“Then that would be Torerul-sama. She is the Goddess of Pleasure. Bestows a comfortable life and is also the Goddess of Gambling.”

Ah, she did certainly come late and went at her own pace. It felt like the Goddess herself was living comfortably. That explains the 1/20 required experience points blessing that allows a person to comfortably get power leveled without going into battle themselves.

“So, all I have to do is pray to this Goddess statue?”


Well then, thanks to Goddess-sama, I am able to experience a second life even though I was supposed to pass away so I wholeheartedly pray to you.

I knelt down and placed both my hands together to pray to the Goddess.

Suddenly, my consciousness became hazy…

“Yo, it’s been a long time.”

In front of me was the orc… no, Koshmar.

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