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Chapter: (146) Roo‧Kanga

Translator: Tseirp

Even after opening my status multiple times, the skill that I should have acquired for reaching Jobless Lv90 was not displayed. For now, I listed the other skills I acquired and arranged them before hiding them from my status list.

Well, the Orc Goddess… er, Koshmar-sama mentioned that the Jobless job didn’t have skills in the first place and that somebody intervened with the system and configured the Jobless job.

Perhaps Koshmar-sama or the other Goddesses intervened with the system once again to fix it.

For now, I convinced myself that the 【Jobless skill: 「XXXX」acquired】 notification I received was a bug from that intervention.

Essentially this meant that I lost one skill but my heart was calm.

If I can’t acquire any more skills by continuing to level Jobless, I could abandon the Jobless job without regrets and change my job to something like Sword Saint at the Church and register as an Adventurer in the Adventurers Guild.

I’ll finally graduate from Jobless and take my first step into the life of an Adventurer.

… But then, the reason I didn’t switch my Jobless job now was because I felt that since I’ve already reached this stage, it was fine to wait until I reached Jobless Lv99 and see what kind of great title I can get from reaching the Peak of Jobless. Assuming that Lv99 was the level limit.

“Nevertheless, there sure are very little monsters appearing…”

“They’ve most likely fled after their danger signals detected the Flat Rats nya. This place would be safe for a while nya.”

Stella thought of it as a lucky break for us but for me, it was slightly boring. In that previous battle, the fighting was mainly done by Haru and I didn’t get to defeat many of them so I couldn’t make effective use of my 20 times experience points acquisition. Just the numbers were many so Dancer and Singer reached Lv12 but Blacksmith only reached Lv8 and Samurai only reached Lv6.

I thought this time I would be able to act as the main fighting force but it’s a shame.

Just like Stella mentioned, I could sense the presence of monsters far away but maybe they could sense our presences too as they quickly fled further away.

Well, there’ll be the boss when we reached the boss room so I’ll satisfy myself with the level ups from there.

After spending half an hour not encountering any monsters, we arrived at the very end of the underground fifth floor which was also the lowest floor of the labyrinth.

“This is the boss room nya.”

The door to the boss room was open.

Inside was a brown-haired monster that stood on two legs ―

“It’s the fighting rat Roo‧Kanga nya.”

“No, isn’t that a kangaroo?”

It was a kangaroo. Yup, the size was about the same as the ones I saw in zoos.

With its hands ― with its forelimbs covered with red gloves used in boxing, it repeatedly sent jabs in my direction to provoke me.

There was a belt around its waist and it also had another pair of blue gloves hanging around its neck.

The instant I stepped into the boss room, it was as if the sound of a gong rang out. The kangaroo tossed the blue gloves around its neck towards me.

Of course, the boxing gloves bounced off the barrier that separated the boss room and the corridor and didn’t reach me.

However, I understood its intention.

It was probably asking for a match with gloves on.

There’s no way I would go out of my way to fight my opponent in his own ring… I’ll just end it with a Slash here. Just as I was musing that,

“Stella-san, could Roo‧Kanga perhaps be an initiation boss?”

“Initiation boss?”

“A monster that exists as bosses in certain labyrinths. The common characteristic is that they request for special fighting methods and a job will be released if you could win.”

So there are such kinds of monsters. I didn’t know that.

“Exactly nya. If you win the fight by wearing gloves, the Boxer job will be released nya. However, if magic or other weapons are used, the job would not be granted nya.”

“I see, a no weight limit, no time limit, weapons ban one-on-one battle.”

I’ll switch my job to Pugilist if it gets risky. Thinking that, I entered the boss room, undid the strings, fit the gloves and asked Haru to help me tie the gloves.

Throughout that time, the kangaroo stared and waited for us.

It was wary but it didn’t seem like it would perform a cowardly attack.

Even though it’s an enemy, it is certainly praiseworthy.

The same time the strings on my gloves were tightened, the door to the boss room closed.

That meant in order for the door to open once again, either we defeated this kangaroo or all of us get annihilated.

Naturally, I don’t intend to lose.

I slammed the gloves on my fists together and showed a smile.

“Very well, I’ll have a match with you.”

When I stepped forward, the kangaroo began shifting left and right.

Those movements showed that it had technique.

It wasn’t just a mere kangaroo ― I’ll show it respect and call it by its official name, Roo‧Kanga.

I’ve lived rationally until now (or that has been my intention). If I played by the books, I should probably use long-ranged attacks like Slash to deal damage to it.

However, this time I wanted to try having a serious boxing match.

“I’m not called Jo (by a group of idiots) just for show!”(Note: Reference to Asheeta no Joe, a boxing manga)

I immediately dove into Roo‧Kanga’s chest and punch! punch! as if trying to bore into it but Roo‧Kanga evaded them with light steps and returned with a counter jab.

However ―

(Evasion Step!)

Like Roo‧Kanga, I also evaded it with a light step.

The skill I acquired from Dancer Lv10 was suddenly useful.

“Amazing nya! Neither of them is letting the opponent’s attack reach them nya!”

“As expected of master, it looks like master is enjoying the battle.”

While Stella was excited, Haru watched the fight with composure.

Ah, it’s getting quite fun.

Just as I was thinking that, Roo‧Kanga distanced itself from me and kicked the wall.

I initially wondered what was it doing but,

“You’re more proficient in kicking rather than punching… you’re telling me that it’s kickboxing?”

Roo‧Kanga silently nodded to my question.

… I was slightly wary of Roo‧Kanga’s kicks but I had thought its main attacks were punches. However, it would probably hurt if I get kicked once I let my guard down.

”… I see, then I’ll also fight seriously.”

Holding respect for Roo‧Kanga, I replied.

Then I should repay respect with respect and respond to seriousness with seriousness.

I changed my Singer job to the Pugilist job that was reaching the level limit.

My status immediately jumped.

“Well then, I shall fight seriously. I pray that you give me a good fight!”


The fight was one-sided. Naturally, it was my side.

In addition to being the boss for a labyrinth geared towards beginners, Pugilist was originally a job suited for fist fights.

At the final moment, the strike Roo‧Kanga put its whole body into connected with my left cheek but my counter punch caught Roo‧Kanga’s cheek.

After the punch, Roo‧Kanga collapsed on the spot.

It didn’t stand back up.

It was my win ―Roo‧Kanga took off its gloves with its mouth and with its right forelimb ― or rather, with its right hand, it took off its belt and handed it to me.

However, before I accepted the belt, Roo‧Kanga’s body began to disappear and it and the belt became particles of light together with the boxing gloves on my hands.

What remained were a magic stone, a bright red glove meant for boxing and —

【Ichinojo Leveled up】

【Job: Boxer is now available】

Experience points and a new job.

”… Roo‧Kanga. That was a splendid fight. I would have liked to tame you if I was a Monster-user.”

As I muttered a few words,

“Ichino-san, it’s impossible to tame labyrinth monsters nya.”

Stella coolly retorted.

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