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Chapter: (111) Miri’s Adventure 4

Translator: Tseirp

“Erm, Miryuu-chan, seriously don’t overwork yourself…”

“I’m fine. Thanks to the skill I acquired from that Orc Goddess, my worry of running out of MP was resolved in an instant.”

For Adventurers, recklessly advancing down floors and dying is the responsibility of the Adventurer themselves.

However, Miri ― or Miryuu to Norn, is the younger sister of Ichinojo who she owes her life to so not letting Miri go alone is her way of repaying Ichinojo.

For that reason, this morning Norn formed a party with her and invited her to the Intermediate Labyrinth.

However, when Norn mentioned the Intermediate Labyrinth, her intention was to only challenge the shallow floors, by no means did she expect that… they would start from the 90th floor all of the sudden.

To Norn, it was the first time she’s been to the place.

It was to be expected that she was afraid but, even so, she moved with Miri and could only imagine herself running away with Miri on her back after she collapses.

Whenever Miri’s Petit Dark tentacles constricted monsters and killed them, the skill 【MP Absorption】 automatically activated. Although it’s not perfect, for Miri who did not need to worry about running out of MP, the Intermediate Labyrinth was just a facility to acquire the labyrinth conquest bonus.

【Miryuu Leveled up】

It was her first level up since defeating the dragon.

Miri checked her MP and as expected, her MP did not rise much at all.

Her Magic Attack rose up satisfactorily but only her MP didn’t rise much for some reason.

Miri glanced at Norn who was following behind her.

Because she formed a party with her, one-quarter of her experience was being snatched away but it wasn’t bad to have an insurance for the off-chance that she runs out of MP.

If she has MP, she would be fairly able to use Assassin’s Marionette.

Assassin’s Marionette is a Dark Magic that was made to manipulate the trusted companion of the target to assassinate the target with certainty.

And the manipulated person will move according to the user’s will.

During that time, the potential power of humans that is originally suppressed will be released and they will be able to utilize all 100% of their strength.

However, continual usage of that state will not end with just whole body muscle aches, it was not something that can be used simply as it would cause after effects so unless it was really the worst case scenario, she didn’t intend to use it on Norn.

Although she would use it if it was a crisis.

“We’ve arrived at the boss room. If I remember correctly, the monster here is a dinosaur-like creature.”

It resembles the Tyrannosaurus on Earth and is a huge reptile type monster that walks on two feet.

Its strength is inferior to the dragon she defeated yesterday morning so,

“Then, let’s go.”

Even though it was a boss, the instant she saw a silhouette,

“Dark Thousand Sword!”

It was killed instantaneously.

All Miri and Norn saw was a glimpse of a large green creature.

It seemed like Norn’s level also increased. She became Apprentice Spearman Lv18.

To the extent that she would be able to change job to Spearman if she levels up another two times.

There was a Goddess statue at the back of the boss room.

It was a Goddess with long hair and well-balanced features and Miri thought that she was the one with the most decent features among the Goddesses.

Her name was Libra. The Goddess of Order.

If put nicely, Libra can be said to be diligent, to put it badly, she’s inflexible.

Norn stood in front of the Goddess statue and knelt with her eyes closed.

Then, Miri stood at that spot and waited.


She knelt and prayed. However, that prayer,

(Libra, hand me the benefits of the labyrinth conquest. You’ve heard from Koshmar about my labyrinth conquest right?)

Did not hold any admiration at all towards the Goddess.

【Title: Labyrinth Conqueror has ranked up to Labyrinth Conqueror II.】

【Clear reward skill: Status Forgery acquired】

She once again acquired the skill that she was aiming for.

Although it was not pure coincidence, it was a big deal to acquire that skill here.

Status Forgery is a skill that can alter the surface value of the status page.

In this world, the ability to see the strength of the opponent is virtually non-existent.

However, an exception would be when in a party, the party member can easily see not only the job but pretty much every other information.

It differs among countries but there are lands that check a person’s job and etcetera by having the person form a party with the immigration officer whenever they want to enter the country.

In consideration for that situation, she felt that this skill was something that she had to get no matter what.

Incidentally, the skill could not only forge the user’s own status but also the status of the party members.

(If Onii stayed as Jobless for a particular reason, he would probably need the help of this skill sooner or later.)

For the time being, Miri changed her job to a suitable one.

“Yes! I acquired the Three-stage Thrust skill. What skill did Miryuu-chan acquire?”

“We’re leaving.”

“Eh? Wait, Miryuu-chan?”


She ignored Norn’s words and escaped.

The two of them appeared on top of the transfer circle.

The Intermediate Labyrinth was the most famous labyrinth in the town so there was an amazing queue as usual.

However, it no longer had any usefulness to Miri.

Since the Advanced Labyrinth would have better efficiency if her intention was to level up.

When she was about to leave the area,

“Erm, are you Miryuu-san?”

A young man from the vigilante group called out to Miri.

“Hn? Ban-kun, what’s the matter?”

Norn asked. The man called Ban was Norn’s colleague.

“Ah, Norn-san. I was requested to pass this letter to a girl with twin-tail called Miryuu.”

“Addressed to me?”

She received the letter enclosed in a white envelope while she thought that it was suspicious.

The sender was not stated.

If that’s the case, then who exactly sent it?

In this town, apart from Norn and Margaret, she only introduced herself in the Adventurers Guild.

The face of the man who slipped out of the Adventurers Guild appeared in Miri’s head and she thought that it would be convenient timing if that was the case as she took out the contents of the envelope.

【I have information about your brother. I’ll elaborate in the Adventurers Guild.】

That was written on it.

And since that was written, Miri didn’t have any other choice other than to go to the Adventurers Guild

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