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I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being Jobless (Web Novel) - Chapter Character Listing ~Spoilers, excessive back stories~

Chapter Character Listing ~Spoilers, excessive back stories~

~It would be best if you read this after the end of Volume 3/Chapter 81 to prevent spoilers~

Author’s note:

The main characters have roughly all appeared.

Those who appear here are characters that would make many re-appearance in the future.

Because of that, even pretty important characters like Margaret-san are omitted so I hope for your understanding.

Also, I don’t have any plans to write further in detail here so I will also write in settings that I feel would be alright to be known at this point in time so I hope for your understanding.

Main characters

楠一之丞【Kusunoki Ichinosuke】/Ichinojo

Unemployed 20-year-old male. After the death of both his parents, he lived together with his younger sister Miri but he was kicked by a horse and passed away.

Then, by the power of Goddess Koshmar and Goddess Torerul, he was reincarnated in the parallel universe Otherworld.

He was given 2 blessings: 20x experience point acquisition and 1/20 required experience points.

Thanks to that, just by holding onto the Jobless job that nobody would usually notice, he was able to acquire many skills.

Though, he has a slight complex towards being Jobless.

Lately, I’ve been thinking if it was time to reveal why the Goddess made the mistake(?) of registering his name as Ichinojo in the status page.


The White Wolf Race female Ichinosuke calls Haru. Because her father served in the Demon Lord’s army, she was converted into a slave after the Demon Lord was subjugated.

She dreamed of serving a master who has a stronger will than herself and she made the decision to live as Ichinosuke’s slave after encountering Ichinosuke.

Having not only Dynamic Vision but also Action Prediction abilities that have reached the domain of experts, she can naturally evade attacks to a certain degree and also predict where a roulette ball will land the instant the ball is thrown.

That was how she raised havoc in the gambling parlor.

She was actually a reader when she was young and had read various books in the Demon Lord’s castle so even though lately she’s been hiding in Carol’s shadows, she is reasonably knowledgeable.

A devotee of Goddess Setolance.


Purple-haired girl who is a half between a hume (human) and a minihume (midget) and called Carol by Ichinosuke.

Falling into slavery after her ability as a Temptress bloomed and caused the death of both of her parents, she was constrained to staying inside a completely enclosed space at night.

For that reason, she closed off her heart but thanks to Ichinosuke’s power, she was released from the curse of the Temptress and she now follows and calls Ichinosuke Ichino-sama.

Because both her parents were peddlers, her only entertainment at night were books so she is more knowledgeable than Haru.

She herself has not noticed it but Carol’s parents had apparently given her a pretty special Peddler education for gifted children so she can already pass off as a professional Peddler.

Initially, Ichino lied to her that Goddess Torerul was the one who changed her job but even now, she is still a devotee of Torerul.

桜真梨菜【Sakura Marina】/Malina/Marina

21-year-old former Japanese. By asking Torerul for an appropriate job, she obtained the ability as a Street Performer. However, being intensely shy, she had no way of surviving as a Street Performer, became penniless and fell into slavery after she was picked up by a slave merchant, there, she met Kannon.

Under the effect of the mask that treats shyness (a lie) given by Kannon, another personality called Marina is born whenever she puts on the mask.

Marina is a self-proclaimed Archmage who fabricates magic spells using Street Performer techniques to the delight of many of the audience and sometimes acts as the accomplice to Kannon’s fraudulent businesses. Of course, she is not aware of the fact that Kannon is actually a member of the Devil race.

In order to perform her job as a member of the Devil race, Kannon left Malina in Ichinosuke’s care.

Marina cherishes Malina and wishes that, for Malina’s sake, one day Malina would no longer need her and she would be able to disappear.


A horse-type monster called White Horse.

The male white horse bought by Haru. He is not attached to anybody aside from Haru but does not attack people due to Haru’s orders.

Ichinosuke was the person who named Fuyun.



One of the Pillar Goddesses who created the opportunity for Ichinosuke to travel to the parallel universe Otherworld.

As said by Ichinosuke, a Goddess with stout stature like an Orc. According to the Goddess herself, she can freely transform her physique but apparently keeps that figure because she likes it.

As the Goddess of Growth and Abundant Harvest, many farmers and fledgling adventurers have faith in her.

For that reason, many of the Beginner Labyrinths have her statue placed within.


One of the Pillar Goddesses who created the opportunity for Ichinosuke to travel to the parallel universe Otherworld. Goddess of Pleasure.

With a child figure with twin tail hairstyle, due to the influence of the doujinshi written by Daijiro, she actually has a large number of core fans.

As she feels that it is good to live happily, she lives at quite her own pace.

In addition, she also has another side as the Goddess of Gambling and not a negligible amount of people hold her hand before going to the gambling parlor.


Goddess with the appearance of a Valkyrie. Goddess of Battle and Victory.

Warriors who love to fight believe in her.



Male Apprentice Swordsman. Self-proclaimed Swordsman and Hero.

Lives pretty positively. Has always been together with Elise.

Lived in Florence and was a problem child that everybody knew.

Believed Kannon on the legendary equipment armor and sword and wears them.

Also, he seems to have known Daijiro a long time ago and was given the Friendship Ring that is a magic tool capable of forming instant parties.

And has a mysterious jewel and an item bag.


Whip-user girl. Self-proclaimed Monster Tamer and Monster Master.

Similar to Jofre, lives pretty positively. Has always been together with Jofre.

Similar to Jofre, causes nothing but trouble and always troubling everyone from the Vigilante corps.

Even though her actions are foolish, she actually has completed her studies and apart from reading and writing, she also knows a lot.

That conversely raises other questions.


A donkey from the race of Slow Donkeys purchased by Jofre and Elise.

Faithful to its appetite, just by eating grass, it is capable of knowing the condition of the earth and the weather, even as far as knowing the type of nearby monsters, a Grass Meister.

However, because it is not interested in that, it merely continues to eat grass.

After ending up eating the Rare Medal that Jofre and Elise had, it has now acquired strength comparable to a Minotaur.

It also has the mysterious aspect of it being not affected by Carol’s Temptress job.

Heroes who subjugated the Demon Lord

Alessio Magnal

12 years ago, the hero who subjugated the Demon Lord when he was 14 years old together with the Magician Hack and the Magic Engineer Daijiro.

In honor of his achievements, he was allowed to live in Kyupilas Cathedral. He was also offered peerage but he declined.

He thinks that he is under house arrest in essence and wants to go on a journey once again.

At that time, he found out that one corner of the seal of the Demon Lord has collapsed and set off on a journey together with Hack.


Magician who subjugated the Demon Lord 12 years ago together with Alessio. Calls Alessio Aleo.

12 years ago he was proud of his long hair but due to an incident that happened when he was conducting magical research, he is now bald.

Even now, his hair still continues to work as a cleaning tool in his magic workshop.

Daijiro/Big Second

Magic Engineer who subjugated the Demon Lord 12 years ago together with Alessio.

As a former Japanese, he has created many items. Items representative of him are the item bag carried by Ichinosuke and the Friendship Ring Jofre has.

For some reason, he is active in the doujinshi circle using his pen name Big Second and had scattered many of his works but because of the doujinshi he wrote about Torerul, all the doujinshi were burned.

However, in consideration of the noble ladies, only BL works are still present in the public market.

Self-proclaimed Heroes

鈴木浩太 (Suzuki Kota)

Former Japanese and self-proclaimed hero. Male Holy Warrior.

Summoned to the parallel universe and saved many people as if the male protagonist of an otherworld fantasy.

Travels together with 3 girls but due to reasons is not able to touch any of them, a virgin.

For that reason, he comforts himself with the prohibited item called doujinshi.

Believes in his own thinking quite intensely and saw Ichinosuke as an enemy but the misunderstanding was cleared and they became friends.


Practitioner who serves Kota. Is actually the Pope’s granddaughter.

Kidnapped by xxx for the sake of a certain secret of the Pope, she was saved by Kota as she was about to have a slave collar placed onto her.

At that time, she received a revelation from the Goddess that Kota should be the master she serves so she decided to do so.

Incidentally, that voice was actually not the voice of a Goddess but the prank by a Spirit but she is unaware of that.

Because she believes in the folklore that nuns will not be able to listen to the voice of God if they are not a virgin, she has not crossed the line with Kota.


Former female gladiator. Believing in the promise that she would attain freedom with 1000 wins in the arena, she really achieved 1000 wins using a certain skill.

However, the upper management of the organization did not think well of her no kills victories and instead of releasing her, they threw her into a bind when they had her participate with just a single stick in the underground arena sword fighting contest that was not for fighting but for the viewing pleasure of slaughter.

Even if she fought well, it was impossible to win with a single stick and when she was about to die, Kota who had infiltrated the place saved her.

After that, when the 2 of them were the last to remain, they both fought with a single wooden stick each and the result was that Kyanshi lost.

Kota bought Kyanshi from the destroyed underground organization with a single sense.

By the law of the clan, the man who takes her virginity will be her lifetime companion so she has not crossed the line with Kota.


Descendant of a clan that defends the legendary sword. After completing their role by bestowing the legendary sword to Alessio, they should have become a clan that serves to protect the jewels that seal the Demon Lord.

However, they were attacked by bandits and Schreyl as well as her brother, the only person who knew of the whereabouts of the jewels, were kidnapped.

Kota rescued Schreyl but due to the death of her brother as well as the violence from the bandits, Schreyl lost her voice.

But, during the journey with companions, Schreyl gradually opened her heart, regained her voice and looks up to Kota as though he is her real brother.

Even so, she extremely hates getting touched by men other than Kota and even if it’s Kota, having her naked body seen would cause her to tremble with a blue face.

For that reason, she has not crossed the line with Kota.


A Wyvern that was about to be subjugated by Kota.

It decided to obey Kota after losing to him and holding admiration to his strength.

When asked for a name, Kota named it Pochi in the spur of the moment with his bad naming sense so the 3 girls also slightly pity the Wyvern.

It stands out a lot but apparently, they have a certain method to keep Pochi hidden.

Secret Society Massacre


Founding president of the Secret Society Massacre.

As a son of a locksmith, he’s a master at opening locks.

Has the strange fate of being the nephew of the leader of the band of thieves Jofre and Elise worked in for but a single day.


Staff officer of the Secret Society Massacre. Son of the tavern owner.

Considerable miser.

Capable of betraying companions to a certain acceptable degree for the sake of money.


Childhood female friend of Julio and Sutchino.

Does propagation work by printmaking BL doujinshi under the name Pinky Pants.

Loves and respects Daijiro’s works and one of the Second Children who has been affected by him.

In addition, she is a delusional girl who finds the figure of 2 men talking as tasty as eating rice.

But, she is the owner of amazing skills as a Magic Journalist.

Demon Lord Army


Demon who appeared 200 years ago and became the Demon Lord.

Subjugated by Alessio 12 years ago and was sealed.


Former owner of Malina. Her true identity is that of a demon race.

Magic Sword Craftsman who has reached the peak of Alchemy and Blacksmith.

Sells the sword, armor and staff made by herself at exorbitant prices using fraudulent business techniques.

Cares deeply for Malina.


Third general of the Demon Lord’s army. His true form is that of a vampire.

Calls himself an Earl but he was actually a Baron when he was still human.

Looks down on humans as chess pieces and tries to reaffirm that he himself is a unique existence by manipulating humans to accomplish something.

And thinks of it as the fault of the human if the strategy fails without reflecting on it at all.

However, his strength as a Vampire is the real deal and possesses power close to immortality.


Kusunoki Miri (楠ミリ)

Younger sister who looks up to Ichinosuke as ‘Onii’.

Famous as a stock trader and has quite considerable wealth.

After Ichinosuke’s death, she identified the cause of this death and set off for Mount Fuji to travel to the Otherworld.

Owner of many mysteries.


A Vigilante corps girl who was rescued by Ichinosuke when she was kidnapped by bandits.

She wanted to accompany Ichinosuke but after hearing the sounds of nightlife he had with Haurvatat, her determination faltered.

Even so, lately, she has only been having delusions of ‘What if I traveled together with him?”and has been neglecting her work, causing her colleagues to scold her.

Name: Ichinojo

Race: Hume

Job: Jobless Lv79

Apprentice Blacksmith Lv12

Apprentice Alchemist Lv37

Magician Lv32

HP: 267/267 (10+41+59+72+61) (x1.1)

MP: 513/513 (8+32+92+141+194)

Phy Atk: 307 (9+50+61+84+52)

Phy Def: 266 (7+46+69+81+63) (x1.1)

Mag Atk: 605 (4+38+129+191+243)

Mag Def: 586 (3+21+141+164+204)

Speed: 224 (4+29+52+64+55) (x1.1)

Luck: 55 (10+10+10+10+10) (x1.1)


Cotton Clothes

Hide Shoes

Iron Light Armor

Steel Sword


「Sword Equip II」「Slash II」「Rotational Slash II」「Swordsmanship Strengthening (medium)」「Dual Wield」

【Acquired Titles】

「Rare Hunter」「Skill Maniac」「Labyrinth Conqueror 」「Peak of Apprentice Swordsman」

【Possible Job Changes】



Farmer Lv1


Lumberjack Lv14

Apprentice Swordsman Lv40★

Apprentice Magician

Peddler Lv6

Apprentice Spearman Lv1

Swordsman Lv34

Archer Lv1

Apprentice Alchemist


Axe-user Lv1

Hammer-user Lv10

Pugilist Lv34


Magic Journalist Lv1

Apprentice Practitioner


Apprentice Blacksmith


20x experience point acquisition

1/20 required experience points

〇 Organized Skills

Status Up

「HP Strengthening (minor)」「「Physical Attack Strengthening (small) 」「Physical Defence Strengthening (minor) 」「Speed Strengthening (minor)」「Accuracy Correction (minor)」「Luck Strengthening (minor)」「Fist Attack II」「Dexterity UP 」


「Bow and Arrow Equip」「Cane Equip 」「Axe Equip」「Flute Equip」「Card Equip」「Hammer Equip」


「Fire Magic II」「Water Magic II」「Earth Magic 」「Wind Magic II」「Lightning Magic 」 「Healing Magic 」「Lifestyle Magic 」

Combat skills

「Throwing」「Presence Detection II」「Concussive Strike」

Support skills

「Heal II」

Production skills

「Logging II」「Dismantling 」「Alchemy 」


「Skill Description」「Job Appraisal II」「Food‧Mineral‧Metal‧Monster Material Appraisal」


「5th Job Setting」「Job Modification」「Skill Organization」「2nd Job Setting II」「Sword Deterioration Prevention」

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