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I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being Jobless (Web Novel) - Chapter — (103) The battle’s not over even though it’s over

Chapter: (103) The battle’s not over even though it’s over

Translator: Tseirp

I ran forward while gripping the tomato without crushing it.

If I crushed it, my hand would be covered in tomato and Centaur would tear off my whole arm ― such a future came to mind.

It’s pathetic that despite having fought against numerous monsters like the Goblin King, Minotaur, and Giant Lizards, the one I am most afraid of right now is a donkey.

To be honest, I believe I would win if I directly fought with Centaur. But, Centaur’s eyes were way too terrifying.

I was being pressured by the spirit of a donkey.

I should be proud knowing that the tomato I made was of good quality but the effectiveness was way too much.

I should urgently toss the tomato but what would happen if Centaur stopped in a place like this?

That’s because I was, Centaur and I were advancing forward while kicking and scattering the monster horde.

Because there was no time to fight with a sword, I was knocking them down with kicks and punches.

Even though I could not kill them with a single strike, it was fine. I parried the enemy’s attacks, defeated them and constructed a barricade of monsters.

And Centaur was easily destroying said barricades.

I saw the figure of Haru desperately chasing from behind but I did not see Suzuki.

He was probably acting as the rear guard.

Shall we advance this way?

When I decided to do so,


I crossed both my hands and swung them downward in one go.

It was not as impressive as Suzuki’s 「Grand Cross」 but it did wound all the monsters within my vision.

The monsters went berserk due to the smell of blood but that was instead favorable.

Because they were rampaging in such a narrow space, they stumbled on each other and could not move about properly.

The monsters would not be able to directly attack me in such a situation so I took a grand leap and ran as I kicked off the back of a red bull-like monster, the back of a black and white tiger and the back of a green bear.

From behind, Centaur was still charging forward while ignoring everything.

I saw Haru give finishing blows to the remnants and survivors that were left behind.

Is it a complete monopoly of tastiness (experience points) by Haru?

Well, as a companion, I would also receive 1/4 of the experience points but as I’m continually in battle, the level up announcement did not come.

I wonder when would the combat end.

In the first place, we don’t even know if we can solve the problem even if we arrive at the Goddess statue.

However ― I’ll do whatever I’m capable of doing.

I don’t have any interest in protecting a country or saving the world but if danger is approaching the people in front of me, I wish to protect them.

“Jo! That’s the boss room!”

I heard Jofre’s voice from behind when I entered a large room.

I clearly saw that the large door was open when I entered the room.

Then, in the center of the room was a huge brown hairy elephant-like monster, or rather, a mammoth-like monster.

When it saw me, it swung it’s trunk and tried to kill all the monsters in the room including me but,

“Hurry up and become mammoth meat!”

I drew my sword, sliced off the mammoth’s trunk and before the mammoth who had lost its means of attack die from loss of blood, I pierced its forehead with the sword I swung down, causing it to drop a remarkably large magic stone, mammoth teeth and, as if materializing my wish, mammoth meat and disappeared.

… I stored the mammoth meat inside my item bag.

I’ve always wanted to try eating it once.

… Just as I had that thought. I let my guard down for that one instance, that one fraction of a second.

As I was careless after defeating the strongest enemy, I was blown away from a blow to my back.

When I looked back as I was blown away, I saw Centaur eating the tomato that I dropped.

… I’ll have a hard time if it was my enemy.

Even as I thought that, I stretched my left hand to my back to cast Heal and I thought of a certain strategy.

“Haru, sorry but I’ll be using it!”

I scattered the tomatoes from my item bag.

The scent of the tomato captivates Centaur so the other monsters should want to eat it too.

As planned, the herbivore monsters rampaged as if to snatch the tomatoes.

I found a protrusion on the wall, grabbed hold of it and watched the situation from afar.

A single mouse that stood on two feet like a kangaroo (but there wasn’t any pouch) was the winner of a match and it was about to take the tomato with its forefoot… immediately after that.

Centaur threw an intense blow with its hind foot to prevent the tomato from being taken.

That was not all, all the monsters that were about to eat the tomatoes were all blown away by Centaur’s kicks.

It was like it was in a peerless state.

“There’s no way I can let a donkey snatch all the good stuff.”

I said as I descended and mopped up the remaining monsters at full speed.

Half-way through, Haru and Suzuki joined the fight and the three of us killed all of the monsters.

【Ichinojo Leveled up】

【Job: Samurai is now available】

【Swordsman skill: 「Dragon Winding Slash」acquired】

【Swordsman skill: 「Sky Shattering Strike」acquired】

【Job: Sword Saint is now available】

【There are no further levels for Swordsman】

【Title: Peak of Swordsman acquired】

【Title: Peak of Swordsman and Peak of Apprentice Swordsman have integrated, The Way of the Sword acquired】

【Title skill: Pulsation of the Sword acquired】

【Pugilist skill: 「HP Strengthening (minor)」has skilled up to「HP Strengthening (small)」】

【Pugilist skill: 「Body Boost」acquired】

【Job: Gladiator is now available】

【There are no further levels for Pugilist】

【Title: Peak of Pugilist acquired】

【Hammer-user skill: 「Revolving Hammer」acquired】

【Job: Hammer Warrior is now available】

【Hammer-user skill: 「Pico Pico Hammer」acquired】(Note: Pico Pico hammer is one of those toy rubber hammers)

【There are no further levels for Hammer-user】

【Title: Peak of Hammer-user acquired】

【Apprentice Blacksmith skill: 「Fighting Spirit Injection」acquired】

【There are no further levels for Apprentice Blacksmith】

【Title: Peak of Apprentice Blacksmith acquired】

【Job: Blacksmith is now available】

【Recipes acquired】

… It ended…?

There was a mountain of magic stones and monster materials.

The level up message announced the end of the battle.

Of course, I defeated a large number of monsters to reach the end but nevertheless, I was still shocked at how all my jobs reached counter stop.

However, I could hardly spare the time to be surprised.

Because the room the Goddess statue was supposed to be in was covered in darkness.

Even during combat, monsters occasionally sprung out from within that darkness.

A chill went down my spine just by gazing at that darkness.

Then, from within the darkness, the mammoth monster I just defeated appeared once again.

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