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Chapter: (079) Arriving at Ferruit town

Translator: Tseirp

Once dawn broke, we aimed for Ferruit with our carriage.

Carol was apparently thinking about something and didn’t sleep the whole time so she was currently sleeping.

Similarly, Marina was practicing with the Wind Bow so she was likewise currently sleeping as well.

I also didn’t get much sleep but as a person born in the Heisei era, it’s not really difficult to stay awake until the middle of the night so I’m talking with Haru today.

As usual, I felt the presence of monsters from below ground.

When I asked if they might be the presence of yesterday’s ants instead of Tubifex worms, I was told that Army Ant nests always start with the creation of an ant mound so it should be Tubifex worms after all.

An ant mound for such huge ants huh? I wonder how enormous it would be?

“Is it possible that the cave I shot a Fireball into yesterday was actually an ants nest? And that the hill was actually an ant mound?”

“I don’t think that is true. That hill was too large to be an ant mound.”

“I guess that’s true.”

If that was the ant mound of a single ant colony, this country would be full of hills.

“There was a unique smell inside that monsters nest so I will inform master when the monster that emits that smell appears.”

“Okay. Thank you. But, you don’t have to pay too much attention to it.”

I was thankful towards Haru’s thoughtfulness as we proceeded towards the south.

Right about noon, we let Fuyun rest for a while before we once again head south for another 3 hours.

When the sky turned reddish and the white clouds turned black as if black paint was mixed into them, we finally arrived at the town of Ferruit.

Before we entered the town, I reverted Carol’s job to Peddler.

A town in the center of a wide grassland.

It was surrounded by tall stone walls and there was a prominent castle-like building in the center.

“I’ve heard about it in the capital but it’s about the size of Belasra huh… even so, the walls sure are tall.”

“It seems to display a strong message showing their preparations towards the event where Korat invades. Since their skirmish with Korat has been ongoing for hundreds of years. Look, Ichino-sama. There are many layers of colors on the wall. Those are vestiges of the expansion works done on the wall time and again.”

Carol who woke up in the afternoon explained to me.

Indeed, the wall looked like the earth stratum.

It felt like I’ve witnessed the first tourist attraction.

I paid for the town entry tax and entered the town.

Unfortunately, my Commoner level did not rise.

There sure were many buildings constructed with bricks inside the town. Conversely, there were hardly any wooden buildings.

Stalls that sold grilled meat stood out.

I was also delighted to find out that there were other shops selling something like cheese.

On the contrary, the price of vegetables was considerably high.

It was nearly double the price compared to those in Florence.

There were hardly any fishes sold.

“Ichino-sama, let’s first go to the trading post then head for the stable.”

“Okay. After that is done, we can sell the ant materials at the Adventurers Guild and finally deliver the kitchen knife to the inn and rest… okay?”

When I said that, Malina reproachfully glared at me.

I wanted to see what reaction she would give when I took her mask as she was sleeping but for some reason, she just fixedly glared at me without getting angry like before.

Well, I can’t let her become a hindrance to Carol during the negotiations by saying strange things so I’ll keep her like this for now.

It’s great to have peace and quiet.

Tentatively, I took out the spices and iron from my item bag and placed them in the carriage.

The carriage became a lot more cramp all of the sudden so we exited the carriage.

“Can I leave all of the transactions this time to Carol’s discretion?”

“Are you sure?”

I nodded and took out a purple scarf.

“I bought this at the border town. It should be just right for hiding the slave collar?”

Just like how I wrapped the red scarf around Haru, I wrapped the purple scarf around Carol.

“Haru, sorry but please stand-in as her guard. Since this time, I will really just carry the goods into the shop and stay outside the shop.”

“Ichino-sama, thank you. I will try my best to live up to Ichino-sama’s expectations.”

I patted Carol’s head with a smile and then we carried the goods together.

Malina fixedly stared at our interactions.

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