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Chapter: (047) Torerul’s Roulette

Translator: Tseirp

The statue of a twin-tailed young girl with a sleepy look… Torerul-sama’s Goddess statue sure is an exquisite structure as usual.

It doesn’t have a single fragment of majesty.

While attempting to wake Jofre and Elise who were sleeping around the statue,

“Are they your companions?”

“No, just acquaintances.”

Oregeru asked and I answered with that.

They are neither companions nor friends… I wanted to say that.

The 2 of them had not fainted, they seemed to be merely sleeping.

I slapped Jofre’s cheek.

”… Oi, wake up! Jofre!”

”… That voice… Rookie!? Sorry, looks like we are done for.”

Jofre spoke with an unprecedented weak voice… to think that this guy would say such a thing.

“What in the world happened?”

”… My stomach.”

“Stomach? What happened? Are you injured?”

No matter how I look at him, he doesn’t look injured, is it a broken bone?

“I’m hungry.”

”… We, since the day before yesterday we left town, we’ve only been eating mushrooms and grass.”

… Are they residents of some gag manga?

It won’t be funny if they collapse and die in front of the labyrinth Goddess statue.

Well, it looks like it isn’t a gag situation to the extent where they consumed poisonous mushrooms.

”… If you’re alright with preserved food, do you want some?”

When I was in Florence, I bought it to have a taste of being an adventurer but it wasn’t very tasty.

To be honest, with an item bag, I don’t have a need for it either way.

I took out food such as hard biscuits and salted fish as well as water stored in a wineskin bag from my item bag.

“Ooh, are you sure? Elise, you go ahead and eat first.”

“Is it really alright? No, Jofre, you eat first.”

“Just eat it together you two.”(Ichinojo)

An idiotic couple as usual. To the extent that I want to send a Slash flying their way.

“Oh right, rookie, do you have something for Centaur too?”(Jofre)

“Centaur is hungry too.”(Elise)

Centaur? Ah, the donkey’s name.

… They named him Centaur even though he’s a donkey?

Similar to minotaurs, aren’t centaurs mythological creatures with horse limbs and a human torso?

At the very least, I don’t think it’s a name that fits a donkey.

“For the time being, I’ve bought some vegetables…”

Looking at Centaur sleeping with its rear facing my way, I thought of standing up but,

“Sorry Haru. Could you give this to Centaur.”

I said so and passed her carrots from my item bag. Haru didn’t particularly seem to mind it as she took the carrots and brought them in front of Centaur. At that moment, without standing up, Centaur only shifted its head toward the carrot and chomped.

When riding the carriage, I feigned ignorance but the other party is a donkey so it is still scary after all.

Since I’ve been killed by horses once, I don’t ever want to approach any horse-like monsters.

Though, I don’t think I’ll be killed if a horse kicked me now.

But, there’s a saving grace. If Centaur can carry Sebastan, we won’t need to reduce our combat personnel.

However, we’ve gained 2 pieces of baggage (Jofre & Elise).

While I was looking at Haru feed Centaur the 3rd carrot, Oregeru called out to me from the side.

“You, what’s your name.”


I answered for now. I was still thinking if I should use honorific speech to talk to this guy.

“I see… Are you Haurvatat’s owner?”

… So he has noticed after all.

“What would you do if that’s the case?”

Kill me? Or make it such that I can’t survive as an adventurer?

Try it if you can, I thought but,

“I simply think that you are suitable to be her owner.”

Oregeru said so and looked at Haru.

”… Didn’t you intend to buy Haru?”

“So you’ve heard from her. That’s right. When I got ahead of myself on my own in Florence’s labyrinth and was about to be killed by a goblin, Haurvatat rescued me.”

Looks like it was love at first sight. The magnificent figure of hers as she saved him must have seemed like the figure of Oregeru’s knight of dreams.

Oregeru thought that it would be a waste for her to stay as a slave so he wanted to redeem her to serve as a highly valued knight of his.

But, after hearing Haru’s purchase condition, Oregeru backed down.

“I worked hard training in swordsmanship and raising my level with the goal of one day becoming stronger than Haurvatat and redeeming her… although, in the end, it did not bear fruit… as a final struggle, I heard rumours about Carol and came to the labyrinth to train but, in the end, I was saved by Haurvatat once again. I attacked the King Minotaur to show Haurvatat that I’ve grown stronger… but the end result can be seen here.”

Power leveling while relying on Carol and Sebastan… certainly, Sebastan’s level has increased by 2 and Oregeru’s level has increased by 1. They were most likely quite reckless.

However… this noble sure has excessively gone in circles.

“Seriously, so you attracted monsters to the town and placed Carol and Sebastan in harm’s way, what were you thinking? Moreover, to apply pressure on the Adventurers Guild so that Haru wouldn’t be purchased is too much no matter how you think about it.”

“Pressuring the Adventurers Guild? I’ve never done such a thing… oh, I see.”

Oregeru denied and looked like he reached a revelation on his own.

“Either way, I did not pressure the Adventurers Guild nor do I object to Haurvatat serving you. It is mortifying, though.”

Ah, so this chubby fatty is more of an idiot that an evil person.

So the number of idiots have been raised to 3.

“By the way, Jofre, Elise, I want to ask you two, how did you all reach here?”

“Ah, we tried to help a devil and the floor retracted to become a slide.”

“We’ve slid down the slide the whole time until my butt hurts.”

“And, when we woke up, we realised that we had fallen here and the door could not be opened from inside so we slept because we were troubled.”

“The place we fell out of was blocked as well so we could not go back.”

I’m lost. I was lost since the part they tried to help a devil.

Anyway, so they reached here by falling.

Rather, we can’t return using that path…

Well, it’s not like my expectations were high, looks like it is impossible to escape using another exit.

“For the time being, shall we dedicate a prayer to the statue of Torerul before we escape but have the 2 of you prayed?”

“Eh? What?”

“Like I’ve said, you’ve dedicated a prayer to the Goddess statue at the deepest part of the labyrinth right?”

Jofre and Elise’s heads stopped turning for a moment,

“Eh? This is the deepest part of the labyrinth!?”

“The deepest part of the labyrinth we discovered?”

“There’s no way that’s the case. It’s the labyrinth in the town of Belasra.”(Ichinojo)

They were despairing. Elise was muttering “It’s time to string a lie.”.

Where and how did they mistake a place to be an undiscovered labyrinth?

Anyway, I calmed myself and dedicated a prayer to the Goddess statue.

At that instant, similar to that time with Koshmar-sama, my consciousness became hazy…

When I came to, it was a pure white space.

Also, Torerul wasn’t present.

“Hey, Torerul-sama! Are you sleeping? Please come out!”

I cried out.

Six roulette platforms appeared.

There was a sign written with a name in the center of each of the roulette.

On each of the signs was written Ichinojo, Haurvatat, Jofre, Elise, Oregeru, and Carol.

Then, there was one sheet of paper.

【I’m busy so do it for me】

… Oi!

Just how lazy is this Goddess-sama.

I also want to ask about Miri but… I guess I can only look forward to that when I meet Koshmar-sama.

But, it sure is a serious responsibility for me to turn the roulette.

I guess I’ll start with Oregeru’s first. Since it’s the one that doesn’t matter the most.

I grasped the ball and threw it onto the roulette.

It spun round and round… and fell… on a green… sponge.

… Sorry, Oregeru.

Ah, that’s right, I have to raise my luck stat.

I swapped Apprentice Swordsman with Philanderer and tried again. (Note: I guess he’s referring to his main displayed job)

Next would be Jofre and Elise.

Their good relationship showed here as well, their roulette were lined up side-by-side.

I threw both the roulette balls at the same time.

It spun round and round, both gradually falling into red squares… furthermore, it fell into locations with characters shining silver.

【Rare Medal】

Ah, it’s the rare medal that I have 4 of.

It might not be a skill but it looks like I pulled a hit.

Next would be Carol.

Her ball also fell into a red square, into 【1000 sense】. Hundred thousand yen huh… thinking about it normally, I guess that’s a hit as well.

Nevertheless, to not fall into black 4 times in a row, is my luck really that bad?

Then, next would be Haru… or before that, I should do mine first.

I poured my strength into the ball and threw it onto the roulette. Thinking that a pro dealer would have been able to make it fall into the location they are aiming at. Fall into black, I prayed as the released ball… splendidly fell into a black square.

Great, my sure win came in the 5th round!

Skill name is… eh?

【Title: 「Labyrinth Conqueror」has skilled up to「Labyrinth Conqueror II」】

【Clear reward skill: Lifestyle magic obtained】

As you can tell from the system message, the ball fell into the Lifestyle magic slot.

Seems like a magic that doesn’t look very usable. No, it’s called lifestyle so it should be a magic that is useful in daily life but it most likely can’t be used to escape from here.

Finally, I threw Haru’s ball.

Haru’s ball also fell into the black.

I’ve finally reached optimum technique. It’s a shame that it’s the last one.

Just as I approached the roulette to see the skill, my consciousness once again became hazy.

Seems like time is up… I’m curious as to what Haru’s skill was. It would be good if it is useful for us to escape from here.

With that thought, my consciousness was cast into darkness.

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