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Chapter: (130) Audience with the Cat Sith King

Translator: Tseirp

With the two Cat Siths as guides, we arrived in front of the largest house.

Standing guard there were two other white Cat Sith soldiers in heavier equipment compared to the two Cat Siths who led the way. The armor looked heavy but that showed how important the place was.

“Halt nya! What business do you have here, Hume!”

It was a strong tone unlike the flippant gate guards just now.

They showed vigilance and even hostility.

“Ah, Carol is half-Hume and half-Mini Hume.”

“I am also not a Hume.”

Carol and Haru destroyed the atmosphere.

Now that they mentioned it, I’m the only pure Hume here. I might not even be a pure Hume in this world, having came from Earth, but my status says Hume though.

“I, I see… don’t fool us nya! We will not let people apart from Cat Siths enter nya!”

We didn’t deceive you though.

“We came to see Stella. Could you please call her?”

“Stella-sama nya? I do smell Stella-sama’s scent on you people nya.”

“I see, thanks for understanding.”

It looked like we could enter the building without any problems.

Or so I thought.

But, the Cat Siths in front of my eyes didn’t move at all. It stared at me with its yellow pupil.

I had a bad premonition.


『…… 』

Silence dominated the area.

The ones who broke the silence were the Cat Sith twins(?) from just now.

“I’ll help you take it off if the armor is too heavy that you can’t move nya.”

“If you can’t move because of the armor, I’ll help you take it off nya.”

“Please do so nya. It’s been tough not being able to move since the day before yesterday nya.”

Are they idiots? There are idiots here.

For an instant, fellow acquaintances crossed my mind.

A red-haired boy and a green-haired girl, we parted ways just the other day but I wonder if they are doing well?

The Cat Siths were stark naked after taking off their armor but they were not ashamed at all for being naked and the white cats actually abandoned their guard post.

“I’ve got to go to the toilet nya!”

… They’ve been holding it in for three days huh.

I decided to wait by sitting on the stone steps for the guards to return.

The nervousness I had just now was blown away in an instant from that scene.

”… It’s peaceful.”

As I was waiting for the soldiers to return while looking at the sky, I noticed that the Cat Sith children were surrounding us from a distance. The Cat Sith children were finally the size of regular cats. They looked cute. I inadvertently wanted to touch those ears but it might turn into a repeat of what Malina did if I don’t control myself.

”… Haru, can I have a moment?”

I said to Haru who was sitting to my left and reached out with my hand.

“Yes, what is it?… Au.”

Haru released a slightly erotic voice.

Because I suddenly touched her ear with my left hand.

Her fur is silky smooth but if I touch the inside of her ear with my finger, I can feel a warmth that tells me her body temperature. Furthermore, I can even feel a pulse so I can feel Haru directly.

“Please bear with it for a bit, I’m trying to re-affirm my stance towards the dog faction.”

”… Au… er, master, I am not a dog but from the White Wolf Race, have you forgotten?”

”… I didn’t forget.”

I said with sweat running down my back and Haru looked like she was sulking… she was basically expressionless but it still looked like she was sulking.

I’d like to praise myself for becoming able to detect such slight changes.

“Ichino-sama, your right hand is free though.”

Carol who was sitting on my right lightly said that and leaned towards me.

… Carol had an unusual longing expression.

Seeing that, I smiled and stroked Carol’s head. Carol’s purple hair was similarly glossy like Haru’s hair so it felt nice to touch too.

That’s right, what I wish for is not for a battle with a dragon or to fight tens of thousands of monsters, it is for peaceful moments like this.

When we return to Ferruit, this time, I will make sure to enjoy our time leisurely until the maintenance of the South Road is over.

While I was thinking that, a single child from the surrounding children looking at us from afar approached us,

“So it’s true that male Humes have the urge to breed no matter where they are nya.”

And muttered that while staring at us. I suddenly felt embarrassed (it was my fault though) and lowered my hands when the white cat guards returned.

“I’ll lead you to the King nya… nya? What’s wrong nya? Your face is red?”

I couldn’t answer that question at all. It felt like steam was coming off the top of my head.


At the innermost room of the building.

Stella was in a long room next to a white wall.

“Stella, don’t run off so suddenly…”

“Ah, everyone, sorry nya. I was distraught nya.”

Her expression was spiritless.

“What happened exactly?”

“The legendary Silver Vine tree everyone saw was something kings plant when they take the crown. And the tree grows as the king grows.”

Stella muttered as she stared at the white wall.

“If the tree’s remaining life is short, it also means that the King don’t have long to live too nya.”

”… I see… Since it’s Stella’s father, the King… then why are you here? You should go meet the King…”

“Eh? I’m looking at him now nya.”

Stella said.

Looking at him now?

But, I don’t see the Cat Sith King’s figure anywhere… when enormous eyes and mouth suddenly appeared on the white wall.

Or rather, I thought it was a wall but it was a huge Cat Sith. A huge Cat Sith that had fit itself perfectly into the room.

”… Oo, welcome guests, sorry for letting you see me like this. I am the Cat Sith current King, Zuberoa.”

I was surprised.

That Cat Sith, as expected of a King, he wasn’t an ordinary Cat Sith.

He apologized for his appearance. It’s true that letting guests see him fitting perfectly inside a room was impolite but that wasn’t the problem.

“You can pronounce ‘na’ normally?”

“Master, that’s the part that surprises you?”

Haru tsukkomi-ed.

“Yup, that was the foremost surprising thing.… I’m sorry for my rudeness, Your Majesty.”

Carol’s gaze told me that I said something really rude.

“It’s okay. I only have little time left as the country’s King. More importantly, my dear daughter was in your care. I’d like to thank you not as a King but as Stella’s father. Thank you.”

Zuberoa said that and closed his eyes.

“King, please don’t say that you only have little time left.”

“It’s fine, Stella. Look at my fur. It was originally a splendid black but now it has become totally white. I am content to have lived such a long life until now. But, before I pass away, I wanted to drink the Silver Vine Wine Stella made.”

”… Father.”

I was silent for a moment after seeing the interaction between the two Cat Siths but I made a decision.

“Your Majesty, please wait for a little while. Stella and I will now create the greatest Silver Vine Wine for Your Majesty.”

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