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Chapter: (137) Miri’s Adventure 9

Translator: Tseirp

After entering the gambling parlor, Miri muttered while observing the surroundings.

Incidentally, there isn’t a definitive age restriction for entering the gambling parlor as there are nobles who began playing at the gambling parlor for as long as they can remember so even though the people around them took notice of Miri, there naturally wasn’t anyone who came to warn her.

“Ho, so this is Belasra’s Gambling Parlor… it sure has changed quite a bit.”

When she was here previously, it was a place that only had card games. It definitely didn’t have the roulette and slot machines.

Well, her previous visit was more than a hundred years ago when she came here incognito but she was quickly banished and forbidden from entering.

“Eh? Miri-chan, you’ve been here before? Even though you look lost?”

“Well… er, exchanging coins with medals to play is the same. Then let’s hurry up and”

Miri went to the medal exchange counter and placed 1 gold coin ― 10 thousand sense and 100 silver coins on the table.

“Please change all of this into medals.”


The receptionist lady respectfully lowered her head, collected the coins and handed Miri 5 green medals and 1 red medal.

A green medal was 1000 sense, the red medal was 10000 sense so the remaining 5000 sense would be the tax.

“Ah, pl, please exchange this too.”

Beside her, Norn took out 1 silver coin.

She was handed 5 white medals and 7 blue medals.

“Norn will be playing too?”

“Yu, yup, I’m feeling nervous though because it’s the first time I’ve come to a place like this.”

“I… see. Then, Norn can play at the slot machines there. Also, here, read it while you play the slots!”

Miri passed Norn a sheet of paper and pointed her to a vacant slot machine on the first floor.

“Eh? But those slot machines need blue medals though? If I go there, my medals would quickly”

“Stop complaining and get going! If you lose all your medals then just look around until I return!”

“Okay uuu!”

Norn headed towards the slot machines in tears after getting scolded by Miri.

Miri looked contemptuously at the sniffing Norn heading to the slots and continued observing the surroundings.

There were magical power detection tools placed everywhere. They were surely magic tools meant to capture cheating done using magic.

(Well, even if I don’t use magic, there’s no way I would lose if it’s the roulette.)

When she had that thought, Miri recalled the white wolf young girl who was together with her when she was the Demon Lord.

(I wonder if she’s doing well… I believe that hero won’t renege on his promise.)

Miri had a really gentle smile for an instant.

That might have been the first real smile she showed since she came to this world. However, nobody noticed that smile.

Then, when Miri sat at the roulette table, her eyes turned sharp.

It was at the same time the ball was tossed.

She had already bet a large amount of medals but she further bet even more after the ball was tossed.

Miri looked at the ball and bet her medals on red 12.

The customers who saw that sized up Miri and her red medal.

That’s because her age was still young, she didn’t look like a young girl from a noble family but she had a red medal and she even bet it on a single point.

But many of those gazes were of pity.

Thinking about it normally, betting on a single point was unlikely to be fruitful.

The probability was 1/38. In other words, she had a 37/38 probability of losing a large sum of money.

That’s why, the next instant ― yes, when the ball dropped into its slot, everyone was shocked.

“Ah… red 12.”

The gallery went crazy even before the dealer announced it.

3 black medals and 6 red medals were returned to Miri.

And she continued winning from then.

In the end, it was a huge loss.

Naturally, for the dealer.

10 bets 10 wins. Furthermore, it was all done via one point bets.

Miri’s hand turned into 30 black medals and 51 red medals.

The dealer’s face was also ghastly pale.

That’s because no matter what technique he used, Miri would accurately bet on the number.

The only silver lining was that all the other customers couldn’t follow her call because she would bet right before he stopped all bets.

There were some rounds when Miri was too late when calling her bets but even then, the ball would fall into the number Miri was about to bet on. In other words, her consecutive correct guesses were far beyond just 10 times.

And, naturally, the gambling parlor’s administration wouldn’t let it continue that way and that man called out to her.

“It seems like your luck is quite good.”

He looked about 50 years old by the skillful way he moved but he had the appearance of a 30 years old man.

“Sorry for the late introduction, I am this gambling parlor’s owner, Gorsa. Are you enjoying yourself?”

“Nice to meet you. I’m thankful that it’s such a great place. Since there’s no need to see through the cheats.”

“That’s harsh.”

Gorsa laughed as he scratched his forehead. In other words, Miri announced that if the gambling parlor didn’t cheat, she would win 100% of the time and even if they did cheat, she would be able to see through it. Moreover, she was also implying that she could win without cheating.

“If it’s okay with you, would you like to have a match with me?”

“That’s a pleasant offer. I’ve grown bored of betting with the chump change red medals. Naturally, we’ll be… playing with no limits right?”

“Of course.”

”… I see. Ah, my companion is playing at the slots so we can have our match after we meet up with her.”

Against Miri’s fearless smile, Gorsa nodded with a broad smile.

Then, the two of them went to the slots and saw that spectacle.

“Miri-chan, what should I do, the medals won’t stop!”

The medals were overflowing from the momentum of the slot machine spitting out all the medals it had taken until now.

“It looks like your companion had hit the jackpot.”

”… Seriously, that kid is so noisy no matter where we go.”

Ultimately, Norn won a total of 14 black medal’s worth ― 1.4 million sense.

Gorsa was a little bit shocked as he explained that it was quite little for a jackpot but it was without a doubt the largest win recorded for the slot machines on the first floor.

Note: Lol Norn striking it rich with her luck. The silver lining to her suffering under Miri? hahaha

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