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I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being Jobless (Web Novel) - Chapter — (062) The incorrect use of the Room of Silence

Chapter: (062) The incorrect use of the Room of Silence

Translator: Tseirp

*Warning: Slightly lewd description*

… My head feels heavy.

Nn, this feeling, it’s the same as the hangover I had that time 1 week after my 20th birthday, during my part-time job days, when I was dragged to a bar by my senior and made to drink a ton of plum wine and shochu highballs.

At that time, I was scolded quite badly by Miri so I clearly remember the pain I felt in my head (I can’t remember how I got home).

The moment I opened my eyes — it’s a ceiling I know.

Since I slept in the same room yesterday — it was a ceiling that I stared at for an entire night. Eh, looking at it in detail, similar to how the blemishes on a person’s face are unique, this is exactly the same room.

(Eh? Wasn’t I in the single room?)

“This place —”

Looking at the side of the wall, there was a lamp suspended on it and it was already dark outside the window.

“Master, you’ve woken up.”

Haru peered at my face.

“Haru… I, why am I here?”

“Master lost consciousness because your MP was depleted.”

“So people lose consciousness when MP is depleted huh?”

… Because in games one would only be unable to use magic when that happens, I unconsciously thought that it would be the same in this world as well.

Moreover, I have not completely depleted my MP before until today.

When I tried to confirm my current MP, it had recovered to 30.

“Sorry. Even though I knew that master is a Wanderer, I did not explain it to master.”

“No, I was careless. Haru, you shouldn’t blame yourself for it… is Carol at the single room instead?”

“Yes, she was watching master together with me up until just now but I found that her complexion wasn’t good so I decided that we should look after master in shifts. By the way, would you like to have dinner? For the time being, I did set aside stew but it has cooled down.”

There was cold stew placed above the chest drawer beside the bed.

Hn, I don’t really have any appetite at the moment.

I stared intently at Haru.

White hair, white ears, white skin.

“I’ll warm it up now.”

When she turned around, her white tail peeked out from her skirt.

I slowly stood up from bed, hugged Haru from behind and slid my right hand under her skirt.

The sensation of a pair of bloomers was conveyed to my hand.

My left hand grabbed Haru’s moderately sized breasts.

“Haru — because we couldn’t do it yesterday —”

I changed my job to Philanderer.

“But, master. The walls of this room are thin so Carol would notice if we make noise.”

”… Don’t worry, just for that —”

I laughed,

“「Silent Room」!”

and invoked the magic.

With this, no matter what happens, the noise won’t leak to the outside.

Haru and I, as well as the bed, were encased by the light room.

It’s as if this magic was prepared precisely for the sake of doing that in an inn.

To be honest, this usage method was all I could think about when I heard of the explanation regarding this magic.

“Well then — please allow me to take care of you.”

Haru turned around and invited me to the bed.

Thus, my night began.


Breakfast. Because the inn lady heated up the stew from yesterday, I could eat the meat-filled stew.

Normally, it should have been the best breakfast.

However, the reality was that the place was dominated by an awkward atmosphere.

My Philanderer level only rose by 1 level.

It couldn’t be helped.

Carol was quite uncomfortable but I’m definitely the one at fault.

I had completely overlooked the number 1 drawback of 「Silent Room」.

It’s true that with 「Silent Room」’s range surrounding the bed, the sounds of our affair did not leak to the outside.

However, we also could not hear the sound of the knock on the door.

Carol’s expression when she knocked and opened the door to change shift to look after me is still clearly burned into my eyes even now.

I think it was my fault for not locking the door but if we totally did not react to the door knock, Carol might even have gone to the inn lady to get her to open the door together using a duplicate key.

It would be disastrous if that happened.

Next time onward, I must extend the range of 「Silent Room」 just barely until it includes the door but if it is just slightly wider, the light film would leak outside the room so it wears down on my nerve quite a bit.

“Erm… Ichino-sama… yesterday.”

”… Carol… sorry. Please forget about what happened yesterday.”

”… Yes.”

In the end, it became like this.

Haru was also slightly depressed.

To Haru, Carol is something like a younger sister to her so it must be tough for her to be seen by her during such an act.

I also have an actual younger sister so I know the feeling well.

“Anyway, I apologize for ending up like that yesterday after reaching 0MP. I’ll bear that in mind from today onward.”

“Master’s MP is much higher compared to a normal Alchemist so it can’t be helped that master was careless.”

“However, when Carol checked the iron balls made by Ichino-sama, their quality has clearly increased. As expected of Ichino-sama.”

We exchanged unnatural smiles as the dining table was spread in front of us.

Yup, as expected, it’s better when stew has meat in it.


Riding in the carriage, we traveled down the mountain.

Until my MP completely recovers, I explored if there were any jobs that could accumulate experience points without using MP but could not find any in the end, so I ended up searching if there were any monsters nearby by continuously using 「Presence Detection」.

However, there were only 1 or 2 monsters far away and there were completely no monsters at all along the highway.

By the time it reached the afternoon, my MP had completely recovered so I tried performing Alchemy.

I took out a box filled with iron ores from my item bag.

Incidentally, the result from my hardwork the whole day yesterday until I lost consciousness.

Apprentice Alchemist reached Lv37, Alchemist reached Lv18.

The skills I acquired are as below.

【Apprentice Alchemist skill: 「Metal Refining」 obtained】

【Alchemist skill: 「Metal Refining」has skilled up to「Metal Refining II」】

【Alchemist skill: 「Magic Metal Fusion」 obtained】

「Metal Refining」 is a technique used to extract impurities from metals. Apparently, the metals that are possible for me to refine changes according to the skill rank.

「Magic Metal Fusion」 is apparently the skill used to fuse magic metals that Carol told me previously.

Although at the moment, it’s a skill that has no relation to me since I only possess goblin iron now.

My recipes have increased too but as expected, it seems that I still can’t refine mithril from mithril ores.

I’ll have to raise my Alchemy level to be able to make mithril.

Currently, I have about 4 times more MP compared to regular Alchemists.

Since MP recovery amount is dependent on the maximum MP, my MP recovery amount is also about 4 times more than ordinary Alchemists.

Furthermore, thanks to my blessings, my growth is 400 times easier compared to other people.

In other words, now, if I accumulate experience points just for Alchemy without defeating monsters, I can level up 1600 times faster compared to other Alchemist who use the same method.

But then, I don’t think I would be able to beat those rich Alchemist who purchase mana potions for the sake of leveling up.

By doing so, once their level increases, they would be able to achieve what other Alchemists can’t. Like how they can convert mithril ores into mithril. If they do that, that would be converted into gold and they can further purchase even more mana potions.

It’s a vicious cycle.

It’s a system where gold gathers to the rich.

Mana potion huh? I wonder when would I be able to obtain them.

Since regular shops don’t deal in them, I guess connections would be required as well to obtain mana potions.

“Haru-san, please stop the carriage around that area!”

Carol said.

Toilet break? Or so I thought,

“Ichino-sama, apparently mana grass grows in clumps in that area.”

“Mana grass?”

Magical power glass? (Note: In Japanese, they don’t have the ‘L’ pronunciation so both grass and glass sounds the same)

No, since she mentioned clumps, it should mean grass huh?

The negative effect of not being able to distinguish between the pronunciation of ‘R’ and ‘L’ came out.

Magical power grass — is it a medicinal herb?

“Yes, it is an ingredient for mana potion. The village hunter-san stumbled across it and taught me. As long as I continue with my first job as Peddler, I won’t be able to enter the Herbalist Guild so I have to find the medicinal herbs myself.”

So what she was researching about yesterday was information on medicinal herbs huh?

Looking at Carol enter the forest according to the landmarks she heard from the hunter and dirty her hands with soil to extract the magical grass, I thought that maybe it won’t actually take that long before I obtain a mana potion.

I wanted to help too but it won’t become Carol’s experience points if I was the one who harvests it.

I thought that, in exchange, I’ll help clean her with 「Clean」 after she finishes harvesting.

Author’s note:

Comments section — Everyone’s thinking on how to use the 「Silent Room」 is way too alike.

Well, depending on its application, it is quite a convenient magic.

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. I’ll be going on a trip for 2 days 1 night.

I don’t know if I will be able to upload so this is an announcement just in case.

I plan for Jofre and Elize to appear in the Side Story during the next upload.

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