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Chapter: (100) Plunging into the labyrinth

Translator: Tseirp

We abruptly landed in the enemy’s territory.

Suzuki, you’re way too extreme!

“Sheet, Haru, let’s go! Carol and Marina remain on top of the Wyvern!”

Haru leaped down and I descended after her into battle after putting Carol down behind me.

Suzuki began fighting first with a sword.

The defensive strength of a Magician would not be sufficient in a situation like this.

Apart from Jobless, I changed my jobs to Swordsman, Pugilist, Hammer-user and Apprentice Blacksmith.

“Suzuki, have the Wyvern take to the skies!”

In such a chaotic combat situation, I can’t say for sure that it would be safer to be beside me.

Suzuki smiled bitterly at my appeal and,

“I only intended to ask for your support from the start but you’ll fight together with me on the ground?”

He asked us.

Say so earlier if that was your intention from the start.

Nevertheless, I won’t fall so low as to just reply with “Ah really? Then I’ll leave it to you.”.

And, Haru is also here with me anyway.

“Yeah, Haru and I will be alright. Quickly!”

I shouted as I cut off the lion monster’s head with the sword I took out from my item bag after sidestepping the attack it did using its front paw.

“Understood! Pochi! Wait for me in the sky!”

Suzuki shouted and the Wyvern replied by soaring into the skies.

“Oi, you named the Wyvern Pochi?!”

“Yeah. A pet’s name should be Pochi right?”

Even as Suzuki explained confidently, he opened a path with a 「Slash」.

… Pochi, no matter how I look at it, that’s a dog’s name.

It doesn’t seem like I will have the leeway to tsukkomi him.

After Suzuki’s 「Slash」 attack, it looked like the monster herd regarded us as enemies that needed to be eliminated.

“Kusunoki-kun and Haru-san, fight with your backs against each other! It would be easier that way!”

“That won’t do! I’ll be sealing Haru’s movements!”

Her specialty was her agility.

If she has her back against me, she would not be able to evade the enemy attacks.

“I agree with master.”

While defeating monsters, I felt as if my heart was stolen when I looked at Haru’s movements with the corner of my eye.

As if having eyes behind her head, she evaded attacks from 360 degrees around her as she attacked their vital areas.

So that is Haru’s combat style.

As I had that thought, the enemy behind me was hit by a wind arrow.

And the monsters at a slight distance away began rampaging.

It was the support from above from Marina using her magic bow and from Carol’s 「Charm」.

However, it did not reduce the number of enemies around us. It appears that the number was increasing from the monsters coming from within the labyrinth.

“Hurry, plunge into the labyrinth!”

I didn’t think that we would be able to reduce the number of monsters surging out of the labyrinth if we continued fighting there. Suzuki’s decision was most likely correct.

Because his cool down time has passed, Suzuki once again released a 「Slash」 and created a path to break through.

Amazing ― even though he only possesses one job, his offensive strength was in no way inferior to mine.

It was probably due to his job being the highest tier job and at the same time, there was probably a difference between our swords as well.

It was most likely a sword with high performance, unlike the iron sword I was holding.

We ran towards the labyrinth.

Naturally, there wasn’t any time to pick up the dropped magic stones.

Even though there wasn’t supposed to be any more monsters along the path after Suzuki’s previous 「Slash」, the path was already filled with monsters once again.


A 「Slash」 attack using an Iron Sword. It rivaled the strength of Suzuki’s previous attack.

My offensive power had risen considerably.

Dozens of monsters were sliced diagonally and scattered.

“Well done… So Kusunoki-kun is that strong.”

Suzuki-kun commented with a wry grin.

“Well. Even though I look like this, I received quite a good blessing.”

A large majority of the secret to my strength lies within Jobless but I promised Goddess-sama to not reveal it.

“Great, let’s advance to the end in one go!”

I said as I turned a corner.

It doesn’t seem it like would be possible… to reach the end in one go.

Once I turned the corner, I once again saw a flock of monsters.

If it’s like this, exactly how long would it take to reach the deepest region?

It happened when I was thinking about that.

“What’s that?”

Something was running towards us with frightening momentum.

… New enemies?

That monster (?) approached us as it sent all the monsters in my vision flying.

“Please stopppppp! Centaurrrrrr!”

“Stopppppp! Centaurrrrr!”

Just when I thought I heard the voices of the Elise and Jofre duo, the 3 of us were sent flying by Centaur that Jofre and Elise were riding on.

As I was sent flying, I saw Centaur’s figure ― it was desperately chasing after a carrot dangled in front of its head by a stick.

The method I once taught them to make Centaur run wild was being faithfully reproduced.

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