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I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being Jobless (Web Novel) - Chapter — (154) Martial arts competition for Haru and the others 1

Chapter: (154) Martial arts competition for Haru and the others 1

Translator: Tseirp

Ichinojo was missing after the transfer circle was activated.

Even though they should have transferred around the same time, only Haurvatat and Malina were sent to the hidden transfer circle.

From then, Ichinojo didn’t appear.

Naturally, they transferred back but Stella said that Ichinojo had definitely transferred.

Haurvatat’s complexion turned pale after discovering Ichinojo’s disappearance. Her olfaction also definitely sensed that Ichinojo used the transfer circle but Malina who was beside her said.

“Don’t tell me, a warp accident… it certainly happens in science fiction novels but transfer circles should have been used in everyday life for a long time in this world… or perhaps it was a forced transfer by the interference of a higher dimensional life form? If it was a one-way type of transfer like a black hole or white hole then it’s no wonder that Ichino can’t return.”

She continued to list words that Haurvatat have no understanding of.

However, at that time, Haurvatat slapped her own cheeks.

She must remain calm.

That was her role that Ichinojo once gave her. Even if the party was panicking, he wanted only her to always be calm.

That lit the flame of reason in Haurvatat’s heart.

“Status Open”

Haru muttered nervously and then breathed a sigh of relief.

“Firstly, master is alive.”

Haurvatat looked at her own status and said.

Ichinojo has a skill called 「Second Job II」 so Haurvatat could have two jobs assigned.

Haurvatat believed that if Ichinojo died, that status would quickly be canceled.

Ichinojo was alive.

However, she didn’t know where he was.

Seeing Haurvatat act calmly, Malina also started thinking calmly.

”… It’s Ichino so he’ll probably be alright. Carol and Pionia are with him. The worst scenario would be not knowing where they are and where to find food.”

“That’s right, Carol would definitely support master and keep him safe… but, it is not definite that master is in a place that he can return on his own. We will have to prepare to go to him from here.”

”… That’s true. Firstly, Stella, could you investigate if similar incidents happened with this transfer circle before in the past?”

“O, okay nya. I’ll investigate immediately.”

Stella said and ran off on all fours.

“I will, for now, transfer to and fro with the transfer circle. If I go missing, it will confirm the possibility that the transfer circle is going berserk.”

“Please do so. I will search the surroundings. Transfer circles fundamentally can’t transfer that far so I will search by smell if master transferred to a nearby location.”

Thus, Haurvatat and Malina took separate action.

However —

“I tried transferring to and fro 500 times but the transfer circle didn’t go berserk. Tomorrow, I’ll try transferring the same time Ichino transferred but I think it would probably be meaningless.”

“I checked but there has not been any incident with the transfer circle nya.”

“No fresh scent of master has drifted in from anywhere. Even though I would be able to detect over a kilometer in distance if it was upwind —”

The search for Ichinojo ran aground on the first day.

“The last resort would be to put up a search request at the guild.”

“If we do that, we would be taken into custody and the existance of this transfer circle would be known to the public.”

The master has gone missing but the slaves who were together with him were safe. The reason for his disappearance was the malfunction of a secret transfer circle.

It would definitely turn into an issue. In the worst case, the two of them would be suspected of confining Ichinojo.

And once they get apprehended, they would not be able to look for Ichinojo.

“There’s only one method nya.”

Stella announced.

“In our Cat Sith village, we have a treasure that only the King is allowed to use nya. Inside that, there is a magic tool meant to look for people nya.”

“So we can just ask to use it.”

“As I said just now, only the King can use that treasure nya. Now, without a King, nobody is able to use it nya. If Maru-oniichan becomes King, he might use it for you but Mikke would definitely not do so nya.”

It would change drastically depending on who becomes King.

Listening to the circumstances, Haurvatat resolved herself.

“Stella-san, could you become the King?”

“Nya? I —”

“Please. We will help you with the little ability we have.”

”… Alright nya. But the fight to determine the King is a 5 versus 5 round robin match nya. Malina doesn’t seem that strong and we still lack people in the first place.”

“Could we ask Jofre and the other to cooperate?”

“Mikke has already registered them so that’s impossible.”

Stella shook her head.

Then they would have to settle on somebody from the village as fighters. People capable of fighting.

“What about the Nyanto Six Stars?”

Haurvatat asked once again.

“The six of them registered as one team nya. One of them is a reserve fighter. The remaining soldiers who are able to fight have to work as security for the main event and they probably owe Maru-oniichan favors so they won’t fight for us nya.”

”… If that’s the case, let’s go look for fighters then.”

“The deadline for registering is the day after tomorrow so you won’t make it if you go to Ferruit nya. The town of Korat would be nearer from here nya. Haru-san should easily be able to cross over the valley at the border nya.”

“Stella-san, could you show me the way? Also, Malina please remain in the village. As long as we don’t have a carriage, I would have to run with Stella-san on my back.”

“Don’t be reckless. Ichino would be sad if anything happens to Haru.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll just push myself a little.”

Haurvatat said as she carried Stella and ran out of the village.

The width of the valley that marks the border was about 9 meters but even with Stella on her back, Haru was able to leisurely leap that distance.


Then, the two of them arrived at a town in Korat.

As Korat was an agricultural country, even though it was a town, it had a slightly strange feature where 90% of the area was used for fields.

In addition, as cows and horses were treated as important family members who help out with field work, they mostly don’t eat beef or horse meat. The meats they consume only consist of the birds that eat the produce from their fields. Although that was all according to what I heard from Carol.

“Where is the Adventurers Guild located?”

“… This town doesn’t have such a building nya. If there was, I wouldn’t have made the trip all the way to Ferruit to look for Adventurers nya.”

“That’s true now that you’ve mentioned it.”

If that’s the case, where would they find strong individuals?

It happened when she was thinking that.

She discovered a nostalgic scent.

“No way ──”

Haurvatat wondered if her nose was not working properly.

That was because the two scents shouldn’t be present there and moreover, those two scents shouldn’t be together.

Nevertheless, Haurvatat prayed for that miracle and ran towards it.

That scent led her to the food hall in the town.

“They’re really here…”

Two girls who she knew.

The two of them were also surprised to see Haurvatat.

“Eh? Why is Haru-san here?”

“Long time no see. Although I say that, it has only been three weeks?”

They spoke while still showing their surprise at seeing Haru.

And then, they were… relieved to see Haru.

“It’s been a long time ─ ─”

Standing there was the girl from the vigilante squad in Florence she once met.


And the actual master of Marina.


It was those two.

Haurvatat didn’t know why Norn, who was supposed to be in Florence, and Kanon, who said she would be traveling north, were there but she said to the two.

“Please lend me your strength.”

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