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Chapter: (112) Miri’s Adventure 5

Translator: Tseirp

When the Adventurers Guild’s door was opened, the atmosphere felt as if it was a wake.

When she entered the Adventurer’s Guild, the gazes all turned to shock.

If this was really a wake, it was a scene as if the person who passed away came back to life.

“What’s the matter?”

Of course, Norn who was with her also noticed the strange atmosphere.

And of course, Miri was not a person that would be overpowered by such an atmosphere.

She headed straight for the Brown Fox receptionist of the Adventurers Guild and the receptionist timidly said,

”… We’ve been waiting for you, Miryuu-sama, Kakke-sama is waiting at the arena at the back. Erm, Miryuu-sama. Please don’t go up the stage. If you go up there ―”

“The Adventurers Guild’s stage is a place for a duel of consent, that the Adventurers Guild will turn a blind eye to anything that happens there, right?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Miri only asked that before she immediately walked towards the direction of the stage. Katyusha (the receptionist) and a portion of the Adventurers also followed behind Miri and Norn.

Then, Miri and Norn noticed.

What the people inside the Adventurers Guild were frightened of.


Norn instinctively sobbed from the sight and averted her sight.

There was a mountain of corpses there.

Looking at the robes they wore and the fallen staffs, all of them seemed to be Magicians.

And on top of that blood-soaked stage was a single gloating skinhead man with an artificial leg.

“Yo, I’ve been waiting. You are that Ichinojo’s younger sister huh.”

“It’s not Ichinojo, it’s Ichinojou. Correct yourself.”

“Something like that doesn’t matter at all.”

It does matter.

In addition to saying Onii’s name wrongly, continuing to say Onii’s name wrong after I told him is an insult to Onii. Unforgivable. (Note: Side note, Ichinojo’s name is normally Ichinojou in Japanese but I usually don’t translate the extended sound at the back. One interesting point, the nickname the baka-couple use for our MC is also that same Jo~ that she’s annoyed with.)

“I’ll murder you.”

He felt Miri’s murderous intent but the man laughed like he was delighted.

“Ha, as expected of that guy’s younger sister. Fine, I’ll correct myself. You are that Ichinojou’s younger sister?”

“That’s right. I’ve heard that you have information on Onii. Tell me.”

“Ah. That’s the reason why I brought these people here.”

The man said as he stood up and kicked the bodies of the Magicians that were already dead.

“Listen well? These guys were the ones that tried to kill your big brother together with me. I told them to gather here to have a go at the younger sister of that man to dispel our humiliation the previous time and killed them all. Since a person can’t be charged with murder if it’s done here.”

Miri ground her back teeth at the chuckling man.

They tried to kill Onii.

The instant she heard that, the sympathy towards the Magicians in front of her eyes disappeared and only the murderous intent towards the man with an artificial leg standing at the center rose.

“Why did you kill them! They were your comrades!”

Norn shouted from behind.

Her feet were trembling from fear and she finally grasped the feeling of standing up.

“They were my comrades, were. That day I fought with him, only my leg was cut off, these guys all lived without any injuries. That to me is unforgivable. I will not forgive these people who laughed the next day about how the previous day was a disaster. At first, I thought Oregeru would ask me to defeat that guy. I thought that I would at least be able to feel relieved if that happened. But Oregeru was angry. He said he didn’t ask me to do that. That he is an honest and great man.”

Then, the man raised his leg up high and swung it down.

The stone floor crumbled and it left a hole.

“Don’t screw with me! That’s why I decided. I am the only one who can get my revenge on that guy. For that sake, I have to first kill these people. I’ll kill these people and have them raise my level. Next would be your turn. I look forward to seeing what face that guy would make knowing that I killed you.”

The man said as he took off the blood-soaked cover of his artificial leg and licked the blood.

And hidden below that cover was not a cane but a rapier-like sharp sword.

“At first, I actually intended to kill that guy here but killing that guy’s younger sister before killing him has a certain charm.”

When that man gave a wicked smile, Norn stepped in front of Miri.

“Miryuu-chan, you definitely can’t go up the stage. That man won’t be able to do anything as long as you don’t go up the stage.”

The man gave an evil smile when Norn said that,

“Haha, are you sure? I killed these small-fry Magicians here just for the sake of killing time until you come here. You know? I am no longer a mere Pugilist, I have become a person who kills other, a Death Warrior.”

A violent shiver ran through the crowd at those words.

The Death Warrior job.

The power of a Pugilist can’t even compare to its power. It’s a specialized highest class job for killing people.

“It’s a fallen highest class job from the Goddesses when a warrior kills innocent people. Does that mean my surprise attack that killed the Magicians was for the sake of raising my Death Warrior level?”

“Wait! If that’s the truth then Kakke-san you are no longer under the protection of the Adventurers Guild. Everyone, please immediately gather the Vigilante corps! Catch that man.”

“Are you sure Katyusha-san, do you think there’s anybody in this town that can fight against the current me? This town is now only full of small-fry Adventurers who can’t even go to the Advanced Labyrinth. Try your best and gather. You will all become my experience points. For the sake of killing that man.”

It happened when the man was laughing.

Miri pushed aside Norn who was blocking her and stepped out.

And then, she climbed the stage.

“I see, so you wish to die first. Very good, as expected of that person’s sister.”

Kakke had a huge grin on his face.

But Miri didn’t say anything.

But her murderous intent was already filled to the brim.


After Miri muttered that, darkness overflowed from her shadow and tentacle-like shadows extended out.

“Ho, Darkness intermediate magic huh? Wonderful. But, something of that level ― ah?”

The dark tentacles Miri released stabbed into one of the fallen bloody Magician.

That body convulsed for an instant before it once again laid still.

【Miryuu leveled up】

“You forgot to kill one.”

Miri calmly said as if he forgot to pick up a piece of trash.

― 『Shiver』.

A bottomless terror dominated the field, unlike the one that Kakke commanded.

Nobody could move an inch against that fear.

With the exception of Kakke.

Kakke clapped his hands as if to praise the mumbling Miri.

“Hahaha, as expected of that guy’s sister. No, you’re even more merciless that your older brother? I can’t forget it till this day. That look of sympathy he showed me at the end makes me want to puke thinking about it now. You give a much more favorable impression compared to your that soft-hearted older brother.”


This time, ten tentacles shot towards Kakke.

However, Kakke had a highest class job after all as he dodged those attacks one after the other.

(He’s fast!)

Norn was astonished.

Norn’s eyes could not capture Kakke’s movements.

She couldn’t help but think if he might even evade all of her sure-kill technique, the Dark Thousand Swords.

It was clear that if she used Dark Thousand Swords and he evaded it, she would run out of magical power and not be able to move.

Kakke evaded Miri’s attack one after the other and advanced closer and closer.

And then, Kakke’s artificial leg pierced Miri’s heart… or so he thought.

But ―



Miri evaded Kakke’s attack.

Then, the next instant, the bottom of Miri’s palm slammed into Kakke’s face.


He can’t understand what happened, Kakke thought as he was blown away.

According to the information he obtained, her job should be Dark Magician.

Once the threatening magic was removed, there shouldn’t have been any element where Kakke would lose in.

But, Miri looked with blank eyes and flew forward.


This time, ten tentacles attacked together with Miri’s fist.

He dodged the ten tentacles and when Kakke was feeling relieved for an instant, Miri’s additional blow hit Kakke in his solar plexus.


Kakke spat out blood as he was sent flying into the air.

Then, waiting there were the tentacles that extended out from Miri.

It all happened in roughly a minute from the time Miri stepped on the stage.

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