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Chapter: (061) The simple hike down the mountain

Translator: Tseirp

When I came to, I had returned to the deepest part of the labyrinth, the room with the Goddess statue.

Well, I’m relieved to hear that Miri is healthy and even though we didn’t get the skills and items we aimed for, it’s better than getting scourers.

“Ichino-sama, I’ve acquired the 「Decipher」 skill. The applications are limited but it is a rare skill.”

“It looks like I’ve obtained a magic bow. It’s a very good bow. I’ve not used a bow since I was a child so I’m worried if my skill has dulled.”

Carol with a smile and Haru with her tail wagging reported their respective results.

Now that I think about it, Haru also possessed the Bow Equip skill.

It seems like the outcome wasn’t as bad.

“It was Lifestyle magic for me. Lifestyle magic was raised to level II.”

“Lifestyle magic level increased huh? Ichino-sama’s luck sure is good.”

“It’s a lucky thing?”

“Lifestyle magic has a 1 in a 100 probability of acquiring during the first time. It is handy because it has a lot of convenient magic.”

Carol explained to me.

Certainly, in a world without vacuum cleaners and washing machines, purification is the best and greatest magic.

“Magic list open”

I took a look at what magic I’ve learned.

Petit Ice, Petit Dark, and Petit Light were likely to be magic learnt from Ice magic, Darkness magic, and Light magic.

Then, there was 1 more. A magic that has been added.

“Silent… room?”

If it’s called silent move then I can understand. Stealthy footsteps — it would be a magic that removes the sound of footsteps.

However. It’s room instead of move. Silent room?

“Silent room is — that’s right. It would be quicker to understand if you try using it. Since it’s not a dangerous magic and the MP expenditure is low.”

“Yup, alright.”

Listening to Carol’s explanation, I decided to actually attempt to use it.

“Silent room.”

Once I chanted that, a rectangular thin light film spread out. Almost as if it is a light room.

The light film expanded according to my thoughts, it widened when I willed it to and shrunk when I thought to make it narrower.

However, the width had a limit and could not widen beyond a certain width and the room is apparently set to widen with me as the center.

“What kind of effect does this have?”

I asked Carol.

But, she didn’t reply. Furthermore, it somehow felt like the sound reverberated.

Looking at Carol, Carol’s mouth was opening *paku paku* and it seemed like she was saying something.

Then, Haru passed through the light film and entered.

So it can be easily slipped through huh?

“Master, did you hear the words Carol said?”

“Eh? Carol was only opening and closing her mouth — ah, so it has that kind of effect.”

In other words, if I’m in this room, I won’t be able to hear the sounds from outside.

“Carol, raise your right hand if you can hear this.”

I tried shouting.

However, Carol merely looked like she was saying something but she didn’t raise her right hand.

It seems like the sounds from within doesn’t leak out to the outside either.

So to speak, this light film is the strongest soundproof wall.

By willing the light film to disappear, the light film disappeared as if dissolving into the air.

“Have Ichino-sama understood the effect of Silent Room?”

I could hear Carol’s voice now.

I knew it very well.

It’s a magic that can be used when the neighbouring room complains that it is too noisy and they can’t sleep.

“Yeah. But, I feel that it is kind of plain compared to Clean.”

“That’s right. However, the range widens once proficiency increases. If you raise it until Lv 5, it would be capable of encasing large theatres so theatre officials would give you work. Apparently, there’s a town that rose up due to a single Silent Room.”

That’s amazing.

Certainly, sound reverberates to a degree so it would be easier for musicians and opera singers to sing.

In addition, it would be convenient for private conversations.

Due to the nature of my job — it’s kind of a misleading expression in various ways but — I have a lot of secrets that would be troubling if other people find out so it seems to be a handy magic for me.

“Then, it’s about time we aim to escape huh —”

Since I couldn’t acquire Space Magic, we would have to physically walk down.

Though, it is better compared to previously when we had to climb up stairs. Descending is easier after all.

When I thought so,

“Ichino-sama, this labyrinth apparently has a slight secret that other labyrinths don’t have. Please come this way.”

Carol said that and led me to behind the Goddess statue.

Koshmar-sama’s statue was too large so the back of the Goddess statue could not be seen but there was an opened door there with a small room behind it and another door at the back of that room.

The 3 of us entered the small room and we closed the door that we came in from.

“The escape hatch has been prepared here.”

“Escape hatch?”

“Yes, it would be the exit after that door. Yesterday, I heard of it from the people from the caravan but it seems like it really is true.”

Then, I opened the back door.

Light shined through.

It was already the outside there.

Also, there —

“We’ve climbed up to such a place huh?”

It was the mountain peak.

Below, Gomaki Village was visible.

“It’s a great view.”

Maybe because the air was clear, we could see far off into the distance.

“Master, I can see Sadness River.”

Haru said with a refreshing expression.

Looking at the location she mentioned, I saw a river quite a distance away.

The width of the river was considerably wide so we could clearly see it even from here.

“It’s the river that forms the national boundaries for the 3 countries Dakyat, Korat, and Arundel. Beyond that river would be Dakyat.”

Mountains to the west, forests to the east, the 2 locations became water sources and merged at the intersection of the 3 country borders, forming a single river.

We felt like continuing to view the scenery so we decided to have our lunch there.

Then, after resting for a while, we descended down the mountain.

As if we were out hiking.

Within the labyrinth it only felt like we were advancing, it didn’t have the feeling of climbing up a mountain but only when descending down the mountain could I feel like we were hiking. Even though I did properly climb up with my own 2 feet.

Haru said that she wanted to tend to the horse and headed to the stable, Carol headed for the only shop in the village to gather information.

Around that time, I was free so I worked to convert the iron ores into iron balls alone in the room.

With the skill up of the Alchemy skill to Alchemy II, my work efficiency changed drastically.

Surprisingly, I could convert it into iron balls in just a minute.

Furthermore, I somewhat felt like the iron purity was higher compared to before.

【Ichinojo Leveled up】

Alchemist and Apprentice Alchemist levels were also leveling up smoothly.

However, even though the efficiency increased, the MP expenditure didn’t change so the MP consumption was intense.

Well, later I would only be sleeping so I’ll use it until the limit.

Or so I thought but — a feeling of exhaustion huh.

My mind was in a daze.

Looking at my status, my MP had decreased until 12 remained.

Yup, it seems like I can make slightly more.

Since I did not work my brain sufficiently, I ordered the creation of the next iron ball.

Then — I lost consciousness.

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