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Chapter: (045) Battle with the Minotaur

Translator: Tseirp

The minotaur was buried with a single blow from 「Slash」.

I verified the number of enemies.

There’s 8 of them left huh.

Reinforcements might come if I don’t end it swiftly so I fought at full power without warning.

A minotaur swung its axe downward but I leapt to the side, kicked the wall and cleaved through its side with my sword.

The steel sword had a better cutting edge compared to the iron sword but the minotaur’s meat is thick. It felt like my sword would be lodged within the meat if my attack was done poorly.

Even if I had the power, it felt like the sword’s cutting edge can’t keep up with my physical body.

They may say that a good workman doesn’t blame his tools but I have not reached the stage of being a splendid workman after all, so I still wish for a sword with a better cutting edge. Recalling my battle with the brown bears, I sure was courageous to attempt a 「Rotational Slash」 with the sword.

If that’s the case… this time, I’ll rely on my own 2 arms.

I stored the sword in my item bag and leapt high up into the air.

Then, I kicked the ceiling and passed in between the 2 horns on the top of a minotaur’s head.

I grabbed the minotaur’s 2 horns just as I passed them by.

While maintaining my grip on the 2 horns, I planted my feet on the back of the minotaur.

Then, I forcibly pulled the horns, as if to throw the minotaur… but before that could happen, the 2 horns snapped with a cracking sound.

Looks like I used too much force.

The snapping of the horns must have been considerably painful, given the scream-like roar from the minotaur. I replied with “I’ll return them”and stabbed the 2 horns into its back.

While I was in the midst of doing so, another minotaur swung its axe up towards me. I kicked the back of the minotaur pierced with the horns and grasped at the handle of the falling axe. However, I could not stop the downward swing of the axe and the axe struck the minotaur with broken horns… annihilating it.

My experience points… what am I saying in the midst of battle.

While grasping the handle of the axe, I looked at the facial features of the minotaur.

The minotaur looked extremely terrifying up close but I didn’t think that they were as scary after fighting them.

That composure most likely came from my status.

The minotaur swung its axe making it seem as if I was about to be shaken off but,

“「Petite Thunder」!”

When the lightning magic bathed the minotaur’s hand, the minotaur reflexively released its grip. That magic attack was weak (although, it was around the attack power of an ordinary magician) so it succeeded in stunning it but it could not deal the killing blow. That’s because if I had killed it, the minotaur’s axe would have disappeared as well.

I ignored the minotaur I stole the axe from and charged into the center of the remaining minotaurs.

The surrounding 4 minotaurs attempted to attack me with their axes but that caused their torsos to be wide open.

I wouldn’t be troubled if anything happens to this axe.

“「Rotational Slash」!”

The axe was hefty so the sword slash… no, the axe slash was slow, but even so, that single attack dissected the surrounding 4 minotaurs.

I’ve certainly have become stronger.

Looking at the end of the passage, Sebastan, with an injury to his arm, was being forced into a corner by his 2 minotaur opponents while Oregeru and Carol were behind him.

Looks like it’s only the 3 of them.

I peppered the 2 minotaurs, full of openings due to their fight with Sebastan, with knife hand Slashes and defeated them.

However, that wasn’t the end.

“I don’t know who you are or where you come from but I thank you for helping us when we were in danger…”(Oregeru)

“Leave the thanks till later! Hurry, if we don’t move quickly, new opponents will arrive!”(Ichinojo)

“That’s right, Oregeru-sama, let us quickly return to the 23rd floor.”(Sebastan)

“Alright, we’ll present you with rewards later. Let’s hurry, follow me Sebastan, Carol.”(Oregeru)

After saying so, Oregeru ran ahead with Sebastan following behind as well as Carol.

Sebastan appeared to have injured his leg as well as he was moving slightly slower.

We moved with Oregeru in the lead.

”… Carol, are you injured?”

She didn’t appear to have any large external wounds but I asked just to be safe.

I was more worried as to whether Oregeru treated her badly.

“Carol is fine… Oregeru-sama protected me.”

“Oregeru did?”

“When we were surrounded by monsters, Sebastan-sama said to kill Carol to stop the monsters from approaching. But, Oregeru-sama stopped him.”

”… Is that so…”

That’s unexpected, I thought that he was the type to see her die without helping to save himself before anything else.

Did he consider that Carol still had some utility, or is he a lolicon? (Note: Lolicon = pedophile)

No, Carol is 16 years old while Oregeru is about 14 or 15, so Carol is the older one. So puzzling.

Along the way, I collected the fallen magic stones and minotaur horns as well as dealt the final blow to the minotaur that had fainted due to 「Petite Thunder」.

But… it’s strange.

My level isn’t rising… has the combat not ended?

At that moment, I noticed the presence of enemies.

“Stop, there are signs of enemies ahead!”

I shouted. But it was too late.

A new minotaur appeared from the T-intersection and swung at Oregeru with its axe.

I won’t make it… it’s even more impossible for Sebastan who suffered from an injury to the leg.

“U, uwaaaaaa!”

Oregeru screamed… but the next instant, a shadow wrapped around Oregeru, appeared in front of him and stopped the axe with 2 short swords.

It was Haru.

Even though I told her to return to the inn.

Maybe she was worried about me.

“Ha… so it’s Haurvatat.”

Oregeru looked like he remembered Haru’s appearance but he muttered in a tone of disbelief.

“Yeah, it’s been a long time Oregeru-sama.”

Haru flung flame out of the Fang of the Fire Dragon and showered the minotaur’s eyes.

“You… you’re helping me once again.”

While sitting on his rear, Oregeru muttered toward Haru with words filled with hopelessness.

“I, once again, can’t win against you.”

… I moved in front of Oregeru as he spoke in despair and beat up the minotaur.

However… more minotaurs were coming from the passage… this is bad.

“Let’s head to the 25th floor for now. If it’s the boss room, the odour from Carol-san’s skill won’t leak out!”(Haru)

“Understood, Sebastan, you’ll be in charge of Oregeru, Haru, take care of Carol! I’ll defend the stairs!”

I thought of cutting a path through to the 23rd floor in a single go, but there were minotaurs attacking from behind as well, so it looked like it would be difficult for Haru and me to defend everyone.

I’ll keep the minotaurs approaching from the front away until everyone descends down the stairs… gathering my resolve, I ran into the minotaur herd.

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