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Chapter: (035) Carol’s unique occupation

Translator: Tseirp

The number of people in front of the goddess statue increased so we decided to change location and left.

The red brick warehouse… or rather the slave trading post was just a stone’s throw away.

I entered the slave trading post together with Carol and Haru.

”… Welcome, eh, Carol… you’re already done?”

A bewitching woman about 40 years of age with long hair dressed in a long skirt said that. She was smoking on something like a pipe. Instead of the regular tobacco, it gave off an extremely sweet smell but I wasn’t a big fan of that fragrance.

“I’ve returned, Madame Quince.”

“This person is?”

“He helped me after the adventurers that I was contracted to died.”

”… I see. Carol, return to your room. I will have a talk with him.”

Carol obeyed Quince’s words and left.

She didn’t say farewell even until the end, such an indifferent person.

Well, I arbitrarily helped her so I shouldn’t expect her gratitude huh.

“Sorry, that girl lives in despair.”

Exhaling smoke from her mouth, Quince spoke. Living in despair.

I recalled her asking me to kill her.

“That’s the fourth party of adventurers to have departed with her and faced annihilation. Even if they are not wiped out, the number of deaths reaches double-digits.”

”… Why does that happen?”

“That girl is the owner of a unique job.”

“Unique job?”

I tilted my head to the unfamiliar term and Haru explained to me.

Unique jobs are innate jobs acquired since birth.

“The famous ones are hero, demon lord, royalty, and nobility. Nobles are born with the Noble job so there is a proverbial saying that we commoners will never become nobles no matter how hard we work. Additionally, although they are small in numbers, there are jobs that can only be acquired by specific individuals regardless of their job levels. There are some that are innate and some that are acquired. Also, unique job holders cannot easily change to other jobs and they possess peculiar skills that can only be used by that unique job.”

“So that’s what you mean by unique jobs…”

Jobs that can only be acquired by a specific person huh. Come to think of it, the goddess… among the blessings presented by Koshmar, there was one to become a hero.

“Temptress… that is that child’s job.”(Note: The job is not specifically sexual, so instead of seductress, it should be temptress)

“Temptress? It sounds like a job that is unrelated to Carol though?”

“At night, a particular pheromone is released from her body that attracts monsters. Apparently, it is a job like that. It was when that child was 14 years old, that unique job suddenly appeared and she was immobilized.”


I once again heard an unfamiliar term so I asked by parroting the term. Although I feel apologetic to constantly interrupt the story.

“It refers to a situation whereby a person can’t change jobs in the usual temples. Or when the job change can’t be done unless by somebody above bishop-sama.”

I understood after listening to Haru’s explanation.

“Night time, or places where the sun cannot reach. For example, if she enters a labyrinth that stretches underground, in the end, she will attract all the surrounding monsters… however, the attracted monsters will never attack Carol. That is the amazing part about Temptress. But then, according to literature, if the Temptress wounds the attracted monsters, their hypnotic state would be dispelled and even the Temptress would be attacked.”

“So those adventurers buried Carol underground to lure the monsters huh…”

“Ah, that’s because there were multiple requests put up for the collection of brown bear pelt for high prices. Around this season, the brown bears rarely appear at populated locations so they most likely wanted to utilize that child’s power… even if she is buried underground, the pheromone will leak out from the air holes.”

Quince said and stood up,

“Due to that power, that child must sleep in an airtight room at night so it’s tough in various ways but even so, the demand for her rental is high. Since she is a convenient child if you utilize her correctly. Thanks to you 2 bringing her back, it doesn’t look like she suffered any injuries so this is to thank you.”

After saying that, Quince took out a small bag containing coins.

”… Thank you…”

I took the small bag of coins and bowed.

I did not help her for the sake of money but I believe this was purely courtesy from Quince.

Then, we left the trading post.

“Master… perhaps with master’s ability?”

”… I might be able to change Carol’s job… but…”

I looked at the job of the man passing by ahead of us.

【Carpenter Lv17】

I changed that man’s job to Commoner in my mind.

However… his job did not change.

I’ve tried it before but I can only change the jobs of companions.

Due to that, I can’t secretly change other people’s jobs.

I do more or less have the option of changing Carol’s job when I rent her.

However, what should I do after that?

There’s a high chance Quince will find out about my skill to change jobs.

To change her job without letting anybody else other than her knowing, my only option is to buy her.

That’s not likely to be a bad thing. It will also likely solve Carol’s problems.

However, if we encounter the same thing again, will I solve it the same way and keep buying slaves?

And will I reveal my secret to every one of them?

I’m afraid to do that.

”… I mean, we don’t really have the leeway to purchase Carol now. Shall we go to the Adventurer’s Guild?”

“That’s right, since it seems like the pelt of the brown bear will sell for a high price if we sell it now.”

Haru did not mention anything about Carol’s job after that and she followed after me.

Author’s Note:

Don’t have money.

Must earn it.

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