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Chapter: (075) Ichinojo’s hobby

Translator: Tseirp

When I returned to the Adventurers Guild, the Swordswoman — Kyanshi was drinking alcohol and picking a quarrel with the Nun — Miles. Haru as asleep beside the 2 of them.

Marina was dextrously manipulating a hamster-like familiar with her fingertip such that it looked as if it was really alive and Carol and the loli Shaman — Schreyl were watching in fascination.

They sure are acting familiar with each other, these 6 people.

Well, I also feel that the distance between me and Suzuki has shrunk.

All the more since he’s in possession of D and it is followed by a T too.

Carol was the first to notice when I entered the Adventurers Guild that has turned into a bar at this time.

Even though she was chatting normally, she was most likely paying attention to the surrounding conversations too.

“Ichino-sama, welcome back. Is Kota-san not together with you?”

“He said that he had something to do. I think he’ll be back soon.”

I looked at Haru who appeared to be sleeping comfortably.

She gets drunk quickly but she also becomes sober quickly. But, she’ll most likely continue being drunk in a place filled with the smell of alcohol like this.

“Carol, please help me pay for the food with this. I’ll take Haru to the room.”

“No, I’ll do it instead of Ichino-sama… though it looks like it’s impossible for me to carry her.”

Looking at her own arms, Carol sighed.

“Ichino. There’s no need to take out your gold. It’s my treat tonight. Since I have the money I received from showing off my extraordinary magic just now.”

“No, you should hold on to that. Don’t you have to save up 10000 sense? I heard that Kannon promised your freedom if you did so right?”

“I don’t need to save 10000 from the start. I remained as a slave to continue my contract with Kannon. If I’m serious, I can gather 10000 sense easily. In fact, I earned 802 sense just now.”

“That’s amazing.”

80200 yen in a single performance huh?

She’s really a popular performer.

“Even so, use that for yourself. My family’s accounts come from the money Haru earns from selling items at the Adventurers Guild and the money Carol earns as a Peddler.”

”… Hn? Then how do you earn your money?”

Kyanshi asked.

“Eh? Me?”

“That’s right. You don’t look like a combat professional so I’m curious what kind of job you do exactly.”

Miles asked with a smile.

My method to earn money?

Selling the items from defeated monsters… is Haru’s role.

Selling iron ore as iron… is Carol’s role.

Both are not wrong but neither are they correct.

They are means that I can’t earn on my own.

If that’s the case, the method I have to earn on my own is —

“I can’t earn a living apart from using the slot machine at the gambling parlor?”

Four of them except Carol pulled back from the words I muttered intermittently. Even Marina drew back.

”… To immerse yourself in gambling without taking a regular job.”

Harsh words flew in from Schreyl.

No, sorry, my bad.

But, how should I explain it?

Is it alright to say the fact that even though I’m not an Adventurer, I can defeat monsters better than Haru?

They would ask why would I defeat monsters even though I’m not an Adventurer.

Thinking of the possibility that they see Haru complete Adventurers Guild procedures in my stead next time, it might be better if I avoid lying and saying that I’m an Adventurer.

Do I lie and say that I’m an Alchemist?

Or… no,

As I was feeling troubled,

“E… erm, it’s true that Ichino-sama does not have a job but — he is my life benefactor.”

“Carol, that doesn’t work as a follow-up.”

Uwa, the gaze from the 4 of them became: “A useless man who lives a pimp life by using the favor of saving her life.”

But I’m Jobless!

Even though I’m Jobless, I will never do something as despicable as that!

“I’ll let you all know but I definitely do not do what you all are thinking right now. I did use almost all of the money Haru earned once but apart from that time, I really didn’t… do… anything.”

As expected, I really stepped on a landmine from my own words.

I must rephrase it as I used all the money Haru earned 【in the gambling parlor in order to not catch the attention of the bookmaker】.

Just as I thought that.

The Ikemen Hero, Suzuki, entered the shop.

“You three, we’ll be leaving immediately. Lady, I’ll pay the bill for that table, how much is it?”

“Wait, Suzuki! I’ll —”

I’ll pay — or so I wanted to say but his 3 companions gave chilly gazes and,

『No need!』

Said so and left.

”… Ichino-sama. I’ll be your ally no matter what happens.”

”… Yup, thank you, Carol.”

… I regret my lack of vocabulary, no, above that, my Jobless-ness.

If it was an Otherworld protagonist, he would probably be able to come up with an even better lie and make the girls go ‘kya kya’.

Suzuki most likely excels in that aspect.

“Ichino. If you don’t have a job, shall I teach you a bit of the technique of my extraordinary magic that even beginners can do? What… if you do it seriously, you should be able to earn about 100 sense a day… Fu, naive, do you think I’ll let you so many times — don’t take it, please don’t take my mask…”

In the gap when Marina was elated with her success from warding off my right-hand grab for her mask with her left hand, I took her mask with my left hand.

However, this time I was really venting my anger so I immediately returned the mask.

”… Seriously, to snatch away my mask which is my identity…”

“Marina. I’ll let you know, I do properly have 2 or 3 methods to earn money. I’ll make sure to let you see tomorrow.”

After saying that, I carried Haru who was still continuing to sleep in a hug and headed up to the room on the second floor.

The room that I felt was narrow earlier when the 4 of us were talking in it was now reasonably wide when it’s just the 2 of us. Even so, it’s a room with just a bed and a pitcher filled with water so it would probably quickly feel cramped if we place anything down.

Thankfully, with the help of the item bag, we don’t have any luggage.


While carrying Haru, I applied the 「Clean」 magic on the bed before laying her down to sleep.

”… Master…”

Haru muttered intermittently.

“Sorry, did I wake you up?”

When I asked, Haru opened her eyes wide in shock and instantaneously jumped off the bed.

“N, no! Sorry, it looks like I fell asleep.”

“Don’t worry about it. You’re most likely feeling tired. I’m also feeling sorry for having Haru act as the coachman the whole way.”

“Er, erm, would there be punishment?”

“No no… rather, Haru, that’s weird? You should know that I’m not such a person.”

“But… Master… like… right?”

… Like?

Is it about the D?


Haru shouldn’t know about me buying the D.

It should mean that here.

Whether I like Haru or not?

That kind of meaning.

Of course I do.

It’s something I don’t even need time to think.

“Yeah, I like. Much more than what Haru thinks.”

I said it in my own words with simple words.

“As expected, it’s true.”

Haru somehow made a lonely expression.

Her expression usually doesn’t really change but this time I could see it clearly.


What’s with this reaction?

“Master, I’m prepared. Erm, that… if Master likes such a thing… I want to answer to Master’s expectations… that, when I was working at Matthias-sama’s shop, I heard from my senpai that there are people with such tastes.”

Weird, something’s weird.

It felt like I pushed a wrong button somewhere.

“Bu… but, Master, for me, candles and whips are still slightly —”

“Wait a minute! Eh? Candles? Whips? Eh, what are you talking about?”

“Er… Master is — an S right. Master makes a delighted expression when bullying Malina-san. I have not seen Master with such an expression. I was extremely envious.”

……… Ha?

“If Master likes that kind of thing, I will also —”

“Wait a minute! Haurvatat-san, please, don’t say any more — 「Silent Room」!!”

I applied magic on the room in panic after I was suspected of being an S.

Then, I went about resolving the misunderstandings from scratch.

I am not an S. I don’t have such an inclination.

Even the smile when I bully Malina was not due to a fetish but merely regular joy from playing around.

I mean, the Haru up until now has plenty of charm so I’d like her to remain the way she is.

“So it was like that… I’m sorry for jumping to conclusions.”

I stroked my heart after finally resolving the misunderstanding.

“Incidentally, if the ‘like’ Master mentioned just now wasn’t that then what were you referring to?”

”……… Ah, we’ll leave that aside for another time…”

Now probably wasn’t the kind of atmosphere to say it.

I hung my head (in disappointment).

Author’s note:

There’ll be some leveling up next time.

It’s a bit late to say it now but this novel is a heartwarming harem story.

The plan is to have all the serious developments in the Side Stories.

Of course, they won’t be developments that don’t affect the story at all, they would be in the style of side stories that are affected by Ichinojo’s actions.

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