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Chapter: (144) Idiots who left with the donkey

Translator: Tseirp

A familiar boy with red hair and girl with blue hair.

I say familiar but we had just parted ways not long ago. Not even half a month had passed since then.

Self-proclaimed Swordsman, Apprentice Swordsman, Jofre. Idiot.

Self-proclaimed Monster Tamer, Whip-user, Elize. Idiot.

These two whose natural conversation had already reached the realm of a comedian couple had for some reason appeared by using the transfer circle also known as the Demon Lord’s path.

Why, just why were the two of them there?

It seemed like the two of them were also thinking of the same thing.

“Eh, there a guy that looks exactly like Jo in the Cat Village. Why is that?”

“Eh, there a person that looks exactly like Jo in the Cat Village. I wonder why is that?”

Ah, a completely unrelated memory surfaced regarding the Cat Sith gatekeepers that talked similarly by slightly changing the nuance of the words.

As I maintained silence, the two of them continued talking.

“If he’s in the Cat Village, doesn’t it mean Jo is also a cat? What do we do Elize. I don’t understand the speech of cats!”

“Eh? So this Jo is a cat. But he doesn’t have cat whiskers though? And I also don’t understand the speech of cats.”

“No cat whiskers? That’s true, I didn’t notice that. It’s a new species! We’ve did it Elize! We’ve made a huge discovery! We’re going to leave our names in history!”

“Congratulations Jofre! You’ve did it!”

“What are you saying Elize. I’ll be leaving my name along with yours?”

“No, I’m fine. After all, my only wish is for my name to remain inside Jofre.”

”… Elize, if you say it like that, I also only want my name to remain inside Elize.”

”… Jofre.”

”… Elize.”

”― (annoyed twitch) Slash!”

I instinctively shot a slash between the hugging two.

”… Woah! This feeling, it’s the real Jo! What are you doing at a place like this!”

“This is the Cat Village right? Is Jo a cat?”

“A cat without whiskers! A new species?”

“Amazing, it’s a great discovery Jofre!”

“Stop looping your jokes! I am not a cat nor am I a Cat Sith. Wait, if you guys are here, it means that”

I looked at the transfer circle behind them.

At that moment, appearing with a burst of light from the transfer circle were ― the gluttonous donkey, Centaur and the three kids from Ferruit.

“Ah, isn’t it Ichino-aniki! It’s been some time.”Julio waved at me.

”… Ichino-san and his party is here huh? If they appear in the fights, our king seat would…”Sutchino muttered.

”… The couples reunite… fufufu.”Milky snickered.

There was an unfamiliar Cat Sith together with them.

Then, it happened when Jofre and Elize grabbed onto Centaur’s reins.

Centaur suddenly charged out of the room.

Jofre and Elize were magnificently caught up in that charge and also left the room.

“Please wait! A, Aniki, I’m sorry for that.”

Julio chased after them.

Then, staring at that happen, the Cat Sith that appeared with the transfer circle together with them thought for a second,

“To think of it, I smell food nya. It was definitely enticed by that nya.”

It concluded. Yup, I totally don’t see any problems in that conclusion.

By the way, who is this Cat Sith?

Just as I thought that, I quickly got to hear its name.

“Mikke, why did you return nya!”

Stella glared at the Cat Sith that appeared with Jofre and the others.

“You know him?”

“He’s my younger brother nya.”

“Younger brother!? Didn’t you say you were the only daughter?”

“I am the only daughter nya. But I have a younger and elder brother nya.”

“What words to say to a younger brother who came back after such a long time nya, sister. Well then, I’ll be chasing after Jofre and the others nya.”

“What a troubling younger brother nya… Well then, I still have one more place to show Ichino-san so let’s meet up with Haru-san first.”

“O, ou… another place?”

“The labyrinth nya.”

Labyrinth? Eh? Wasn’t the labyrinth in Dakyat the only one?

There was a labyrinth inside the Cat Sith hidden village as well?

“There various reasons for that nya… Well, the monsters that appear in the labyrinth aren’t that strong and it’s a labyrinth for beginners so there’s not much need to prepare either nya.”

”… I see, let’s try to dive into the labyrinth then.”

It been some time but maybe I’ll be able to earn some experience?

This past week, I’ve earned experience from practicing swings, gathering nuts and mining but I can’t deny that the efficiency has been bad.

Haru also seemed to have been aching slightly for a battle too.

She probably would like to have battles inside the labyrinth.

I also want to dive into a labyrinth and learn a skill.

However, from clearing a labyrinth, I feel like I can’t learn any skill from the Goddess-sama other than Sexual Magic… or formerly known as Lifestyle Magic.

No, maybe it’s just my imagination?

“I’ll say this beforehand though nya. The clear bonus for the labyrinth that we will be going to can’t be acquired nya.”

”… Eh?”

What does that mean?


The labyrinth was located at a place about thirty minutes walk from the hidden village.

Incidentally, it was only me, Haru and Stella, the three of us.

Carol had a business negotiation to do while Malina was reflecting in My World for her misbehaviour in the hidden Cat Sith village so they couldn’t tag along.

“I certainly do smell monsters. It seems like it really is a labyrinth.”

“They have not shown up in my Enemy Detection skill but… I guess it’s true if Haru says so. Stella, you mentioned that the monsters in this labyrinth are weak right?”

“They’re weak nya. The Seven Grey Stars… the Nyanto Six Stars frequently train here nya.”

I see… then, I’ll devote my efforts here to raise my Lifestyle Magic again.

Thus began the sixth labyrinth dive.

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