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Chapter: (126) Starting a fight with a Dragon

Translator: Tseirp


The representative of Fantasy settings.

In stories, there are cases of them being deified and if antagonized, they are existences that can stump protagonists with their overwhelming power.

It’s natural to believe that they can sprout flames from their mouths but lately, they are nasty beings that are even commonly depicted to spit out ice and poisonous breaths.

Be that as it may, those are but fictional depiction in games and such.

However, Koshmar-sama said it before. In the first place, in order to make the Otherworld more easily acceptable to reincarnators like me, people from Earth were subconsciously made to create games in our world.

In actual fact, the Pochi that Suzuki has as a pet ― that wyvern is exactly the same as what I imagined.

If that’s the case, we’ll have to be cautious after all.

“This way nya.”

Stella led the way with a soft whisper.

“It seems convenient to have a small body at times like these to hide. Right, Carol.”

“Ichino-sama, why do you seek my agreement for such a thing… I’m not that small.”

Carol pouted and sulked.

”… Are you conscious of your size?”

“No… I’m not conscious of my size but (… it’s because Ichino-sama don’t properly see me as an adult)”

“Sorry, I couldn’t really hear the last part of your sentence.”

“It’s nothing.”

It looks like I somehow angered her. Carol is normally so reliable so I inadvertently forgot that she’s still a kid. Maybe her stress level has been accumulating due to the harsh journey. I might have to let the four of them have an enjoyable shopping session or something similar when we return to town to relieve their stress.

“Ichino. This is not the place to fool around.”

”… That’s true. I’ve been sensing a strong presence since just now.”

The enemy’s presence was slightly different from the usual presence of monsters. For weak monsters, ah, how do I put it, it would give a certain degree of presence while monsters with killing intent will give a sharp piercing presence.

However, it would become harder to differentiate once the number of enemies increases causing the presences to mix together but this time the presence was ― expressing in words, it was a mighty presence. It felt like it gave off a strong headwind just by standing there.

We would probably see him once we pass through the grass patch here.

Even so, how do I put it?

I felt that it was not an unbeatable opponent.

“Carol, please try out Charm Magic from a distance. Marina, please aim for the weak points of the enemy with your magic bow ― somewhere like the eyes or the inside of the mouth.”


“Leave it to me ― nothing is able to escape from my third eye.”

Carol nodded while Marina said with confidence.

Before Marina opens her third eye, I’d rather she takes off that mask and widen her first and second eyes’ field of vision.

“Haru, we’ll be fighting in front. With Marina’s skill, I’m not really worried but we’ll fight while avoiding her line of attack. We’ll start the battle with the usual Slash attack. Also, when I shout ‘Spread out’, please distance yourself from the Dragon as much as possible. Since I’ll be using my magic that has the strongest attack power.”


Haru nodded.

“Stella, please hide somewhere. I don’t know if I have the leeway to do a follow-up for Stella if you make a mistake. Also, to everyone apart from Stella, I’ll leave the space open. If you deem that it is dangerous, please escape to that place.”

I said that and used the Hikikomori skill to create the door to My World.

Well prepared means no worries.

I’ll set up as much insurance as possible.

This time it’s not to level up but to have a battle.

I configured my jobs to Jobless, Sword Saint, Swordsman, Magic Swordsman and Gladiator.

I set them to jobs that are fixated with the sword.

Although the final blow would likely be done with magic.

Then, I peeked over from the bushes.

There was a cave on a cliff at a barely reachable height and beside that cave was a lizard about twice the size of the Boss Fish Lizard ― a Dragon.

The Dragon’s color was brown.

If it’s brown then it might be an Earth Dragon or since it’s close to red, it might be a Flame Dragon too.

“So it’s a Bronze Dragon…”

Carol muttered below me on my right.

I see, instead of brown, it’s a gold-copper alloy color like those used for ten yen coins.

“It’s categorized in the weaker group among Dragons as it has no special attacks and can’t spit breath attacks ― but, it’s still an opponent that needs a 6-man party of Adventurers above B-rank.”

“B-rank… I see.”

Haru muttered. She’s currently an Adventurer of the lowest rank.

“Don’t worry. You should know that your ability and your rank don’t match. Haru is strong.”

I pat Haru’s head.

“Very well, let’s go Haru.”

“Yes, master.”

Haru and I dashed out of the bushes.

At the same time, a wind arrow flew out from behind us aimed straight at the Dragon’s eye.

However ―


The roar that made me unconsciously cover my ears caused the air to tremble. Due to that, the wind arrow flew off in an unexpected direction.

Even though it’s in the weaker category, it’s still a Dragon huh?

While thinking of that, Haru and I released 「Slash」 together.

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