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Chapter: (106) Side Story Hero and Vampire

Translator: Tseirp

“Hyaaaahaaaa! You shall not pass!”

Along with that voice, an enormous pillar of fire burst forth.

With that mass of flames that once even triggered the Dragon King to obey, the monster fodders returned to ashes.

Behind that man who spoke in a strangely odd voice, a man with a bald head stood up.

“Why do you become like this during battle… this is unbefitting of the appearance of a Hero you know, Aleo.”

“Don’t say that, Hack! It’s cause my body is feeling feverish after having been under house arrest. Hyahoooo!”

The name of the man wielding his sword as he said that was Alessio.

The Hero who once defeated the Demon Lord.

The primary reason why he was under house arrest by the church was because his appearance during battles largely differs from the appearance of the hero recorded in the church scriptures and despite having been reprimanded countless times by Hack, he cannot stop his impulses when he enters an excited state during combat.

Even if he is a Hero that does as he pleases, his strength is the real deal and a single swing of his sword visibly reduced the number of monsters.

“Hack, where’s the Dragon King?”

“I sent him back to his nest. He now has three dragonlings so he probably can’t be away for too long.”

“I see. I wanted to have a hunting game with Dragon King after such a long time but that’s a shame!”

Looking at the monsters appearing from the west, Hack sighed.

“What hunting game, there’s no more than a thousand monsters left.”

The number a thousand was a number that would cause the adventurers protecting Ferruit to faint.

However, for Hack who has once experienced fighting hundreds of thousands of monsters with just three people, that number was way too little.

And, that was the same for Alessio too.

“Tch, it’s already ending? That means that Kota was successful.”

“I guess. Nevertheless, what’s with these monsters. Originally, the Black Taigan monsters you defeated just now are a type of monster that attacks all together after encircling their prey but they just charged blindly towards us. Was magic used to rob their intelligence?”

Then, as predicted by Hack, all the monsters were annihilated several tens of minutes later.

“I guess that’s the end, Aleo.”

“Looks like it, Hack. Then, we should go too.”

After the combat ended, Aleo who had his excited state canceled spoke to Hack with an agreeable young man smile.

The transformation was so drastic that those who do not know Alessio well might think he has split personalities.

But, Hack knew very well that this polite demeanor Alessio and the previous belligerent Alessio were both the same person.

That’s why Hack was not surprised by Alessio’s transformation.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go to Ferruit? The citizens would probably be reassured if you visited.”

“It’s true that it is best if we visited for the sake of the citizens. But, we would be stealing their credit if we did that. That’s because the key player for this battle was unmistakably Kota.”

“That’s true. Geez, thinking back to the child who was frightened by the Dragon King three years ago, he sure has grown up splendidly.”

While feeling happy with the growth of the younger generation, Hack relaxed his shoulders.

At first glance, it looked like Hack did nothing at all but his job was the establishment of the barrier.

Even though he held back quite a bit, if the attacks of the Hero Alessio continued for some time, the work of the surveyors who draw the maps would probably increase.

In order to prevent the deformation of the terrain, Hack had to maintain the barrier the whole time.

Even with him holding back, the only person in the whole world who can establish barriers that can block the attacks of Alessio is probably only Hack who has changed job to Barrier Magician after training as both an Earth Magician and Light Magician.

Even though Hack is a magician, his main role is to provide support.

It just goes to show how overwhelming Alessio’s individual power is.

”… Aleo, what are you looking at?”

“Hack, do you see that bat there? Do you think my attack can reach it from here?”

Alessio pointed at the sky straight ahead.

”… Bat? Is there such a thing there? Though I believe, if it’s you, you can defeat it.”

“That’s true. Well, that’s a clone so there’s no meaning even if I defeat it.”

Saying that, Alessio drew his sword and released a skill even a low-level Apprentice Swordsman can learn, 「Slash」 (however, it had enough power to split the ground) at the bat but at the same time, his spine trembled.

“Hack… did you notice?”

“What is it this time?”

“I sense her presence.”

Alessio said that ― and his mouth slackened into a large grin.


“Why, what happened!”

In the sky above Ferruit, Valf could not deal with two abnormalities that cropped up.

The first was that the ritual that has been conducted in the labyrinth has been canceled by someone.

It was unexpected beyond all his expectations.

Thankfully, close to ten thousand monsters escaped from the labyrinth and just that number should be capable of utterly destroying Ferruit, or so he thought.

But here, a further unexpected event happened.

The Hero Alessio who defeated the Demon Lord appeared.

The remaining monsters were unilaterally trampled by him.

The clone he sent for reconnaissance far above in the sky saw that scene.

(Is he even human?)

It was when he thought that.

Alessio pointed at his direction.

(I was noticed? At this location?)

He thought that it was unbelievable.

But, the next instant, a 「Slash」 flew over, causing Valf to think.

I’ll be killed if I don’t quickly leave this country.

It was at that point in time.

― This presence… no way…!?

Unlike the Hero, the presence that appeared to the north, the presence that surged for a moment before immediately shrinking down caused Valf to rejoice.

(Demon Lord-sama, you should deal with your own enemy.)

His next plan began from that moment.

Valf felt it.

At that direction ― Demon Lord Famiris‧Raritei once again descended upon this world.

Author’s note:

The next chapter would be the Epilogue.

After that, I’ll sandwich in just a bit of Miri’s side chapters, five chapters in a row.

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