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Chapter: (116) Homunculus’ name

Translator: Tseirp

I somehow managed to explain to Haru and Carol and convinced them.

Incidentally, the recently born homunculus was wearing my brand new reserve cotton clothes so she had quite a boyish appearance at the moment.

“So Torerul-sama was here just moments ago… what a shame, I really wanted to meet her.”

Carol said and gave a disappointed expression.

Even though I’ve caused her to have various misunderstandings regarding Torerul-sama, she still believes in her until now.

However, that Goddess-sama probably chose to escape from such a troublesome situation?

“As such, from today onward this homunculus will be working here for us. I was also surprised when it grew a lot bigger than I had anticipated.”

Homunculus meant ‘Dwarf within a flask’ so I had mistakenly thought that it would be a dwarf.

“Would master have preferred if I was smaller?”

”… Ah, well, I just imagined it on my own accord. It’s not the matter of which is better”

“I have supplemented master’s information. Master prefers small girls.”

“Wait, that’s wrong!”

Please don’t treat me like a lolicon.

“That information is not wrong! Ichino-sama prefers small girls.”

“Master, small girls refer to age right? Is it alright if I interpret it as younger females?”

Carol told the homunculus while Haru came to verify.

… I don’t know why but they have apparently recognized that I like small girls as a fact.

Even though my strike zone is actually not that narrow.

However, I’ve only encountered cute girls like Haru, Carol and Malina so the average appearance of the girls around me have certainly drastically risen. When I was in Japan, there weren’t any girls cuter than Miri around me but looking purely at appearances, my companions all have a comparable appearance to Miri and furthermore, they all have good personalities.

Seriously, if I did not encounter Koshmar-sama or Margaret-san, my sense of beauty would have collapsed. Thank you thank you. Well, Margaret-san is a guy though.

I think I might perhaps possess power comparable to the Protagonist blessing Suzuki has in terms of encounters with girls.

“At. Any. Rate. I did not mean it that way and I created her purely because I thought we needed labor. To be honest, things turning out this way was also outside of my expectations.”

“Master, in other words, you created me but you do not acknowledge me?”

The homunculus turned her vacant golden pupils towards me and tilted her head.

Her saying that made it seem as if I was a horrible father who does not acknowledge his own children.

By any chance did this homunculus intentionally say that?

“I’m not saying that. From now on, I wish to be on friendly terms with… erm, what should I call you?”

“That should be decided by master.”

… It arrived, the greatest challenge.

I was wondering if it would come.


Naming is my worst trait.

Since she’s a homunculus so Homu? No, that would be too simplistic.

And Cruz would be a guy’s name.

Something even more innovative than that… that’s right, I exchanged tomatoes for her so what about naming her Tomato?

… No no, Fuyun was a horse so I could irresponsibly choose a name but even though the homunculus is a transient soul, she’s still a girl.

I can’t just carelessly name her.

”… Ah, I’ll definitely struggle when I become a parent… Haru, could you please think of a name in my stead?”

“I’ll obey if it is master’s order.”

”… Ah, Haru if you say that it means you don’t want to right?”

I can’t really say that we’ve been together for a long time but even so, I still believe that I understand Haru.

I won’t be as mean as to order Haru to do so.

Haru nodded to my question.

“Naming a person is a task that requires responsibility. It is something that would affect a person’s whole life. It can’t be done with half-hearted resolution.”

“That’s right. Yup, that’s why I’m wondering if it would be alright for me to decide.”

“If Ichino-sama can’t decide then who can?”

Said Carol.

“Our master is Ichino-sama. It is the same for this person too. Then, Ichino-sama should be the person who decides her name.”

I see, I guess that’s true.

I was running away.

I was trying to escape from naming her, escape from my responsibility.

I’ll have to thank Haru and Carol for making me realize that.

All right, I’ll think about it seriously.

In the end, I thought for almost 20 minutes.

“Since she’s a homunculus so Homu?”

In the end, I went with the name I decided using my intuition.

Intuition is important too.

“Master, I request for an immediate change to my designation.”

“Master, that name is a bit…”

“Ichino-sama, please think about it a little more.”

… I’d like them to understand that this was the result of thinking.

In the end, after a discussion with the four of them including Homu (temp) for three hours,

“Once again, Pionia. Nice to meet you.”

I decided to name the girl Pionia.

It was taken from the word ‘Pioneer’.


At the same time.

(… Everyone is… taking so long.)

Malina was sitting on top of the bed alone, faithfully following the order to waiting in the room.

Even though she was supposed to be replaced after an hour, three hours had already passed.

(I want… to go to the toilet.)

It was thirty minutes after that before Carol realized and returned.

In the end, she endured without leaking anything.

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