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Chapter: (136) Miri’s Adventure 8

Translator: Tseirp

It was an extremely long slide.

Along the way, there were fourteen crossroads and an instant-death trap awaited those who chose wrongly.

It was most likely a safety measure made by the creator.

It was a safety measure for when he accidentally falls in. The correct path was an easy left, right, left, right pattern but the final two choices changed patterns to right, right.

Naturally, the people who fell in probably didn’t know the answer. If the person arrived at the correct path by sliding without thinking about anything, he would be the bearer of luck capable of obtaining the 1 in 16384 probability.

After her ‘blunder’, Norn had lost consciousness so she was tied to a Darkness thread and dragged along the correct path.

(But, it’s strange. It feels like somebody has taken this path once.)

Also, making use of a labyrinth, it’s certain that the Goddess Church is involved in some way.

(It’s possible that something else was originally sealed instead of my power.)

While she was having such thoughts, Miri and Norn arrived at the destination.

“Such cheeky appearance as always. Acting so pretentious copying my twin-tail hairstyle.”

Miri glared at the Goddess Statue with a sour expression.

One of the Goddesses who triggered Onii’s transfer, Torerul’s goddess statue was there.

“Uu… I fweel shick… eh? Torerul-sama?”

Norn woke up and bowed when she saw Torerul’s goddess statue.

“Norn, leave the praying till later. Even if you pray now”

“I got it.”

Without paying any attention to Miri’s words, a scourer dropped on top of Norn’s head.

“Eh? The scourer from conquering a labyrinth…?”

“The Kamenoko scourer from another miss… seriously, if the Goddesses give out so many scourers, I hope the jackpot is a carriage.”(Note: Kamenoko is a brand)

Then, Miri glared at the Torerul statue.

She could see only a future where it drops a scourer no matter what timing she chose to pray.

”… I don’t need something like a scourer. I’ll be angry if you don’t give me something proper okay.”

Miri directed a pressurizing voice with killer intent towards the goddess statue.

“Mi, Miri-chan, what do you mean?”

“Torerul gives everyone a scourer because it’s troublesome otherwise.”

“No way, Torerul-sama wouldn’t… ah, it might actually be possible for Torerul-sama.”

“Fuu, she finally gave me something decent.”

Miri said as she glared at the goddess statue. It could hardly be seen as a praying gesture but,

【Title: 「Labyrinth Conquerer II」 has ranked up to 「Labyrinth Conquerer III」】

【Clear reward skill: MP Economizing acquired】

A skill that saves on MP consumption.

With this, Miri would be able to utilize greater magic than she had been using until now.

“Well then, let’s return.”

“Okay. Miri-chan, let’s return… eh? The door can’t be opened.”

Norn desperately pulled the door but it didn’t budge.

“It’s useless. Have you forgotten that the door to the goddess statue room can’t be opened before the boss is defeated?”

“Ah, I see. Then we should quickly defeat the boss ― eh? Miri-chan, we have to open this door if we want to defeat the boss… eh? Then, don’t we have to wait here until somebody else defeats the boss?”

“Of course not. Have you forgotten? My magic is ―”

“Ah, that’s right. As expected of Miri-chan!”

“Haaa… Then, let’s leave. 「Escape」!”

When they noticed it, Miri and Norn were in the middle of the town.

They suddenly appeared out of nowhere but luckily nobody saw them appear (it was also luck that the labyrinth was at the outskirts of town) so no particular problems arose.

“Ah, this is the town of Belasra. I’ve also been here once. If you like, I can guide you around?”

“Hmm… I want to go to the gambling parlor. Ah, but before that, we have to raise some money at the Adventurers Guild.”

“Money? Miri-chan, do you possess anything that can be turned into money?”

“Yeah. I have something that can definitely be sold at a high price.”

Miri said and used Space-Time Magic, causing an item that can be sold at high price to appear.


“This, what stunning fur. How, how exactly did you acquire something like this milady?”

“During my journey, I found the corpse of a rare wolf. It was a fresh corpse so I stripped the fur on the spot.”

“I, I see.”

The man had a business smile but his countenance changed when he saw the pure white fur Miri brought and began inspecting it.

As the inspection proceeded, the man’s complexion quickly turned red.

“What happened to the flesh and fangs?”

“After I finished skinning it, a huge snake came and swallowed it.”

”…… I see.”

It was unsure if the man believed Miri’s story or not but he had a subtle expression on his face as,

“I see, that’s a shame. This wolf is a type of mythical beast called Fenrir, its fur is valuable but a single one of its fangs might even sell for 1 million. Here’s your payment.”

The man took out 1 gold coin and 100 silver coins.

“Gold coin… Miri-chan is amazing.”

Norn was in high spirits behind Miri but Miri’s expression was sour.

“Are you looking down on me?”

“I’m not. The appraised value is 300 thousand sense but we can’t prepare such a large sum. The remaining 280 thousand sense would be deposited into your guild card account and you can withdraw a limit of 20 thousand sense a day.”

Saying that, the man handed her a proof of transfer.

“Well, 20 thousand sense should be more than enough. Now then, Miri, let’s go to the gambling parlor.”(Note: I think the author meant Norn there.)

“Er… you’re not… going to the gambling parlor for the sake of playing leisurely right?”


Miri said with an innocent smile for the first time in a long time. However, that innocent smile was a smile that brings misfortune to a lot of people.

(For the sake of having Onii live in this world peacefully, at the very least I need to multiply this 20 thousand sense by 10 thousand times.)

Miri snickered at the prospect of earning all that by gambling.

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