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Chapter: (070) Big Second-sensei’s work

Translator: Tseirp

An idiotic trio came to tangle with us.

I looked at the jobs of the 3 of them.

【Axe-user Lv13】

【Swordsman Lv9】

【Cat-user Lv21】

Oi! A strange job was mixed within!

What the heck is a Cat-user!

The foremost person, a skinhead old man with the most threatening face was the Cat-user.

If an Axe-user is a job that attacks using axes, does a Cat-user use cats to attack?

Would he release something like ‘Killer move, unbearable for people with cat allergies, Cat Hair Storm!’?

I still can’t see the end to this world’s jobs.

“Oi, you bastard, what are you being absent-minded about.”

The Cat-user glared at me.

“Nothing. Sorry but these 2 are my cherished companions. This girl is also an important entrusted good so please go hit on other people.”

“Aa, what’s a scrawny brat like you saying. You, you’re the owner of these right. Since that’s the case, if you don’t want to get hurt, obey me. Get them to service us 3. If you do that, I’ll turn a blind eye to you.”

“Look here, I’ve said that we’re feeling tired since we camped out last night right? For god’s sake go do your troublesome act somewhere else. Also, I’ll only say this, if you tangle with us anymore I won’t show any mercy.”

I was seriously tired.

Ruminating on my own words, these people who misunderstand that they’re stronger would definitely swing at me.

Just as I was having that thought — he really swung at me. Way too easy to read.

Hence, towards the fist that was swung at me, I struck back with my own fist.

I was sitting on a chair while the man was standing.

Looking at the posture and physique, it was as clear as day who would win.

In fact, the match ended in an instant.

However, obviously, the result was the complete opposite of what the people around imagined.


The Cat-user man collapsed backward while holding his wrist and writhed in pain.

The bones in some of his fingers most likely cracked. There was a dull sensation.

A thin book fell out from the man’s pocket.

“You’re noisy, I’ll treat you so keep quiet.”

I took the man’s wrist and chanted 「Petit Heal」.

Pale light wrapped around the man’s fist.

”… It doesn’t hurt anymore… thank you?”

The surroundings raised voices of surprise and admiration to my Healing magic like ‘To be able to use such skillful Taijutsu and Healing magic at such a young age’.

Seriously. Even though I’ve told myself that I don’t want to stand out, I end up doing actions that make me stand out like a protagonist.

Then, I picked up the book that had fallen down… and was speechless.

“What the heck, this… why is there such a thing?”

I held the book in trembling hands.

“Master, that is an item banned by the church. Just holding on to that book constitutes a crime.”

“It’s likely to be equivalent to 10 silver coins in the underground route but… it might be better to return it to the church.”


The 3 girls looked at the book I picked up.

Eh? This is a church prohibited item?

Equivalent to 10 silver coins through the underground route?

That’s a lie, right?

Possibly because the men thought that it was bad that the book was discovered, they ran away at full speed.

Certainly, the gazes from women would likely be painful if it is known that they carry this book.

But, this was… that, right?

Self-published works (Doujinshi) right? Moreover, it’s the type that those below 18 years old can’t read.

Flipping it through, I saw the relationship of two-dimensional manga-type characters.

Within it, there was a scene where the man had a phrase like “Because my Magnum is in top form.”and the girl was delighted.

… Who was the one who spread the word ‘Magnum’… I thought but this was a parody though.

“Who wrote this!”

I flipped to the last page at once.

Publisher: Comic Step

Author: Big Second

Yup, it’s clearly a pen name. Even so, I’ll remember the name just in case.

“For the time being, I’ll dispose of such an outrageous book —”

I kept the doujinshi into my item bag,

“Why is an ero doujinshi a church prohibited item? The law in this world sure is pretty strict.”

I wonder if laws like those against child pornography also exist?

As I had that thought,

“Erm, apparently, that author initially drew entertainment picture books that many enjoyed but… without noticing, the author began drawing many books targeted at adults and finally even drew stories involving relationships between Goddess-samas… causing the church to collect all the books and it became contraband.”

“Of course they would ban it. Seriously, who would do such a stupid thing… Big Second huh.”

There shouldn’t be any print shops and no copiers either. There’s likely not to be screentone and, in the first place, this is a world where white paper is invaluable.

Seriously, what was the person thinking to draw such a doujinshi?

”… Erm… master. Is Big Second the name of the person who drew this book?”

Haru asked with a slightly astonished expression which turned into a somewhat let down expression.

“Yeah, that is what’s written there.”

“That person… I probably have an idea who he is.”


“It’s probably… Daijiro-sama.”

“Eeeeh!? Daijiro-san? That’s a lie right!?”

That person is a huge benefactor to me you know!?

I find it hard to believe that person would draw such a stupid book.

“Erm, after Demon Lord-sama was sealed, I was traveling with the heroes for a period of time and at that time I was shown a manga? that was drawn by Daijiro-san, if I remember correctly the name of the author of that book was Big Second… and it was the name Daijiro-sama used when writing books.”

… Daijiro… big second son, Big Second huh. How easily understandable.

Rather, what kind of person is he exactly?

My benefactor, one of the people who sealed the demon lord with the hero and also someone who writes doujinshi?

His character that I’m imagining is getting blurred way too much.

“No way… that person drew a book like this.”

Malina muttered despairingly.

After asking, it seemed that Malina was also helped by Daijiro’s book.

Incidentally, not a single item bag was left for her. Apparently, even the lamp that was written to be there was not there as well.

Either the Japanese who came before her or a resident of this world coincidentally discovered the secret room and took everything.

I wholeheartedly felt sorry for her.

“Daijiro-san has not been caught right?”

“Carol did not hear that the author was caught. As expected, it would affect the faith in the church if they restrain a person who subdued the demon lord together with the hero so I guess they likely settled it clandestinely.”

“I see… that’s relieving.”

I asked as I drank the tea that was brought over.

By the way, while more than half of his books are prohibited items, he apparently has a considerable amount of secret fans. Apparently, the secret fans are called Secarians.

The contents were not purely ero, apparently, there were even books with yuri developments and even BL, my understanding of his character became less and less.

As expected, I can’t really continue the topic on doujinshi with girls so,

“That’s right, I forgot something. Do you all know about the job called Cat-user?”

I asked the 3 of them as if I just recalled it.

However, the 3 of them apparently did not know about the job called Cat-user.

Cat-user… I seriously wonder what kind of skill does that job use.

I’m really curious.


To the west of the grasslands, there were figures walking.

Julio and Sutchino as well as another person.


The short-haired girl held onto multiple sheets of paper as she stared at the 2 people ahead. She was a girl with short hair about the same age as Julio and Sutchino.

That girl looked at the 2 people walking ahead and smiled.

“Sutchi x Juli is great. It’s got to be Sutchi x Juli after all compared to Juli x Sutchi.”

Chills went down the spine of the 2 people ahead when they heard the girl’s murmurings. Naturally, those 2 people totally did not understand the meaning of those words.

However, they could instinctively tell that it was the worst thing for them.

Her name was Milky.

One of the Secarian affected by the doujinshi drawn by Big Second or also known as Daijiro.

More than half of the doujinshi drawn by Daijiro were prohibited items.

But, there were also books that weren’t prohibited items. Those so-called BL books.

The reason was because it didn’t have the premise for Goddess-sama to appear in them and furthermore, it was in high demand among the noble ladies.

Milky was a reader and was also involved in the making of BL books.

The BL books that were supposed to not be able to be produced in large quantities were printed in large quantities using printmaking techniques and sold.

It was a book of inferior quality compared to the book created by Daijiro but it became very popular among the wives in town and in actual fact, it was also famous as a hidden specialty product in Feruit.

For that reason, Milky had money.

“Hey, why did you bring Milky along?”

Julio complained to Sutchino.

“I’ve told you right. It’s because we don’t know what might be down in the dungeon. That girl is not interested in money and she will act as the main forces.”

“That’s true but walking in front of that girl causes my back muscles to… tremble.”

“Just bear with something like that.”

While being a Commoner, Milky had earned a large sum of gold and paid a large amount of taxes, causing her Commoner level to rise.

Then, the job she took was Magic Journalist.

Magic Journalists draw magic formations by running their pens, they can create special talismans, create contracts and also have the skill to create grimoires if their level increases.

Although, the ink that Magic Journalists use are highly valuable goods that can only be created by high-level Herbalists.

For that reason, it’s a job that can’t easily grow if one does not have money.


“”…… tsk! “”

Their spines trembled as Milky was lost in her delusions.

“Sheet, we’re surrounded!”

“Surrounded… no way, why are there hobgoblins here?”

Goblins, demi-human monsters who possess ugly faces.

Twenty hobgoblins with bodies that are slightly bigger than goblins suddenly appeared.

If it was an equal number of opponents, Julio and Sutchino would be able to somehow defeat them but, 20 at one go was considerably dangerous.

“”Milky! Help us!””

They cried out but,

“Gaha, Geki! Hau.”

With the scene of 2 young men hugging each other, she spurted out blood from her nose and collapsed with an ecstatic look.

“”That’s the reason why perverts are…!”

They once again leaked out complaints.

It would be bad if this continues! Just as the 2 of them thought so,


“Please stoppppp!”

They heard the voices of a man and woman.

Then, appearing before them was a swordsman-like man wearing golden armour and holding a sword as well as a woman wrapped in silver robes and holding a metallic whip.

Those 2 were straddling a slow donkey and rushing towards their direction.

The slow donkey sent 3 Hobgoblins flying in an instant and the remaining hobgoblins fled at full speed after seeing that scene.

At that time, Julio thought.

(… So cool… it’s a hero! A hero arrived!)

Although the one who sent the hobgoblins flying was the slow donkey they were riding that they couldn’t control, to Julio, those 2 people were exactly like the heroes he imagined.

Incidentally, the original key player, the slow donkey, was deliciously eating the papers held by Milky who fainted due to a nose bleed.

In this world, high-grade paper is created by Herbalists and the taste was apparently something that slow donkeys find delicious.

“Are you alright? Boy, my name is Jofre! A hero!”

“My name is Elise! A Monster Tamer! This child here is Centaur.”

Two hoodlum boys from the town.

Two idiots.

And a donkey and a pervert.

It was the moment when 5 individuals and an animal who should not encounter each other, encountered each other.

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