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Chapter: (115) A new inhabitant of My World

Translator: Tseirp

“Well then, master, we’ll quickly go shop and come back.”

“We won’t make Ichino-sama wait for long.”

“I… I, protect, here.”

I decided to have Haru and Carol go shopping.

Actually, I wanted to go too but they said that it would be fine to just let the two of them do the shopping once in a while so I transferred to My World.

Of course, I was afraid to leave the room unoccupied when I open the door to the other world so I had Malina guard the room.

My World, the place that should be the rest area for us.

There was an unexpected guest there.

Or rather, she was staying there without permission.

”… What are you doing?”

I called out to that girl who has a celebrated name.


That’s right, it was Torerul-sama who visited my world.

“It’s up to me wherever I want to stay. Seriously, whose fault is it that made it this way… Oops, Koshmar told me to not talk about it.”

Torerul-sama, the Goddess of Pleasure and Laziness, was lying on a king-sized bed that has been placed, without me noticing, in front of the observatory-like building that Libra-sama built.

Even though the skill is called Hikikomori, there’s no way I can be a recluse if Goddesses can visit just like this.

Won’t this place eventually become like a resort where Goddesses would gather?

If that happens, it will be nothing but misfortune for me.

“Now that I look closely, Torerul-sama, today you’re not sporting a twin-tail hairstyle but a swept back hairstyle. It really suits you.”

Torerul-sama’s hairstyle was usually a twin-tail hairstyle even in her Goddess statues but now she sported a swept back hairstyle using a glass hairband. Her forehead was totally visible.

Her long hair aesthetically reached the center of her back and it split to the left and the right there.

I kept quiet about how the child-like twin-tail hairstyle matched her better though.

“It’s definitely not because I’m afraid to have overlapping hairstyles with that girl that I changed… there’s no meaning even if I say that to you… ha… sorry but I’m a little tired. In addition to having to face that troublesome Japanese, the discussion with the other Goddesses continued for several days, I’m tired. I’ll say it first, half of it is your fault. Seriously, it would have been great if you quickly changed your jobs, it only turned out this way because you stayed Jobless for so long.”

“U… sorry.”

I originally wanted to say that the main cause was Torerul-sama who gave me the 1/20 experience required blessing without listening to what I have to say until the end but of course, I also kept quiet about that.

“You’ve been having an internal monolog as much as you like since just now but I too can read internal thoughts like Koshmar.”

“Eh… sorry.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter. Nevertheless, your world seriously has nothing at all. At least prepare a casino.”

No, that’s unreasonable.

A casino would have to have famous features like the roulette and slot machine like the ones in Belasra but I would have a hard time making them.

“I would love to make a casino if Torerul-sama who I owe a great favor to wishes for it but after all, only myself and four of my companions can enter this world so we haven’t even created a home for ourselves.”

“If the Lakont Church devotees heard that you prioritized your own home over the wish of a Goddess, they would deem you a heretic and perform an inquisition.”

Torerul-sama was probably joking.

“Then won’t it be fine if you create something like a doll that listens to commands?”

“A doll that listens to commands?”

“Umu, those homunculus that humans speak of.”

… Homunculus huh.

Of course, I have not actually seen them before.

However, in my world, homunculus are lifeforms created by Alchemists.

It’s an existence born with omniscience made by adding human semen and blood into a flask.

It’s called The Dwarf in the Flask, is much smaller than humans and can only exist within the flask.

(Note: This whole paragraph was a reference to Full Metal Alchemist.)

“If you can create a world like this, you can naturally create something like a homunculus right?”

I can’t create that!

I memorized various skills but the creation of life is the realm of Gods.

“It’s not the creation of life. It’s the creation of a doll that can listen to simple commands. It’s equivalent to the artificial intelligence robot in your world.”

“Either way, I can’t create such a thing.”

“I see. Then, I’ll give you my homunculus.”

Having said that, Torerul-sama passed me a stainless steel test tube stand and test tube(s?).

There was a small egg-like item inside the test tube.

“This is a homunculus?”

“Umu, when you open the lid and pour it on the ground, it will arbitrarily take the form of a grown person. Also… that right. You should read the information manual that Koshmar pushed onto me previously. Since I never read it even once.”

Torerul said that,

“Umu, because I have received payment.”

And laughed before flipping her bed sheet.

I saw a large number of tomato inside that bed sheet.

Torerul sank her teeth into a tomato,

“It’s tasty. Fruits made by others and obtained without labor is delicious.”

And cheerfully laughed before disappearing.

I hugged the test tube stand and ran to the field.

There, I saw a tomato field where all the tomato fruits were completely stripped away.

There were countless small footprints on the field.

They didn’t belong to Torerul-sama. It was even smaller than hers.

It was probably the footprints of a homunculus.

… Well, I still have tomatoes in my item bag so it would be restored if I plant those.

If the price of a homunculus was a lot of tomatoes then it was cheap.

Thinking that, I took out a test tube and turned it over.

A white egg dropped down together with the liquid.

It slowly expanded and transformed into a human shape.


Even though the footprints on the tomato field looked like it belonged to a kindergarten child, instead of a primary school child, the child in front of me looked more like a middle school kid, or rather… a high school girl?

And she was literally born.

Her breasts were smaller than Haru, larger than Carol… about Malina’s size?

And then, my line of sight went further downward.

“Er… er… er.”

“Good morning, master.”

Without any expression, the blond-haired girl with a bob cut turned her golden pupils to me and spoke to me in a voice without any intonation.

No matter how I look at her, she looked just like a living girl…

“Master, who’s that!?”

“Ichino-sama… another new girl!?”

Haru’s tail stood upright while Carol dropped the cloth bag in surprise.

“Wrong, no! That’s not the caseeeee!”

My voice echoed through My World.

Even I who created the world don’t know where the voice traveled to.

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