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Chapter: (105) The Goddess Setolance

Translator: Tseirp

Goddess of Battle and Victory ― under Setolance-sama’s dominating spirit, all of us lowered our heads.

Thanks to the bikini armor Goddess-sama was wearing, I had a hard time finding a place to settle my eyes on so I was honestly thankful to bow.

And, even though I always meet with the Goddess-samas one on one, it can be said that it was limited to this time only that I wasn’t the only person present there.

Haru, Suzuki, Jofre, Elise, Julio, Sutchino, Milky and even Centaur was there.

“It’s been a long time, Setolance-sama.”

Suzuki was the first to speak up.

Suzuki met Setolance-sama before?

“It’s been a long time, Hero Kota. And, brave warriors, I thank you for your hard work. Thanks to the actions of you gentlemen and ladies, the two countries have been saved. I thank you as representative of the Goddesses.”

Setolance lowered her head,

“Don’t worry about it. We should help each other out in times of need right?”

“That’s right. Furthermore, we are a Hero and a Monster Master so it’s natural that we save the world.”

Jofre and Elise said that without reading the atmosphere.

“Ah, but I’ve lost the sword that released my hero power so maybe I have once again reverted back into a Swordsman.”

“Eeh, then I’ve also returned to being a Monster-user?”

You guys probably weren’t a Hero and a Monster Master in the first place!

Furthermore, you’re not a Swordsman and a Monster-user but probably an Apprentice Swordsman and a Whip-user!

Well, with this round of battles, that Jofre’s Apprentice Swordsman level should have risen and he should have reached the level required to change job to Swordsman. Elise was also a Lv23 Whip-user so she might be able to change job to Monster-user too.

“Erm, how did we return Setolance-sama’s Goddess statue back to its original state? I totally don’t understand.”

Suzuki asked.

That’s right, I don’t either.

To begin with, why was everything solved with the glass bead that Sutchino was carrying?

“This time the battle was a scheme by the Vampire Valf to destroy the two countries Dakyat and Korat. People who did not think kindly of that offered Sutchino a bead imbued with the magic to destroy Valf’s ritual.”

I see. But that gave rise to a new question.

“But, why was that magic bead entrusted to him?”

Suzuki’s doubt was reasonable. If such an important bead was to be bestowed, there should be more suitable individuals right?

For example, someone like this Suzuki here.

The person who was entrusted the bead, Sutchino, also nodded greatly.

“Demon Lord Famiris ― I believe it was done according to the few records she left behind from her ability to predict the future. Even after her death, there are still many who are under her influence in this world.”

”… Demon Lord Famiris? Does the Demon Lord Army and the Demon Lord Famiris have a hostile relationship?”

Suzuki made a mysterious expression.

I’ve also heard from Haru that the Demon Lord Famiris was not a mere villain so I also could not tell from that.

“Well then, I called you gentlemen and ladies over for the sake of giving you this.”

【Special skill: 「Setolance’s Blessing」acquired】

It seemed like including me, everyone acquired the same skill.

They had slightly surprised expressions.

“This skill raises HP and Physical Attack by 30% whenever the enemies outnumber you. By all means, I hope you effectively utilize it.”

“Erm… for this battle, we weren’t the only ones involved, my companions who are on standby outside also played a role so could the two of them receive this skill too?”

“Me too. Goddess Setolance, I would like to request for my companions to receive the same skill.”

“Alright. I will bestow it upon them when they visit my Goddess statue.”

Hearing her words, Suzuki and I were relieved.

“Well then, finally, I will give you all special privilege skills or items. I look forward to meeting you all once again.”

When Setolance-sama said that, we had returned to in front of the Goddess statue.


【Title: 「Labyrinth Conqueror III」has ranked up to「Labyrinth Conqueror IV」】

【Clear reward skill: 「Lifestyle Magic II」has skilled up to「Lifestyle Magic III」】

… This again.

The reward is way too biased.

Well, it’s better compared to them.

“Uwa, it’s a scourer.”

“Why only us.”

Julio and Sutchino got scourers. Ah, I don’t want to be like them.

“A fountain pen that does not require ink… Goddess-sama, thank you.”

Milky looked like she was satisfied.

“Look Elise! It’s a new sword!”

“Congrats Jofre! Ah, I got the 「Cat Gather」 skill!”

“「Cat Gather」 huh! Congrats Elise!”

“Thank you Jofre!”

It seems like those two would be delighted no matter what they receive.

For Centaur… I don’t know what it received. To begin with, I don’t even know if it is possible for it to receive anything.

Lastly, Haru.

”… Haru?”

I tried waving my hands in front of her.

There was no reaction.

She had fainted while standing after coming face to face with the Goddess-sama she believes in.


“Ichino-sama, I hope he is safe.”

In the skies above the labyrinth, Carol said like she was praying while riding on top of the Wyvern.

“Ichino is an individual who possesses great blessings bestowed by two Goddesses from among the six Goddesses. Even if he encounters the Dark God’s Apostle, he would not be so easily injured and there’s no way he would be invited to the fields Valhalla.”

”… Marina-san really speaks in words I can’t really understand the more uneasy you are.”

Carol saw through Marina’s chuunibyou-like speech as a means to dispel her own unease.

At that moment.

The moonlight suddenly disappeared.

One might think that clouds had covered the mood but that was not the case.

Much further above the altitude of about 100 meters where the Wyvern was gliding at, an enormous creature was flying in the sky.

With only the belly and wings visible and the color was also not visible due to the dark night but it seemed like Carol realized its identity.

“That is… no way.”

“My sealed power has called out, and that huge dragon appeared as if to respond to it. That might be ―”

“No, that’s wrong Marina-san. That is probably the Dragon King.”

“Dragon King? If it’s the Dragon King, then Arefga”(Note: It’s a reference to the continent of the game Dragon Quest.)

“The Dragon King is the sworn friend of the Hero Alessio‧Magnal as well as the legendary creature that fought with the Demon Lord Famiris‧Raritei… I’ve only read about it in books but I’m sure of it. It looks exactly like the legends.”

Looking at the direction the enormous shadow was heading, I was relieved.

That was the direction towards Ferruit.

It’s likely ―


“You requested for reinforcements from the Hero Alessio?”

While I carried the unconscious Haru on my back, we returned to the path we came from.

Even though the source of the monsters has been removed, it doesn’t mean that the monsters that have spawned would disappear.

When I thought that we must quickly return to Ferruit’s defense, Suzuki told me of the presence of unexpected troops lying in wait.

“Yeah, I told her we would manage somehow with the labyrinth. Since Schreyl can also use the abilities of a Magic Journalist, she requested for reinforcements using the talisman for communications. We received a familiar carrier pigeon from Hack-sama saying that he/they would be rushing over tonight. So, I’m sure by now”

Suzuki said with a wry grin.

“He’s probably showing off triumphantly going I’m stronkkkk?”

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