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Chapter: (108) Miri’s Adventure 1

Translator: Tseirp

Miri was in an unfamiliar room. It was a room lit by a magic lamp.

She did not recognize the room but she recognized the air.

This world’s air where mana thrives, spirits live, dragons soar in the skies and a world where magic exists.

She didn’t expect the wave of nostalgia she felt when she sensed the air of this world that she had not experienced for a long time, she neither expected to recall the time she spent in this world - Otherworld nor the peaceful times she spent in Japan.

Then, Miri looked at the large signboard placed in the most visible location.

(……… Read the red book, read the green book, read the yellow book, it’s like it is implying something.)

Looking at the words written in Japanese, English and this world’s common language, her brother would probably choose the red book which he is capable of reading.

A book that describes the way to live in the otherworld.

Within it had details about a person called Daijiro who accompanied the human who once defeated her and also information about this world.

Miri understood from there that Daijiro made this place immediately after she was defeated.

Then, she casually grabbed the two item bags in the room, extracted the coins within and stored the item bags in another dimension.

It was written that one person was only allowed to take one but she completely ignored it.

(Even though he was suddenly thrown into a different world, how Onii dutifully followed the rules shows Onii’s greatness.)

Miri imagined her brother’s actions at the current location and laughed to herself.

From the book’s explanation, the place was along the highway on the West Continent and she could easily guess that her brother would head to Florence to the north.

Also, thinking that he would probably not try something as reckless as setting forth at night, she felt relieved for now.

The circumstances would likely be vastly different if this place was the South Continent or the East Continent.

Lastly, Miri called out ‘status open’ to verify her own status.

Name: Miryuu*

Race: Hume

Job: Demon Lord Lv1

HP: 192/192

MP: 66/66

Phy Atk: 95

Phy Def: 82

Mag Atk: 305

Mag Def: 189

Speed: 104

Luck: 30


Sailor Uniform

Athletic Shoes


「Space Magic III」「Darkness Magic X」「Compounding IV」

【Acquired Titles】


【Possible Job Changes】

Commoner Lv1

Herbalist Lv1


Study of Medicine

Note: *Miryuu still has the base word Miri in the name and Ryuu is dragon in Japanese but we will have to see where this leads to. Those stats though for level 1

“What’s with this…”

Miri was appalled.

Her status was not even 1% of that during her peak. She only had two kinds of magic and Compounding for her skills and everything else was lost.

The magic ranks had also greatly decreased, she could no longer use the most convenient spell from Space Magic - Instantaneous Movement.

Although naturally, she still had strength on par with skilled magicians.

She did not think that it happened only because she had reincarnated.

At the very least, it was possible for her to use strength greater than the status she saw now when she was in Japan.

(My name… ah, it’s because of the name huh.)

Regarding the change in her name, she had no choice but to give up.

While the name both her parents thought up was important, it’s an old custom but it is the responsibility of both parents to accept the existence of her name on this side.

It was already night when she stepped outside. In the night sky, numerous stars were sparkling in a scene that was definitely impossible to see in Japan.

She further speculated her current location in detail by looking at the position of the stars and began walking northward.

After walking for a short while, there were signs of movement within the forest.

Three wolves appeared. They were monsters faithful to their name Brown Wolf.

She doesn’t hate wolves.

Wolves are kin of the night, above all else ―

“It’s been a long time since I thought of that child. But, if you wish to kill me then I won’t hold back!”

Miri said as she thrust her hand forward and used the weakest Darkness Magic spell 「Petit Dark」.

Originally, Petit Dark is a spell that only shoots out a small dark ball.

But when a person like her who reached the peak of Dark Magic uses it, that dark ball extended forth like a tentacle that tied up the wolves.

“Sorry but I am currently in need of experience points. So please die.”

With cold eyes, Miri tightly clenched with the hand she had stretched forth.

At the same time, the dark tentacle strangled the wolves.

“My level won’t rise with just three wolves huh.”

Miri used the tentacles to collect the limp wolf corpses and stored them in the subspace made using Space Magic.

At the same time, the tentacles made from Dark Magic disappeared.

The moonlight made a small thin shadow.


Miri arrived at the town called Florence.

Following her memories from during the Demon Lord era, it should be a town on the West Continent and is a prominent Adventurer town in the world with three labyrinths. However, the quality of the adventurers in the Adventurer town belonged to the lower category. Including the imperial capital of this country, the town is located far away from many major cities so adventurers who grew stronger quickly left the town.

The ones who remained were either the fledgling adventurers or unsuccessful adventurers who do not have the ability to venture to other towns. Although there might be odd adventurers who stay in the town permanently because they like the town.

Even though it’s night time, it was still about 8pm so the lights in town were still lit.

Naturally, it was not yet time for the guards to fight against drowsiness and they were indifferently doing their job.

The guard was a boyish girl about 17 years of age with blue short hair and brown skin.

That girl made a slightly surprised expression when she saw Miri,

“You came here all on your own? Were you not attacked by wolves?”

She asked.

“I was attacked but I defeated them. I am a Magician after all.”

There was no need to hide her strength, or rather it would be troublesome to hear all kinds of words of caution if she said she was weak so Miri obediently answered while hiding everything except for her job.

“I came to look for my brother who lives separately. Have you seen this person before?”

As she said that, Miri placed her hand into her skirt pocket and took out her brother’s photo stored in the subspace using Space Magic.

Cameras and photos do not exist in this world but similar magic tools exist. However, they are expensive items worth hundreds of thousands of sense.

The guard lady gasped when she saw the photo.

“You know him!”

“Ye, yes. He was in this town until recently. He has set off for the town of Belasra.”

“Belasra… that’s the opposite direction.”

Looking back at the road she originally came from, Miri sighed.

Belasra is a town to the south of the starting point camouflaged as a large tree.

(If I recall correctly, there’s a labyrinth managed by that cheeky Goddess called Torerul.)

It’s a distance away on foot. If she had the Demon Lord magical power, she could move there instantly with Space Magic but that was impossible with her current MP. Even if she tried the hardest she could, the best she could do would be to travel to the midpoint between the two towns.

(Furthermore, with my current strength, I won’t be able to protect Onii.)

Fortunately, this was a labyrinth town.

It’s the perfect place to raise levels.

“You, what is your relationship with Onii”

Miri said until there and thought of her brother’s name. Instead of Ichinosuke, she thought that it was likely that his name had changed similar to how her name had,

“What relationship do you have with Ichinojo? You made a shocked expression that shows that you are more than just acquaintances.”

And she said her brother’s name.

In response to that,

“I’ll introduce myself again, I am called Norn. I am part of the vigilante group in this town but I was kidnapped by bandits in the beginner labyrinth and Ichinojo-san rescued me when I was in danger.”

She explained. Although she reaffirmed that her brother’s name was called Ichinojo in this world, her explanation did not make sense to Miri.

“Eh? Onii rescued you?”

“Yes, he subdued 4 bandits with the help of a white wolf girl.”

Miri’s temple twitched slightly at the keyword ‘beast race girl’.

She was not thinking about whether the white wolf race was her ally or her enemy during her demon lord army era, she was just bothered by Onii being together with a girl.

But even so, she thought that he had nothing to gain from doing so,

“Did you mean Onii supported that white wolf race person to rescue you?”

It won’t be surprising that her brother would be invited to parties once the 20x experience gain blessing he has becomes known.

Since their levels would rise quickly by using that ability, they won’t hesitate to invite her brother who would have a low Commoner level. That’s what she thought.

However, the reality was different.

“No, if I had to choose, it felt to me that the white wolf race person ― Haru-san was the one supporting onii-san.”

Hearing the name ‘Haru’, for an instant, a nostalgic child’s face surfaced in her mind but Miri knew that there were many white wolf race girls called Haru so she shook her head.

Because during her Demon Lord era, for that girl who had fur as white as the winter snow field, she herself prepared and named her ‘Haru’ after the hope that she would awaken like a sprout in Spring. (Note: Spring is called Haru in Japanese)

Regarding that, after she was reborn as a Japanese person, she saw on television that there’s a racehorse with the same name called Haru Urara so even now she still slightly regrets her decision.

But, more importantly, the problem now was how was it that the white wolf race person was the one who supported her brother instead.

“Your brother is very strong. He had a scuffle with many adventurers in the Adventurers Guild and he defeated them all.”


Miri thought to herself. Her brother’s 20 times experience gain and 1/20 experience required blessings are certainly quite a cheat. At any rate, he has 400 times the growth speed of others after all.

But, it’s only 400 times. Miri predicted that her brother was in this town for only less than a week.

Furthermore, considering her brother’s personality, barring unforeseen circumstances, he would hunt rabbits in the beginning to raise his level before entering the Beginner’s Labyrinth after he has become stronger to a certain extent.

Even if he was invited to a strong party, her brother would not acquire the 20 times experience if he does not deal the final blow. He could just barely manage to level in the Intermediate Labyrinth.

In spite of that, for him to grow stronger so rapidly,

(There might be some other secret.)

From Norn’s way of speech, Miri caught a glimpse of the strength her brother possessed.

“For now, would you like to come to my boarding house? If you are onii-san’s younger sister, I’m sure Margaret-san would be delighted.”

Miri shivered when she heard the new name.

Norn, Haru and now Margaret.

Bad bugs (girl friends) are sticking to her brother. She has to quickly reach her brother’s side and spray insecticide.

”… Or maybe I’ll have to destroy the world itself.”


“It’s nothing. Please guide me to where that pest… no, Margaret-san is.”

“Yes. I’ll arrange for somebody to replace me so please wait for a moment.”

Norn asked the other guy that was there doing nothing to replace her and she led her to where Margaret-san was.

When they entered through the back door of the closed clothes store, one of Miri’s worries was realized.

“Norn-san, welcome back ♪ Ara, who’s this cute girl, fufufu, she’s so cute until I want to gobble her up.”

That’s because Margaret was a blue-bearded muscular man wearing female clothing.

”… I would have preferred if Onii didn’t awaken to such preferences.”

Miri hoped to herself that it was just a needless worry.

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