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I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being Jobless (Web Novel) - Chapter — (027) Intermediate labyrinth’s 56th—floor

Chapter: (027) Intermediate labyrinth’s 56th-floor

Translator: Tseirp

Intermediate Labyrinth 95th-floor?

Boss room?

What the heck is these two talking about?

“Haru, is it possible to reach the 95th-floor even if you’re weak?”

When I asked Haru, “Hey hey, we’re not weak, even though I look like this I am still a first-rate Swordsman!”“I’m a first-rate monster user okay.”“Together we are second-rate!”, the two Apprentice Swordsman and Whip-user complained and for some reason, the two became weaker after combining together. I ignored the two of them and waited for Haru’s answer.

“Probably they registered the transfer circle by leeching onto stronger groups.”

Haru foresaw that they transferred to the 95th-floor together with other adventurers that have reached the 95th-floor and returned to town after that.

By doing so, they would seem like they have cleared until the 95th-floor.

The fact was that there were retired adventurers who earn loose change by offering parasitic registration of the transfer circles.

It is a common practice within towns that have labyrinths with transfer circles.

“Do you think that we can defeat the 100th-floor boss?”

“50-50, I believe it is a dangerous gamble. At the very least, either of you or even worse, both of you would die.”

Haru looked at Jofre and Elise and said.

The two of them listened to the reply and “Yup, adventurers should go to places that fit their ability huh.”“That’s right, Jofre is not a person that can be allowed to die here.”said timidly while wiping the sweat off their brows.

To me, the merits of doing such a gamble were low.

“There you have it, it’s out of the question. Let’s go to a place that is easy to earn experience. I’ll concede a few for you two to last attack.”

“No, we don’t need last attacks!”

Jofre proudly declared.

“Because by our strength, even dying monsters could kill us!”

Seems like the two combined to become second-rate people are aware of their own abilities.

The line moved forward slightly so we advanced together as well.

“That’s right, make a provisional party with us.”

“Yesterday’s enemy is today’s friend. Today’s friend is tomorrow’s enemy.”

Let’s ignore the words Elise said. I do not remember becoming their enemy nor do I plan on becoming their friends.

Rather than that, provisional party?

What’s that?

“Perhaps you two possess Friendship Rings?”

”… Friendship Rings?”

Somehow it was a ring with a very peaceful name.

Jofre took out two golden rings.

“It’s a magic tool that treats two parties as one if the combined total number of party members is below six after the two party leaders put on the rings. It’s a ring developed by Daijiro-sama so it’s extremely precious.”

Even here Daijiro-san’s name pops up. As expected huh.

Rather, why is someone like him carrying such a precious ring?

“Oh, I got it from Daijiro himself. I think it was about 12 years ago, he gave it to me as thanks for guiding him through the forest. I was a 10-year-old brat at that time.”

“Jofre’s so cool since those days.”

“Elise is also the most pretty.”

“Oh my, Jofre.”

“Hahaha, acting so bashful.”

”… 「Slash」!”

Even though I’ve graduated from my virginity, it still doesn’t change the fact that it pisses me off. My irritation passed the limit and I inadvertently sent a 「Slash」with my knife hand toward their feet.

The two of them were angry but the surrounding people broke out in applause.

“Oh well, fine. I’ll leave a ring in your care.”

“Yeah, it’s an important item so please do not lose it.”

“I know.”

I took the ring and was about to put it on Haru’s finger…

“For this kind of situation, which finger should I place it on?”

“People usually put Friendship Rings on their left hand’s little finger. Since it is between friends.”

Thank god it wasn’t the left-hand ring finger.

I would definitely hate it if Haru and Jofre had matching rings on their left-hand ring finger.

When I placed the ring onto Haru’s left-hand little finger, we reached the entrance to the labyrinth.

The entrance to the labyrinth continued underground and there was a shining transfer circle.

“Well then, please wait a moment.”

We waited for a minute.

During that time, several teams of adventurers came out from the transfer circle.

Apparently, the transfer circle can’t be used if somebody else was using it so they gave priority to people who were exiting from the labyrinth.

Then, 1 minute later, it was back to our turn, Jofre paid 1 sense and we entered the transfer circle. So we had to pay for it huh.

The surroundings instantly changed the moment we stepped into the transfer circle. Green walls with a faintly glowing ceiling.

It was the interior of the labyrinth. We really warped.

I was told that I would return to the original location if I did not quickly leave the center of the transfer circle so I immediately exited the transfer circle.

Hmm, there’s no sign of monsters.

“Apparently on the 56th-floor, abnormal fish lizards appear so let’s go there.”

The fish lizards were skink monsters instead of fish but apparently they were called so because the meat they drop taste like fish. Intermediate adventurers frequently defeat them.

“Ooh, Jofre, you are so knowledgeable.”

“Yeah, because an extermination request came from the Adventurers Guild. Fish lizards are F-rank small fry when alone but when they flock their ferocity increases to become D-rank. I took the request.”

“Wait, in other words, you intend to have us help you with the request?”

Since they mentioned that they could not defeat them on their own.

As expected of small time scoundrels.

“No, I seriously intended to go defeat the boss with rookie? I completely forgot about the extermination of fish lizards.”

“Yeah, forgotten.”

… These two are truly idiots. Rather, I’m surprised these two could take on requests from the guild.

Maybe Haru guessed what I was thinking about, she explained to me.

“Any Adventurers Guild members can take on subjugation quests and there would not be any penalties.”

“I see…”

“Well, we only wish to have the subjugation report item which is the fish lizard scales, so I don’t mind if you help yourselves to the meat and magic stones.”

Somehow I felt like I was just being used by the two of them.

However, it’s true that we would not be able to enter the labyrinth if we continued to queue there.

”… Oh well, fine.”

I muttered and headed to the 56th-floor.

For some reason, we did not see even a single monster on the 55th-floor. Haru told me that it was unusual.

I saw the stairs leading down to the 56th-floor and I descended down the stairs.

Then, what I saw was… a countless number of skinks as well as a huge armor-wearing skink swallowing down an adventurer.

“It’s a lie… right?”

The Intermediate Labyrinth 56th-floor… became a skink hell.

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