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Chapter: (086) This is my world!

Translator: Tseirp

I wish to raise an objection to the world.

It is easy to bundle Jobless, Hikikomori and NEET together but they are all completely different.

Firstly, for Hikikomori, as the word implies, it is meant for people who do not leave their house and do not participate in society.

I go to the convenience store once a week to buy Jump (Weekly Shonen Jump) so I am not a Hikikomori, hence that claim is already wrong and as a person who does a sideline job even though I always stay at home, I am not a Hikikomori. In other words, Hikikomori is included in one part of Jobless but Jobless does not equal Hikikomori.

Next, NEET refers to people from age 15 to 34 who are not in employment, not seeking employment, not in education or not in charge of housework. For example, if guarding one’s house is said to be under housework, a house guard is not a NEET.

In other words, since I take part in the respectable societal activity of job seeking, I am neither a NEET nor a Hikikomori.

I once again confirmed that as I checked the 「Hikikomori」 skill.

Hikikomori: Magic-based Skill 【Jobless Lv80】

A skill that creates a hole leading to a subspace and constructs a world on that side.

It is possible to use a variety of functions with the consumption of MP.

………… What?

A magic named Hikikomori!?

Even though it gives off the feel of an amazing magic that can already be deemed as space magic.

“What’s wrong? Ichino-sama.”

“Nothing, give me a moment… Magic list open.”

Various magic has been added.

It’s probably due to 「Grant Magic」. There were many spells that seemed to be magic meant to be affixed to swords like Fireform or Thunderform.

That was sufficiently cool but that one entry was at the very bottom.

My World Lv - MP consumption 0

A magic with no level and no MP consumption huh?

“「My world」!”

I stretched my arm forward and activated that magic.

Then, a hole appeared in front of me.

”… So this is my world huh —”

I said that,

Instantly —

I was in another world.

A pure white world. A world with no up and down.

It resembles it — the world I met the Goddesses.

A weightless world.

This place is definitely not suitable to live in.

If I live my daily life in a place like this, my body would be crushed by gravity once I return to the original world.

There was 1 item floating there.

A book.

I stretched my hand and grabbed the book that was close by.

That book only had 2 entries written in it.

Please trace your favorite entry

Star creation: MP consumption 50

Permit creation: MP consumption 100

Star creation?

This was most likely a task that must be done first so while I hesitated slightly towards those dynamic words, I traced the letters.

Suddenly, there was a surface below my feet.

It was a barren land with red soil.

I felt gravity at the same time.

Apparently, I’ve made a star/celestial body.

Despite that, the MP consumption was a mere 50.

There wasn’t a sun nor a moon in the sky.

There was merely a pure white space spread across the sky such that I didn’t have to worry about lights.

I wondered if photosynthesis was possible with this light and it would likely be solved by whether I could grow plants here or not.

Looking behind, I saw the hole in the space.

While holding the book, I approached that hole with my hand.

Suddenly — I was sucked into that hole and stood up.

Upon a grass plain.

It seems like I have returned to my original location.

The hole still remains. When I recited in my mind for it to disappear, the rift in space disappeared from my eyes.


The 3 of them rushed over to me.

Carol, in particular, had red eyes. She might have been crying.

Well, they were probably worried since I was suddenly swallowed up by some weird space.

“Sorry for causing you all to worry. The skill I just acquired seems to somehow be a skill that allows me to create and enter my own world.”

“A personal world!? I’ve never heard of such a skill… Is it a kind of Space Magic? What is the name of the skill?”

“Hikiko — it’s called My World.”

I announced the name of the magic just as I was about to say Hikikomori.

“Leaving that aside, let’s return to town for now. Since it seems like I will have to inspect various things about this skill too.”

The book that I should have brought out together with me had disappeared.

It seems like it is impossible to bring that book out.

When I was missing, the space rift was apparently there. However, the 3 of them could not enter.

There was something I was curious about.

Permit creation. Does that mean, in other words, a person holding onto that will be able to enter my world?

Of course, the usefulness of that skill was high.

It was such an expanse of land. It depends on the condition of the land but it might be good to do some agriculture there.

Besides that, it might be good to construct a house too.

My dream was expanding.

Also, is it possible to close the space while somebody is still within it?

What happens to the person within when that happens?

Will I appear in the same location no matter where I create the rift?

There was a need to inspect various aspects of it.

“There are some things that I have to verify. I’ll be right back.”

I said that before I once again activated the magic “「My World」!”.

The space rift appeared and upon entering, I arrived at the same location as before.

It was a wide flat red land so I can’t tell if it’s the same place but for the time being, I picked up the book that had fallen on the ground.

Please trace your favorite entry

Star expansion: MP consumption 500

Permit creation: MP consumption 100

Garbage bin creation: MP consumption 200

Water spring creation: MP consumption 100~

Nourishing the land: MP consumption 50

Mine creation: MP consumption 500~

Volcano creation: MP consumption 700~

Lake creation: MP consumption 300~

Plant time transition: MP consumption 1/day

It has increased with various entries.

But, 700 MP consumption huh, what a large-scale magic. Rather, can the creation of a volcano even be considered within large-scale magic?

I wonder what would happen if I create a lake?

Will this location suddenly become a lake?

The things that I had to verify was increasing.

Also, I’m concerned as to why the MP consumption for a garbage bin is higher than for a water spring.

There were other entries that I was interested in but I placed the book down on that spot, took out an arrow from my item bag and pierced it into the ground I was standing on.

Then, when I return to the inn and come here once again, I will be able to find out if I appear in the same location.

It would be bad to make everyone worry so I quickly exited from the world.

I left after telling them so apparently they weren’t worried this time.

“Very well, my preparations are complete so let’s return. Once I finish inspecting various aspects, I think I will be able to invite the 3 of you to my world.”

“I am very much looking forward to it.”

“It seems possible to run various kinds of business with it.”

“Ichino’s world huh… careful as to not let us see what is below your bed.”

What on earth is Marina looking forward to?

Don’t mention bed, there isn’t even a house or a room and the doujinshi are only in my item bag.

After that, I walked together with the 3 of them to return to Ferruit.

Author’s note:

Will ‘My World’ alone ultimately cover for all of their clothing, food and shelter needs?

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