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Chapter: (053) Epilogue

Translator: Tseirp

After paying Quince 10000 sense, I officially became Carol’s owner.

“Carol, don’t cause any trouble for your new master.”

“Yes. Thank you for your care until now, Quince-sama.”

Quince and Carol said goodbye to each other.

For now, we’ll have to configure Carol into the party and prepare her equipment.

Also, we’ll have to change Carol’s job to Peddler.

I wish to change it myself but we have to go to the church. Unless we get issued the occupational certificate proving that Carol is a Peddler, she won’t be able to work as a Peddler.

“Carol, once we’ve finished getting ready for our journey, where do you think we should go to?”

Since I seriously came to this town with no plan, I asked Carol.

For now, we’ll have to take a boat if we wish to travel to another continent.

“To reach Mallegory, we will have to take a boat from the port town of Port Kobe which is part of the Church’s territory at the southernmost tip of this continent. For that purpose, we will have to pass through either the country of Korat or the country of Dakyat.”

“Either Korat or Dakyat huh. Neither of the choices is quicker than the other right?”

“The distance is about the same. Because Korat is an agricultural country while Dakyat is a country with a lot of nomads, Korat has more vegetables while Dakyat has delicious meat and dairy products. Moreover, Korat and Dakyat has a poor relationship and they can’t resist from having small skirmishes so it is not possible to travel between the 2 countries and I do not think that it is a good idea to travel along the country borders.”

“I see.”

Well then, where should we go?

At times like this, to choose which to go to, instead of following Goddess-sama’s words, I’ll decide according to Haru-sama’s words.

“Haru, please look this way.”

“What is it?”

I turned towards Haru,

“Korat”I said. Haru’s reaction was weak. Her tail didn’t move either.

“Dakyat”I said. Similarly, her expression didn’t change. However, Haru’s tail was wagging.

“As such, I think we should go to Dakyat. I want to eat delicious meat as well.”

“Sure is easy to understand. Carol agrees too. Since I like milk as well.”

Carol agreed and taught me as she thought of this and that to purchase if we’re going to Dakyat.

“Eh? How was the decision made from that? Although I don’t mind going to Dakyat.”

Haru was confused even as her tail continued wagging.

Most likely because Haru is not aware of the movements of her own tail.

Well then, from now on, the journey of the 3 of us should begin in earnest.

But for some reason, I looked at my own skill and pondered.

Skill Description: Second Job Setting II 【Jobless Lv70】

Able to set the second job for party members.

The second job will be removed when they are removed from the party.

Ha~ I’ll have to explain about this too.


“Is it alright for me to address Carol without honorifics?”

“Yes, I’ll be in your care, Haru-san.”

Looking at the 2 smiling and talking like sisters, I once again thought about how blessed I was to travel together with such cute girls and also vaguely felt sorry towards Miri who I left behind alone in Japan.


In a room in a family-type apartment.

Even if it’s described as so, the sight within it was abnormal to the extent that nobody would even believe it.

Without a single furniture, a room with only the floor, ceiling, wall, and door, together with the fitted sink and air conditioning. With just those, one would have been convinced if it is said to be a room in the mansion before anyone moved in.

If not for the closely packed written formulas on the floor and walls… only drawn up to 150cm high.

Also, there were marks and dates written on the Japan map spread across the floor.

The pond at the base of Mount Osore in the Aomori Prefecture, in front of the Animate store in Akihabara, above the rollercoaster-like hill at the boundary of Shimane Prefecture and Tottori Prefecture, and the building behind Hirakata Police Station at Hirakata Osaka were all points that can transfer to the Otherworld.

However, those are still something in the future, more than a year later.

She has found the location where the next transfer is possible.

Which will happen the day after tomorrow.

“Causality huh… to think that the next location that will transfer to the same place as Onii would be there.”

It is on top of the mountain that is located on the border of, but does not belong to, the Shizuoka Prefecture and Yamanashi Prefecture.

Treated as a land where God resides, apart from the mountain trails, the mountain is treated as the private grounds of the shrine. Incidentally, the mountain trails are prefectural roads.

Any Japanese citizen knows… as do many non-Japanese know, of the impressive beauty of that mountain.

The name of that land… the name of that mountain… Mount Fuji.

The tallest mountain in Japan and the symbol of Japan certified as a World Cultural Heritage.

And that was the location where a young girl once journeyed to the Otherworld.

“Wait for me Onii, I’ll be there soon.”

I said that not to my brother who is no longer around, but to myself.

Then, from the entrance, looking toward the mansion with no one inside… at the room that a family of 4 once lived peacefully, I turned my back and left with my school uniform on.

Without any tools for mountaineering.

Volume 2 Afterword:

Carol has been added to the companions without any problems and the story will continue on to the 3rd volume.

The heroes moving in the backgrounds (Side Story), Miri moving in Japan (Prologue & Epilogue) and Jofreli and Centaur moving without any thoughts.

Fundamentally, a story from Ichinojo’s first-person point of view… first-person?

[First] (Ichi) [person] (No - removing one leg of the ‘people’ kanji) [view] (Sho)?

[Ichi] [No] [Jo]?

Ah, so that’s why he’s called Ichinojo… like hell that’s the reason.

Ah, sorry for the lame talk. Next time, I’ll think about it more before speaking.

Either way, basically it is a story with Ichinojo’s first-person point of view but the other characters are moving in the background. Not only Jofreli, for example, the dropped heroine Norn who appeared before Haru in the first volume as well as the strong maternal(?) instinct Margaret are also scheduled to appear.

Well then, will an enemy-ish enemy finally appear next volume?

It’s unknown whether there will be another heroine added in but I will endeavour to make it enjoyable.

Finally, the status at the end of the 2nd volume.

The status is lowered due to him setting Apprentice Blacksmith but it is considerably stronger compared to the end of volume 1.

Name: Ichinojo

Race: Hume

Job: Jobless Lv71

Pugilist Lv34

Swordsman Lv34

Hunter Lv50

HP:511/511 (10+163+185+23+84) (x1.1)

MP:110/110 (8+12+19+12+59)

Phy Atk:820 (9+283+254+20+118) (x1.1)

Phy Def:586 (7+231+198+16+81) (x1.1)

Mag Atk:137 (4+31+42+8+52)

Mag Def:146 (3+34+45+11+53)

Speed:695 (4+241+192+10+185) (x1.1)

Luck:66 (10+10+10+10+20) (x1.1)


Cotton Clothes

Hide Shoes

Iron Light Armor

Steel Sword


「Sword Equip II」「Slash II」「Rotational Slash II」「Swordsmanship Strengthening (medium)」「Dual Wield」

【Acquired Titles】

「Rare Hunter」 「Labyrinth Conqueror II」 「Skill Maniac」

「Peak of Apprentice Swordsman」

【Possible Job Changes】



Farmer Lv1


Lumberjack Lv14

Apprentice Swordsman

Apprentice Magician

Peddler Lv6

Apprentice Spearman Lv1


Archer Lv1

Apprentice Alchemist


Axe-user Lv1





20x experience point acquisition

1/20 required experience points

〇 Organized Skills

Status Up

「HP Strengthening (minor)」「Physical Attack Strengthening 」「Physical Defence Strengthening (minor) 」「Speed Strengthening (minor)」「Accuracy Correction (minor)」「Luck Strengthening (minor)」「Fist Attack 」「Dexterity UP (minor)」


「Bow and Arrow Equip」「Cane Equip」「Axe Equip」


「Fire Magic II」「Water Magic 」「Earth Magic」「Wind Magic 」「Lightning Magic」

Combat skills

「Throwing」「Presence Detection 」

Support skills

Production skills

「Logging II」「Dismantling II」「Alchemy」


「Skill Description」「Job Appraisal II」「Food and Mineral Appraisal」


「5th Job Setting」「Job Modification」「Skill Organization」「2nd Job Setting II」「Sword Deterioration Prevention」

For comparison, Haru’s status.

Name: Haurvatat

Race: White Wolf

Job: Beast Swordsman

HP: 131/131

MP: 34/34

Phy Atk: 123

Phy Def: 114

Mag Atk: 0

Mag Def: 61

Speed: 295

Luck: 20


Slave Collar

Short Sword

Silk Dress

Leather Shoes


「Stone Throw」「Bow Equip」「Dismantling」「Sword Equip II」「Slash II」「Rotational Slash II」「Bow and Arrow Equip」「Swordsmanship Strengthening (Small)」「Speed UP (Minor)」「Dual Wield」「Experience Point Distribution」

【Acquired Titles】

「Labyrinth Conqueror II」 「Party Leader」

【Possible Job Changes】

Commoner Lv15

Farmer Lv1

Hunter Lv5

Lumberjack Lv1

Apprentice Swordsman Lv25

Swordsman Lv23

Beast Swordsman

Because Beast Swordsman is an advanced job, the status are fundamentally quite high.

Incidentally, she is wearing the scarf exchanged to hide the slave collar but it is not displayed as it does not have equipment capabilities.

Growth Cheat Volume 1 will be released by Morningstar Books on September 12.

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