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Chapter: (113) Miri’s Adventure 6

Translator: Tseirp

Assassin’s Marionette.

A Darkness Magic that can take control of others as one pleases.

But that’s a superficial way to use it.

Miri used that magic on her own body.

She did it when Kakke looked and laughed when she killed the fallen Magician.

By doing so, Miri could utilize the greatest extent of her own power.

At that time, the power of her physical attack and her speed was more than three times the numerical value of her normal physical attack and speed.

Of course, using power to that extent will not bode well for the physical body.

Intense pain hit Miri when the effect of Assassin’s Marionette expired.

Her calf and shoulder were hurting and burning hot.

However, even so, Miri did not stay her hand.

The tentacles from Dark extended and constricted around Kakke.

For Pugilist and even for Death Warrior, magic was still the weakness.

Once he was caught, he could no longer escape.

Miri did not kill him instantly.

“How is it Kakke? You told me you have information on Onii so what is it? If it’s useful information, I’ll kill you painlessly.”


“I see, so you won’t say anything. Then do your best to suffer and die. Die while regretting your sin of insulting Onii.”

Miri increased the strength of her Dark.

Kakke once again spat out blood.

“Miryuu-chan, stop! Doing something like that won’t make your brother happy!”

Norn cried out.

Miri squinted her eyes a little,

“That’s true, Onii would definitely not be pleased if I do this.”

“Yeah, so.”

“So what? Why should I not kill this man just for Onii’s sake?”


“I want to kill this man. That’s why I will kill him. For my sake.”

At that time, Norn finally realized the huge misunderstanding she has.

And the new truth that Norn realized vividly expressed the darkness in Miri’s heart.

Miri did not come to this world for her older brother.

She did not become stronger for her older brother.

And she did not express strong anger towards Kakke because of her brother.

Miri always takes action for her own sake.

She wants to spend time together with her brother.

She wants to protect her brother.

And she will not forgive an opponent who insults her brother.

From the beginning till the end, all of Miri’s actions was for her own sake.

Of course, her affection for her brother was also likely to be involved.

【Miryuu leveled up】

【Demon Lord skill: 「Demon Lord Authority」acquired】

When that message flowed through Miri’s head, Miri threw Kakke away on the spot.

And then, she took out the potion bottle from inside the item bag she received from Daijiro stored in her Space Magic, opened the lid, drank it, tossed the bottle away and descended from the stage.

After Miri descended from the stage, the Adventurers moved as if to avoid her.

Then, Miri went straight into the Adventurers Guild’s facility.

“Norn, I will now head to Belasra.”

Miri said.

Miri realized that her brother was moving a lot flashier than she had expected.

Something irreparable might happen if she doesn’t meet up with him quickly.

Such suspicions plagued Miri.

She can’t lose her brother.

Having that thought in mind, she dragged her legs that had not recovered completely and walked off.


The highway that connects to Belasra.

A single shadow chased after Miri who had departed from the town of Florence.

“What’s wrong, Norn? That was an incident that happened on the stage and it was also legitimate self-defence. I don’t think there’s any reason for you to be angry?”

“No, Miryuu-chan is wrong after all. There definitely wasn’t any reason to kill him. He was no longer in any condition to fight even if you didn’t kill him.”

“I’ve already told you. I killed him because I wanted to kill him. That’s all.”

“I’m coming along. Since there’s no telling what would happen if Miryuu-chan goes alone.”

Norn said.

She had just informed the Vigilante group of her intention to resign.

She regretted not being able to properly say goodbye to Margaret-san but if it’s her, she would definitely understand.

Miri didn’t say anything in reply.

She knew.

If she said those words there, Norn would definitely follow her.

Miri said those words knowing that fact.

“Suit yourself.”

Miri said as she extracted a certain object out from her Space Magic.

Norn gave a small scream when she saw that.

“That… don’t tell me.”

“Yeah, it’s the arm from that man just now.”

Miri threw the arm that was still dripping blood and sat down.

“What are you doing?”

“It looks to me that Norn had been the gatekeeper for Florence for some time. Then, how much do you know about the monsters that appear around this parts?”

“Rabbits and wolves right?”

“That’s right. There are White Rabbits and Black Rabbits but how many types of wolves are there?”


Norn pondered.

“If I remember correctly, Brown Wolves and in rare cases, White Wolves. In addition, it’s a really unlikely tale but…”

Norn couldn’t complete her sentence.

That’s because a wolf with pure white fur appeared.

However, it was not a White Wolf.

Wolf King Fenrir.

It’s a huge wolf ten times the size of a White Wolf.

It’s said to be the strongest among the wolf species and it was most probably the strongest monster around this area.

However, there has been extremely few sightings.

The sight of the legendary monster caused Norn to fall on her backside.

Miri found the location that this Fenrir appears and prepared fresh feed to entice it.

Fenrir slowly approached Miri before rolling over and showing its belly.

That was a proof of submission for wolves.

“Good boy. Become my feet.”

Demon Lord skill, Demon Lord Authority.

A skill that makes wild monsters follow the user, a skill that can only be utilized by a Demon Lord.

Incidentally, it is ineffective against labyrinth monsters.

In addition, Miri herself don’t understand the reason why but killing a monster that had pledged allegiance will not provide experience points.

Even though a person should be able to obtain experience points even if they killed a tamed monster.

Miri rode on top of Fenrir when it changed to a prone position.

“Wa, wait, Miryuu-chan!”

When Norn chased after them, Fenrir bared its fangs and gave an intimidating roar.

“No, Fenrir. Let her ride too.”

When Miri ordered it, Fenrir replied with a “Kun”and once again laid its body down so that Norn could climb on easily.

Then, when Norn climbed onto Fenrir, it began to run.

“Fa, it’s too fast Miryuu-chan!”

“You can call me Miri.”


“Call me Miri.”

”… Okay, Miri-chan. So please lower the speed.”

“I won’t!”


The two people and a wolf headed south.

At breakneck speed.

Norn’s cries echoed through the highway.

Author’s note:

Miri’s adventurer will still continue but I will be returning to Ichinosuke’s point of view from the next chapter.

Sneak preview of Miri’s next adventure! (About 1 month later?)

- Miri rampages in the gambling parlor?

- Miri’s duel with Torerul?

- The fellow who knows of Miri’s true identity will become her friend?

I thought of a lot more.

The contents are subject to change without prior notice.

Note: New insight into Miri’s mind… She’s a schemer too hahaha

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