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Chapter: (072) Finding the Hero

Translator: Tseirp

In the end, our shopping was complete with just Haru buying some dried meat for snacking (and she was already chewing on one) as well as emergency potions for situations such as MP depletion so we headed towards the Adventurers Guild which was the place we would meet up with Carol.

It was about time we begin to feel hungry but I decided to wait until Carol arrives before ordering food so we ordered drinks and waited.

There was lemonade inside the drinks menu so I ordered that.

“What would you like Haru?”

“I’ll have the same thing.”

“What about Malina? You can have liquor too.”

”… I’m not really good with liquor… I’ll have the same too… rather than that, my mask… please, my mask.”

Malina is way too reliant on the mask.

However, even with her fear of strangers and social anxiety disorder, this personality has better common sense.

Apart from when I want to ask her something, I’d prefer to leave her like that so I didn’t return the mask.

“Rather, Malina’s eyes are pretty so it would be a waste to cover it with a mask.”

”… mask.”

She’s completely not listening to people’s words.

After a short while, before the drinks came, Carol arrived.

“Thank you for waiting, master.”

“Welcome back. How was it?”

Carol’s expression wasn’t good. Perhaps she received bad news?

“I have one good news, one bad news and one rumor that’s going around town.”

Three separate intelligence in such a short timespan huh?

”… Then, we’ll start with the bad. What’s the bad news.”

“A landslide occurred on the valley road in the vicinity of the border town to the south and it appears that it would take some time to clear it. If we’re aiming for Port Kobe, I think it would be faster if we turn back to Islandburg or to Korat.”

Turn back to Islandburg huh?

Looking at Malina’s expression, she was shaking her head wordlessly with watery eyes.

It’s not like I can toss this person out here.

“We won’t be able to sell our spices and iron so it should be better if we head towards Ferruit for now.”

“The good news is that the purchasing prices for both spices and iron have risen so we would gain sufficient profit even if we sell them in this town.”

Then it’s no longer necessary to head to Ferruit.

I once again looked at Malina.

She was already crying. Her tears became droplets whenever she shook her head, causing her tears to splash around.

“Well… even though I somehow feel like bullying Malina, I do indeed feel sorry for her. Let’s head for Ferruit. A round trip would take about 4 days right? We’re not really in a rush to travel anyway.”

“Uuu… tha, thank you… very much.”

Malina thanked me as she drank the lemonade that was just only served while still in tears.

“Then, what about the rumors?”

“Somehow, the hero and his party are also in this town.”


Haru’s tail stood up in response to Carol’s words.

Hero huh.

I heard that to Haru, the hero is her enemy that defeated the Demon Lord but consideration towards the hero was also the reason why she was sent to be a slave in a location with relatively better treatment after that.

However, if the hero didn’t come, the Demon Lord wouldn’t have been subjugated and her father wouldn’t have been sentenced to capital punishment.

I guess it’s probably complicated.

“Haru, what do you want to do? Do you want to meet the hero?”

If Haru says that she doesn’t want to then we’ll sleep early today and leave this town the first thing in the morning tomorrow.

So I thought.

”… I think I will meet him.”

Haru said as if making her resolve.

“I see. Carol, where’s the hero currently at?”

“Sorry, I don’t know any information about that as of now. But, the hero is apparently gathering some kind of information so it would be fine if we head to a place with a lot of people.”

“A location with a lot of people huh?”

Perhaps we steadily look for them on foot? There seemed to only be 3 inns in total in this town so there’s also the method of staking them out but the rare case of them staying over in an acquaintance’s house instead of an inn is possible.

“Erm, Ichino-san. It’s about time to… my mask…”

Malina was still talking about her mask.

This person seriously moves at her own pace… hmm?

”— That’s it!”

I cried out as I stood up.


“Behold, my super magic! And be delighted! Just this moment in the eternity of time that flows infinitely, at this point among the wide expanse of the world where we all are right now.”

The masked Marina announced as she took out a bow, 7 plates that would serve as targets as well as 7 arrows.

“By my super magic, the 7 arrows will spectacularly hit all the targets using wind magic.”

“Ha? Isn’t that just Archery instead of Magic!”

A person from the audience yelled out.

“Hmph, just watch if you think that it’s just Archery.”

She said so as she drew the bow.

It was at the direction of the sun. And it was the direct opposite direction from the targets.

She released the arrow.

The arrows flew towards an unexpected direction.

However, they suddenly changed their trajectory and the 6 arrows pierced the 6 targets behind her.

Impressed applause from the audience welled up.

Turning around, 6 of the 7 arrows hit their targets.

Although one arrow missed its target, that technique was certainly good enough to be affixed with super-.

That was why she doesn’t possess the bow equip skill.

That super magic — or rather street performance trick is extremely simple, which is why it’s so difficult.

I asked Malina how it was done when she didn’t have her mask on.

The tail of the arrows had strings attached to them. To the extent that it would be pulled off when tugged.

She pulls on that and changes the trajectory of the arrows.

It’s possible in theory but superhuman technique is needed for that to hit the targets.

“Sheet, 1 arrow missed.”

Turning back, Marina showed a disappointed expression looking at the result.

“It’s amazing even if 1 arrow missed! It’s truly a super magic!”

“You were cool, Neechan!”

“It was beautiful!”

Marina ignored all the cheers and walked towards the arrow that missed.

“There was a being with a devilish will so what I did was I unintentionally sent the arrow flying here.”

She lifted the arrow and pierced on the arrow was a dead frog.

Seeing that, the audience burst out in exuberant cheering.

A lot of tips was collecting inside the silk hat she took out.

“Well then, I shall show everyone my next super magic.”

She took off her black scarf. It revealed her slave collar but none of the customers pointed it out.

Then, she covered the silk hat with the scarf and suddenly pulled it off.

The next instant, the tips within the silk hat had disappeared without any traces.

Her street performance was just beginning.


“It was a great success, Ichino.”

Marina said contently as she counted her tips on the Adventurers Guild table.

It was mostly copper coins but there were silver coins mixed among them.

“My level rose to Lv30 and I acquired a new magic.”

Apparently, the method to gain experience points for Street Performers is, apart from in combat, to obtain tips.

Incidentally, the upper limit for a single customer seems to be 1 silver coin.

So it’s not possible to acquire experience points by repeatedly acting as a customer and throwing gold coins in as tips.

The method of hiring fake applauders to throw in silver coins seems to be around but defeating monsters regularly in a party is more efficient.

“Let’s have a feast today. The waiter there, please get me grape juice that is dyed as red as blood.”

It seems like Marina can’t take alcohol as well.

Leaving that aside, I’ll get to the main topic.

“Haru, was the hero there?”

“No, I didn’t see anybody that looked like him… I didn’t detect his scent either.”

“I see… even though I thought it would work splendidly.”

So we’ll have to steadily search on foot huh?

Just as I was thinking that.

“Excuse me — may I have some of your time?”

A man addressed from the side.

Did he come to chase after Marina?

When I looked to the side while thinking so, I spat out a sigh.

There was an Ikemen there. (Note: Ikemen = Good-looking guy, handsome man, hunk)

A man with black short hair, silver armor, and a sword worn on his waist.

Beside him were 3 beautiful slaves.

“I am Suzuki Kota. I serve as a Hero in this world.”

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