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I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being Jobless (Web Novel) - Chapter — (149) Young girl caught in forced transfer

Chapter: (149) Young girl caught in forced transfer

Translator: Tseirp

It happened way too abruptly.

Just moments ago, I was in the Cat Sith village but before I knew it, I’m was on a deserted island.

I thought perhaps I really was cursed by Metias-sama but I realized that wasn’t true.

I heard it directly before I was transferred here.

【Skill 「XXXX」 activated. Forced transfer activated.】

This was definitely related to the mysterious skill I learned after reaching Jobless Lv90.

However, why was I transferred to a deserted island?

Nevertheless, I must escape from this island. There will not be any doctors here if I fall ill and more importantly, it’s clear that Haru and the others would be worried.

Normally, what I must do would have been to secure drinkable water and food but I wasn’t worried about that.

I have an item bag after all.

I have food and drinkable water enough to last a couple of months inside. I could create water using magic as well but there was no need to do so right now.

If that’s the case, the first step would be to plan my escape.

What I can do immediately would be — I gathered driftwood, split them apart using my dismantling knife to make firewood and,

“Oil Create!”

Poured oil on the gathered firewood,

“Petite Fire”

And set it alight.

This way, I could make smoke.

If boats passed nearby, they would come to my aid… hopefully.

Even if I made a boat to escape, I didn’t know where I was.

I made a sundial by placing a piece of wood vertically. It was probably noon.

I walked slightly in the direction of the forest, sat in the shade of a tree and ate dried meat that I took out from my item bag.

(The temperature is hotter so maybe it is further south…)

I mused as I ate the dried meat. It was originally bought as snacks for Haru so it was quite tough.

Nevertheless, after patiently chewing the meat, the flavor of the meat and the saltiness spread throughout my mouth.

While chewing the meat, I set about thinking.

Now then, if I was going to be living on a deserted island, I would have to train up jobs like Fisherman, Carpenter, and Cook.

I wonder what must I do to become a Cook?

Ah, Haru or Carol would tell me the answer at times at this.

While thinking that, I suddenly realized.

Even if I was at my wit’s end, I forgot about the most important thing.

”…… I’m a damn idiot!”

I inadvertently cried as I stood up.

“My World!”

I opened the door to my world.

And when I entered the door, it was my world.

There were living facilities like the log house, work shed and warehouse lined up, in the distance, there were fields, lakes and tea plantations, and even further in the distance, Fuyun was eating grass.

A slight distance away, under the large King’s Silver Vine tree, Carol and Pionia were drinking black tea while sitting on a mat. It looked like they had not noticed me.

I had forgotten.

If I’m stranded, it means that Carol would be stranded as well as I was the only one capable of opening the door.

I felt apologetic towards Carol.

For dragging Carol, who dreams of becoming a merchant like her parents, into this mess with me.

This might have been a punishment for me. For enjoying the benefit of my continued insistence on using Jobless.

But if that was the case, I want to be punished alone. Like being the only person who was transferred to this island.

I didn’t want to involve Carol.

“Ah, Ichino-sama, sorry, I was enjoying my tea. I’ll immediately prepare one for Ichino-sama.”

Noticing me, Carol stood and said she would prepare tea for me.

That kindness was a little painful for me at the moment.

“N, no… Pionia, please prepare my share of the tea. I have something important to tell Carol.”

“Something… important?”

“Yeah, it’s pretty bad.”

Carol’s expression turned grim at my words and I hesitated to explain what I had to say next. However, resolving myself, I explained the current situation.

After I finished speaking, Carol faced down.

“I see, that’s troublesome. It would have been alright if it wouldn’t worry Haru-san and Malina-san though.”

But her reaction was contrary to my expectations.

“Wa, wait, aren’t we the ones in trouble? Thinking of the current situation, Haru and Malina should have been transferred to the regular location so the problem lies with us.”

“Is that so? Well, it’s terrible but at the longest, it would probably take at most a month for us to return.”

”… Eh?”

“Firstly, Ichino-sama is worried about our current location but Carol likes books on astrology so Carol would be able to tell our current location by seeing the position of the stars.”(Note: Just a reminder, Carol speaks in third person so in this case, it is still Carol who is speaking.)

”… Seriously? Bu, but, as expected, it would be tough if we have to row a ship with just the two of us.”

“That’s true. There, Ichino-sama and Carol can use the power of Temptress to gather the sea monsters for Ichino-sama to level up and acquire the Monster-user job. Then, we can tame the sea monsters and let them pull the boat. Normally, I’ve heard that it would take up to 10 years to become a Monster-user but if Ichino-sama is serious, I believe it can be done well within a week.”

“I see… No, but food… I have them in my item bag so it’s fine but if we hit a storm, as amateurs to voyages —”

“In such cases, we can evacuate to this world along with the tamed monster. The abandoned boat would drift away so it would be better to prepare a spare ship. Right, we would have to make a pool of sea water for the sea monster to live in too.”

“We speak of boats so simply but is it really that simple to make a boat?”

“I will make that, master.”

Pionia passed me the black tea she brewed for me as she expressionlessly transformed her arms into a saw and an axe as she said that.

That’s true, as she made a splendid log house all on her own, making a boat would probably not be a challenge for her.

……… Er.

“So there’s… no problem?”

“Hmm, it would be the issue of whether we can return to the continent. From Ichino-sama’s words, we are in the Northern hemisphere as there isn’t much of a time difference either.”

“Time difference… ah, I see. It was morning before we transferred and after being transferred, it was still morning so we are close to the continent longitudinally.”

“Yes. We would most likely reach the continent if we travel north. Carol can only make a detailed judgment after seeing the stars but — before that, what we must do now is —”

Carol paused for a beat before saying.

“We have to investigate the reason why Ichino-sama was transferred to this location. There’s also a possibility that Ichino-sama was transferred for no reason but if there is a reason, it should be on this island. Carol would first like to investigate the interior of the forest.”

”… Oh, ooo, I see.”

Like my younger sister Miri, it seems like all girls who have young appearances are geniuses.

Carol’s suggestions all hit the bull’s eye so I felt a little embarrassed for panicking.

(I’m sorry for Haru-san and the others but this is a chance for me.)

“Hn, Carol, did you say something?”

“No, it’s nothing. Now then, Ichino-sama, let’s first go outside!”

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