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Chapter: (080) Malina’s words and her letter

Translator: Tseirp

After we finished moving the goods, I was alone with Malina.

Malina continued to stare at me.

… Awkward.

I wondered if she had something on her mind as I scratched my head.

“Hey Malina, please say it if you have something to say.”

Malina gave a start when I said so.

This is tricky.

Her 2 personalities are too extremely different.

“Do you want me to return your mask?”


Malina reacted to the words ‘mask’ but she shook her head,



“Ten ants.”

What is she saying?

Malina’s face was bright red as she faced down and spoke.

Is it the remnants of the trauma from the ant attack yesterday?

“Ten ants… that, thank you.”

”……… Eh?”

“Ten ants… erm, thank you.”

“No, it’s not that I didn’t hear it, I’m wondering why did you bring up such a Showa era gag?”(Note: It’s a gag that can’t really be translated into English. In Japanese, thank you is pronounced as ‘arigatou’. ‘Ari ga tou’ can also be read as ’10 ants’. So Malina was basically saying there are 10 ants at the start instead of saying thank you, which explains why Ichinojo was thinking if it’s trauma from the ant attack.)

When I said that, I arrived at a single thought.

“Is it possible that, after all this time, you are now thanking me for my help with the ants yesterday?”

When I asked, Malina nodded her head twice.

Apparently, I guessed correctly.

“Were you staring at me the whole time today because you were looking for the opportunity to say those words?”

Malina once again nodded her head twice.

… What… why is she… is she an idiot?

“Rather, didn’t Marina thank me yesterday? You said ‘I appreciate it’”

”… I wanted to… say it with my own mouth without borrowing Marina’s… the mask’s power.”

“Then, what’s the reason for inserting the… 10 ants gag?”

”… During my school days, the atmosphere will always freeze when I say my thanks so… I tried sprinkling in some humor.”

Ah, because she dampens the atmosphere by suddenly saying her thanks for old matters out of the blue huh?

I can understand the feelings of her classmates.

Since I just experienced it myself.

“Malina, it’s natural to help each other as companions. Even so, I will gratefully receive your gratitude. Thank you.”

”… I am… Rina Oushin. ‘Shin’ from ‘Truth’, ‘Ri’ from the fruit ‘Pear’ and ‘Na’ from the Rape Blossom flower.”

Eh, self-introduction at this point of time!? Well, it’s true that I didn’t know her last name though.

Though I guess it’s impossible for Marina to do the self-introduction. Since to her, her name is Marina instead of Malina.

“Then, I am Kusunoki Ichinosuke… wait, Malina?”

Malina remained stiff with her face bright red.

It looked like she somehow overheated.

Smoke was coming out from her head. Of course, that’s a lie but it felt like I could see an illusion of it happening.

I guess she pushed herself too much in her own way.

“Isn’t it good fortune that you came to the Otherworld? You won’t be able to function in Japan if you’re like that.”

Although the answer would be ‘No’ if I asked if she’s getting by in the Otherworld.

But, she would be able to survive as the only Street Performer in the world as Marina.

After a short while, Carol and Haru returned.

“Ichino-sama, we’ve returned.”

Carol returned with a smile.

Looking at that expression, I guess she sold it at quite a good price.

Carol bought the peppers for 25800 sense and the iron ores for 24200 sense.

I wonder how much did they sell for.

“We sold the peppers for 35000 sense and the iron for 85000 sense. It’s a natural outcome given the value of Ichino-sama’s Alchemist technique. My Peddler level increased by 1. Also, for the shell brooches I purchased for 800 sense, including the information on the shop, they were sold for 1500 sense.”

Amazing, the original value of 50000 sense became 120000 sense huh?

We easily surpassed twice the price.

But, it’s to be expected that the shell brooches would sell for close to twice the original price. Since all we did was buy up all of it from the store.

“It’s because the trader persistently wanted to know my acquisition route for the iron. If it’s known that it was master who made them, I don’t think that this country’s Alchemist Guild would leave master alone.”

“It’s thanks to Carol’s skill that we could sell the good for a high price. So, what did you purchase this time?”

“I purchased the horn of the cow monster called Bambmorse. It’s not only used as a material for folk craft, the horn itself can be traded at a high price as a trade good. This would be the best if we want to have a stable trade. Though, I will purchase salted meat after the Horse Chasing Festival is over.”

I didn’t miss the sound of Haru swallowing her saliva when Carol mentioned salted meat.

“Hey, Carol, Haru. Why don’t we put off going to the Adventurers Guild for another day and go back to our inn today to have our meal?”

“That’s true. Haru-san should be tired so I don’t have any objections.”

“I am fine.”

“Sorry, I’m feeling hungry.”

I laughed while rubbing my belly.

Even though I’m the one who did the least.

“Carol, do you know where’s the location of the inn?”

“Sorry, I don’t remember… I do remember the location of the stable so maybe we can ask there?”

By the time we reached the stable, Malina had recovered from her overheating.

I entrusted Fuyun and the carriage to them, told them the name of the inn which was the delivery destination of the kitchen knife and we headed in that direction.

It was only about 5 minutes walk away so we could see it straight away.

It was a four-storey stone building.

When we entered the shop, the first floor was a tavern and I was told that the front desk for the inn was on the second floor.

We exited temporarily to climb up the outdoor stairs.

“Welcome. Do you wish to stay?”

A portly auntie asked me with a smile.

“Yes. Also, this is a delivery from Kannon-san.”

I said as I passed her the parcel with the kitchen knife.

The auntie took out the kitchen knife from the parcel.

“As expected of Kannon-san. She did a good job.”

“Is Kannon-san famous as a craftsman for kitchen knives?”

“You didn’t know? That child is a Magic Sword Craftsman. She a pro who has mastered Blacksmithing and Alchemy you know?”

… You’re kidding right?

I forgot to see Kannon’s job but she’s actually such an amazing person?

Rather, she’s doing such a fraud business even though she’s so amazing?

“Is that kitchen knife some kind of a special kitchen knife?”

Haru asked with interest.

It’s called a kitchen knife but it’s just slightly shorter than the sword Haru’s using so she would probably be able to use it as a weapon.

“Ah, yeah. This kitchen knife has been enchanted with the magic that maintains the freshness of plants such as fruits or vegetables cut by it. If you use this to cut an apple, it would not be discolored even after leaving it out for a whole day.”

“That’s… amazing.”

It’s amazing but so dull.

“Oya, this letter is addressed to the child called Malina?”

The auntie passed the letter that was enclosed together with the kitchen knife to Malina.

Although Malina was puzzled for a moment, she was more interested in the letter from Kannon compared to her embarrassment so she received the letter with her head bowed.

Evidently, Malina has learned the words of this world without relying on skills as she proceeded to read the letter.

Then, she began to shed tears after reading.

“What happened?”

”… Abandoned.”


“I was abandoned by Kannonnnnn!!!”

Malina cried out in tears.

So she is capable of speaking loudly.

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