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Chapter: (044) 24th-floor Minotaur

Translator: Tseirp

Two pairs of footsteps resounded in short intervals at the labyrinth’s 22nd floor.

Footsteps from Haru and I.

Without coming across even a single monster, we ran at full speed.

Discovering the 23rd-floor stairs, we descended.

“We’re approaching the scent. It seems like as of now Carol-san is still with Oregeru-sama.”

”… There might be a high possibility that Carol and the others have already reached the 24th-floor.”

“Also, master, it’s faint but there’s the smell of blood… I fear it’s likely that Sebastan-sama was wounded here.”

Sebastan as in that level 49 Combat Butler old gentleman huh.

Unlike during solo hunting, if he has to protect Oregeru while fighting, it’s not surprising to be injured.

However, even though Sebastan, his sole lifeline, was injured, Oregeru didn’t withdraw?

I can’t say that’s a normal judgement.

“Oregeru is a noble right? I heard that there are many among nobles who can use healing magic but he can’t?”

“I’ve never seen him use it before nor have I heard that he can wield it.”

“I see…”

With their lifeline Sebastan injured, we can’t afford to waste time.

We’ll have to quickly look for the stairs leading to the 24th-floor.

The 24th-floor is 5 times wider than the 23rd floor and the monsters are said to spawn at 20 times the normal speed but with a system that doesn’t increase the number of monsters after a certain number is reached. That was what Haru heard from the weapon shop yesterday.

“There’s the stairs, let’s go… wait!”

I discovered the stairs that continued onto the 24th-floor but I stopped Haru.

I felt some presence at the end of the stairs.

It’s thanks to the 「Presence Detection」skill of the Hunter.

There was a single presence and it was approaching the end of the stairs.

Then, when it directly reached the bottom of the stairs, it went away in the opposite direction.

It’s most likely a monster.

“Please stay here Haru, I’ll secretly chase that monster.”

“Master, I will also…”

“It’ll be troublesome if Oregeru sees you. Please return to the inn, Haru. I’ll be alright.”

After saying so, I unsheathed my steel sword and left by descending down the stairs.

With her strength, let alone the virtually non-existent number of monsters, her life shouldn’t be in danger in this labyrinth.

This labyrinth is said to be of intermediate difficulty after all.

After I arrived at the 24th-floor, I searched for the previous presence and chased after it.

There is the presence of 3 people where the monster is headed… there’s a high chance that Carol is there.

According to the presence, the monster is just pass the corner ahead.

When I peeked out the corner… a gigantic cowman was there.

It was a brown cow with 2 splendid horns standing on 2 feet. In addition, it wore armor that looked like it was made of cowhide and it held a huge axe.

Minotaur… Haru said that’s the name of the opponent.

It was a name that I’ve heard of even when I was in Japan.

It’s a half cow half human monster that appears in Greek mythologies.

Furthermore, the legends told of a vast labyrinth that served to confine the minotaur such that it could never leave.

I see, thinking about it that way, minotaurs are intrinsic to labyrinths.

If I believe in what the Goddess said, minotaurs are originally from this world and they transmitted it to my world through ancient Europe mythology. The minotaurs that appear in Greece mythology on earth are monsters with human bodies and cow heads but the minotaurs here are pretty much all cow.

Well, the variant here is easier for me to fight with though.

However, it’s a monster that exceeds a height of 2.5 meters.

It’s horns were almost scraping the ceiling.

The minotaur didn’t look like it noticed my presence as it continued forward. Along the way, I saw the stairs leading to the 25th-floor but it rushed past it. It further turned at a T-intersection ahead.

I was just about to secretly follow it from behind when another minotaur appeared ahead. It seems like it’s true that their numbers are great.

I saw that minotaur reach the T-intersection and turn the same corner as the previous minotaur. What I saw after running forward… was a large congestion of minotaurs.

What’s happening?

I heard a loud voice like a bellow just as I had that thought.

“They’re here again! Sebastan! Quickly defeat them!”

It seems like Sebastan is currently fighting.

The number of minotaurs was too large such that I could not see if there were others apart from the 3 of them but at the very least, Oregeru and Sebastan are alright.

In addition, the fact that the monsters are being attracted means that Carol is alright too.

“Oregeru-sama, even I am reaching my limit soon!”

Sebastan cried out weakly. Looks like I’ll have to help them soon.

“Let’s kill the slave after all! If we do so, the approaching minotaurs will no longer increase!”


Did Sebastan just say to kill Carol?

True, that will prevent any more monsters from coming but what selfish people.

“Hey, I’m here to help!”

I cried out, pulling my sword from its sheath,


and shouted, releasing a vacuum wave of sword art. But… so hard!

The 「Slash」tore a couple 10 cm into the minotaur’s abdomen but it wasn’t a fatal wound.

The minotaur that suffered from a large wound in its flank deemed me as an enemy and held its axe up as it approached.

If that’s the case, I switched my jobs to the physical attack specialised jobs 「Jobless‧Swordsman‧Apprentice Swordsman‧Pugilist‧Hunter」.

My current physical attack was now about 3 times that of a Lv20 Swordsman so if there are enemies that I can’t defeat, this would no longer be an intermediate level labyrinth.

The minotaur raised its axe slightly above its head toward the ceiling… and swung it down.

But, that attack was clearly slow. The narrow labyrinth was an unfavourable terrain for minotaurs.

My sword was quicker than the minotaur’s axe and it tore through its abdomen.

This time, it was a fatal wound as the minotaur fell to its knees and its appearance turned into smoke.

A magic stone and cow horns remained, as well as lumps of meat.

… Looks like it will be beef bowl tonight.

“I just defeated one! I’ll immediately come to help so hang on!”

“Oh, I don’t know who you are but I’m indebted! Quickly come and rescue me!”

What a bossy guy.

I felt like waiting until Oregeru got himself killed by the minotaurs but the 2 of them would kill Carol before that happened.

“Yeah wait a moment, I’ll immediately end this!”

I shouted out and aimed for the remaining minotaurs as I ran forward.

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