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Chapter: (104) Cleared Darkness

Translator: Tseirp

The mammoth that appeared from within the darkness was, once again, defeated by me with a single blow though.

There’s no doubt that this was the place where the monsters were surging out from.

It wasn’t just the mammoth, we defeated the monsters that were coming out one after the other but I thought that we won’t be making any progress if we don’t do something about the darkness.

“Suzuki! Can’t you do something with your Holy powers!?”

“I’ve been doing it since just now! But I’ve not heard of any sword techniques that can slice through darkness!”

Light bullets were being shot out from Suzuki’s sword but they were absorbed by the darkness without anything happening.

“Milky right! Could you seal the Goddess statue with the barrier you used just now?”

“It should be possible for a short period of time but I don’t recommend doing so. The monsters that appear are stronger the thicker the miasma is.”

“Is that so… damn it.”

We came all the way here but we don’t have any means to do anything… huh.

“If the Goddess statue is the cause, won’t it somehow work out if you smash the Goddess statue at the back?”

Julio said something unthinkable.

It’s true that if the ritual uses the ability of the Goddess statue to gather miasma, it might be possible if we destroy the Goddess statue… hm?

No, instead, won’t it be fine if I bring the Goddess statue to My World?

The field might be devastated if My World becomes filled with monsters but the Goddess-sama said that they would visit occasionally so if it’s them, they should be able to do something about it.

“You will certainly face capital punishment if you destroy the Goddess statue. In the first place, the Goddess statue was created such that it is immovable by anyone and indestructible.”

I felt my crude strategy crumble from Suzuki’s words of it being immovable.

“For the time being, it will be alright as long as something is done with this darkness right? Then I will manage it somehow!”

The person who said that was none other than Jofre.

“Do you have a strategy?”

As Suzuki still has not fully understood Jofre yet, he asked Jofre while holding on to a small ray of hope.

It’s probably some strange strategy right?

“I will throw this sword!”

Jofre pulled out a sword ― Excalipoor from its sheath and declared.

That sword was an imitation Holy Sword sold to Jofre by Marina’s owner Kanon, in other words, it’s a regular iron sword.

Even though it emits golden light, it is still made out of iron.

“That sword is?”

“This sword is a hero’s sword! Also, by throwing it, this sword has the one-time effect of repelling darkness!”

That’s absurd. There’s no way a regular iron sword would have an effect like that… no, wait?

“Jofre, did Kanon-san, the person who sold you that sword, really say that?”

“Yeah, she did, Jo.”

“Suzuki, that sword is a sword created by a Magic Sword Craftsman. Furthermore, Marina, a Japanese, was with that Magic Sword Craftsman for a long time and that sword is named Excalipoor. What do you know about the sword Excalipoor?”

“Ah, I am a Final… I see, Excalipoor huh!”(Note: Final as in Final Fantasy fan.)

Suzuki finally understood what I was trying to convey.

Then, he said to Jofre.

“Jofre! Please throw that sword!”

“Ou, leave it to me!”

Jofre said as he held Excalipoor aloft and threw it.

The sword was sucked into the darkness.

“Did it fail?”

It was Sutchino who muttered that.

Nice flag!

That’s because the next instant, the darkness ruptured and space returned to normal.

“As expected of Excalipoor…”

“Yeah, the strongest sword specialized for throwing.”


It appears in a certain famous RPG and boasts the strongest attack power. However, due to a curse, it can be said that it can’t deal damage to enemies at all. But, by using the special command ‘Throw’ and throwing it at the enemy, it is capable of dealing the largest possible amount of damage. (Note: It’s a reference to Final Fantasy. The Excalipoor sword always deal 1 damage despite its high battle power but will deal 9999 damage when thrown in battle.)

Although, once the weapon is thrown, the weapon is lost forever.

“I can see it! The Goddess statue!”

After the darkness cleared, the Goddess statue stood within the room. That bikini armor Goddess statue, if I’m not mistaken, it should be the Goddess of Battle and Victory, Setolance-sama.

When Sutchino said that, he took out a glass bead from his chest pocket and ran forward.

“Once I place this it would be mission complete and we would be rolling in gold!”

But, the same time Sutchino entered the room, thick darkness once again overflowed out from the Goddess statue.

So it didn’t work even with what we did just now!

“Sutchino! Monsters would be surging forth! Run!”

Suzuki’s yell shocked Sutchino and he wanted to retreat but his feet got tangled up and he tripped over grandly.

Then, the glass bead he held collided with the Goddess statue… and it was absorbed into the Goddess statue.

”… Eh?”

Really, who was it who muttered that?

The moment I noticed the glass bead get absorbed into the Goddess statue, the darkness overflowing from the Goddess statue receded and ―

Before we knew it, we were in a pure white space.

Then, standing there was,

“Welcome, brave heroes who saved the country from darkness!”

With burning red long hair as if they were in flames, almost naked wearing only a red bikini armor, the Goddess, Setolance was there.

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