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Chapter: (030) Peerless on stage

Translator: Tseirp

As usual, the interior of the Adventurers Guild was crowded with adventurers. There were adventurers there to exchange information but there was some drinking alcohol as well. It seems like they bought liquor from the liquor store in front to drink here. Apparently, taverns only open in the evening and it’s lonely to drink alone so the adventurers gathered to drink here.

For the time being, I’ll sell the magic stones I obtained in the Beginner’s Labyrinth.

Jofre and Elise said that they would make their purchase after us.

“Good afternoon, Katyusha-san, I’d like to sell the magic stones and materials that I didn’t get to sell the previous time.”

“Welcome Ichinojo-sama, Haurvatat-sama. Please show me your adventurer’s certificate.”

I passed Haru’s adventurer’s certificate to Katyusha.

Then, I extracted the magic stones, goblin sticks, bat wings, slime jelly etc. I acquired from the Beginner Labyrinth.

The only things I acquired from the Beginner Labyrinth that I did not sell were the Rare Medal and Goblin Sword.

When Katyusha left her seat for a moment to verify the items, a voice came from behind the line.

“Beginner Labyrinth as usual huh, that’s tough, you practically can’t earn a living from the Beginner Labyrinth. She’s such a poor thing, to have such a poor man as a master.”

The Pugilist man from the previous day made a pass at us. Looks like he remained at the same place for the entire time since yesterday. He’s quite a leisurely person.

“Is that all you want to say?”


“Since you’re second-rate as an adventurer, even your provocation is second-rate. As expected of noble-sama’s errand boy.”

“You bastard, are you trying to pick a fight?”

“The person picking a fight is instead asking if I’m picking a fight? Like this, you’ll be third-rate as a Merchant.”(Note: The merchant part is easier to understand in Japanese, to pick a fight in Japanese is translated literally as selling a fight/quarrel.)

I mocked,

“If you want to go then we can go at it on that stage.”

I used my thumb to point over my shoulder directly behind me.

Implying that I’ll fight him on that stage.

“Hey, rookie… no, rookie, the stage is here?”

“That’s the Disciplinary Room?”

“It’s our second home.”

… For god’s sake, please close your mouths. Since I’ll not ask in detail why the Disciplinary Room is your second home.

The Pugilist man laughed heartily at my suggestion.

“I never imagined that you would be the one who suggests it after you managed to see through my job. Looks like I’ll be able to earn a lot of reward money from young master Oregeru.”

… So the noble that wanted to buy Haru is called Oregeru. What a loose-lipped man.

“Ichinojo-sama, thank you for waiting. The total would be 32 sense. Please verify it.”

32 sense… 3200 yen huh. I can’t judge if it’s low or high, but it doesn’t matter now.

I collected the 3 bundles of 10 copper coins and 2 loose copper coins and placed them into the item bag.

“Katyusha-san, please prepare the stage! This boy wants to fight with me!”

“Eh? Please wait a moment, Ichinojo-sama is not an adventurer?”

“It’s alright, I won’t kill him! To the extent that I won’t cause an incident. Moreover, if I apply for it then there’s no problem rule-wise right?”

The Pugilist man said with a vulgar smile.

Since he brought up rules, Katyusha could not longer cut in.

The stage was prepared and the usage fee was paid by the man who applied for it. 30 sense, it was 30 copper coins.

That’s expensive.

Not only the Pugilist man and I were there, many of the customers within the guild came along. The drunk people came with their alcohol.

The stage was a circular stage with grassland around it.

There weren’t any audience seats and it was covered by 4 walls so it could not be seen from outside.

“If it is not concluded within 10 minutes, the match will be over Kakke-san.”

Said Katyusha-san. The Pugilist… who seems to be called Kakke… dropped his sword onto the grass, climbed onto the stage and said “I don’t need 10 minutes.”.

Then, I left my sword with Haru and hopped onto the stage.

Then, when I stepped forward, 3 men came onto the stage from behind.

“What do you intend to do? Isn’t this a 1-vs-1?”

“These guys are lookouts so that you don’t run away.”

“I see… that’s right. I’d hate to owe you 30 sense so here, I’m returning it to you.”

I said and threw the 30 copper coins I just received. At the same time, I kicked the ground.


That was the last word the man said while standing on 2 feet. I kicked the ground and moved to his front and slammed my palm into his abdomen.

With that single hit, the man collapsed onto his knees and the copper coins fell onto his back.

“You… you are a Pugilist also?”

I held back so it seems like he was still conscious.

“Heh, I was right to prepare insurance. Pugilists are certainly strong, but… magic is their weakness. Remember that… if you survive!”

With Kakke’s words as a cue, “””「Petite Fire」”””I heard the sound of magic and 3 shots of magic aimed at the center of my back and flew at me. It’s not a violation to use magic on the stage but it’s supposed to be a taboo.

Then… those 3 shots hit me.

Kakke must be confident that he won. However…

It’s somewhat painful but something like this was fine.

Switching to magic-specialized jobs, my magic defence was easily 20 times that of a single Pugilist.

Because I knew since they entered the stage that those 3 were Apprentice Magicians.

“Listen here, magic is used like this! 「Petite Water」! 「Petite Stone」!

「Petite Wind」!”

The water ball and mass of stone and air hit the 3 Apprentice Magicians and they all fainted.

Then, I raised my hand up to the sky and released the flame magic 「Fire」.

A huge fireball rose up the sky.

【Ichinojo Level up】

I used magic so either Apprentice Magician or Magician had leveled up.

Then, I looked at Kakke.

Kakke looked at the magic rising up to the sky and “You, what are you…”questioned fearfully.

“It’s not a job that you can name!”

Because it’s truly not. (Note: He’s referring to the Jobless job.)

Then, I grabbed Kakke’s hair and looked at his expression distorted with fear.

“Rather than that, convey this to the noble, I’m a coward so I’ll flee and hide. However, Haru… I will not forgive anybody who hurt people important to me. Even if the opponent is a noble. That’s why I’ll let you live as a messenger.”

I left such a message and,


Released a knife hand.


Kakke’s leg was cut off from below the left knee.

… The right knee was trembling. The man’s scream shook my eardrums.

Katyusha-san came up to the stage carrying the first aid kit originally prepared for my treatment.

The drunks came up the stage first and applied alcohol to the wound.

That disinfection further caused Kakke more pain.

I descended the stage and stood next to Haru.

“Haru… I’m back.”

“Master, please don’t push yourself too hard.”

“I don’t intend to.”


”… Thank you.”

Hah, I wanted to end it more refreshingly.

It’s pretty tiring to actually be peerless.

But, if this rumour spreads a bit, the number of adventurers who provoke us should decrease.

I don’t intend to apologize to Kakke who I made an example of by injuring him more than necessary but I still somewhat felt sorry.

Author’s Note:

The next chapter will be the last for the 1st volume.

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