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I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being Jobless (Web Novel) - Chapter — (157) Martial arts competition for Haru and the others 2

Chapter: (157) Martial arts competition for Haru and the others 2

Translator: Tseirp

After listening to Haurvatat’s circumstances, Norn and Kanon looked at each other and nodded. They had decided to assist Haurvatat.

And they were heading towards the Cath Sith hidden village.

“Kanon-san, it’s been a long time nya.”

“Long time no see, Stella-san. Are you still buying Silver Vine Wine?”

“I don’t need to for now nya. I’ve gotten my hands on the best Silver Vine Wine nya.”

Since Stella and Kanon were acquaintances, they were engaging in small talk.

For both Norn and Kanon, simply helping because they have time was just merely an excuse. Norn was worried about Ichinojo while Kanon was worried about Malina. Furthermore, more importantly, Norn wanted to find Ichinojo and reunite him with Miri.

“We have to quickly find Onii-san and……………… eh?”

When Norn muttered that, her mouth moved without any sound which gave her a shock. Then, she tilted her head in puzzlement as she couldn’t understand what had happened.

She was unsure whether she couldn’t voice the words, or that she really didn’t speak at all.

“Norn and I are currently kind of working for a new master and due to the contract with that master, we cannot say anything in relation to that master.”

“I see. But if that is the case, is it alright for you two to come without consulting your master?”

“Yeah. Since our master told us that we could move about freely for a while.”

Kanon said as she laughed happily.

Even though she definitely shouldn’t have been in a joyous state, she was really laughing happily.

“But I think it would be better if I don’t meet up with Malina. She finally attained independence after all.”

“I think it will be fine. Malina has grown after all.”

“Really? It’s okay if that is the case. So we are now headed to the Cat Sith village?”

“Yes. Please hold on tightly.”

Kanon didn’t press any further as she was pressured by Haurvatat’s expressionless face but she couldn’t imagine that Malina, lover of cute objects and especially cats, can maintain her calm in front of Cat Siths. And her expectations were generally correct.

“Well then, let us hurry.”

Saying that, Haurvatat carried Stella on her back and ran off. Of course, she took Norn and Kanon’s pace into account and didn’t do so at full speed. Since she understands that her own strength is drawn out by Ichinojo. In contrast, she was worried about Kanon. Unlike Norn who dives into the labyrinth daily as part of the vigilante squad, she was worried about Kanon’s ability, considering she was a Blacksmith.

However, she saw that unlike Norn who’s body axis was beginning to shake, Kanon still looked like she had a lot of leeways.

(So her physical strength might be greater than Norn-san… maybe because blacksmithing is a job that requires physical strength.)

In that condition, Kanon would probably be able to follow even if she increased the pace — Haurvatat thought that and told Norn to ride on her back (Stella, in turn, rode on Norn’s back) before she started running with all her might. (Note: Lol Haru is looking quite monstrous now with 2 people stacked on her back.)

Of course, with Norn on her back, she couldn’t pull forth her full speed but if she could follow this speed — Haurvatat looked forward to seeing if Kanon was capable in terms of instantaneous power compared to stamina. If it is the job of a Blacksmith to wield a hammer then she should have arm strength as well.

“Haurvatat-san, if you wish to test me then you can raise the speed slightly more. I have confidence in my physical strength after all.”

“Aah… riding brings back memories of riding on Fenrir… Haru-san, please go slowly.”

“Fenrir… that legendary beast? You rode on its back?”

Although Haru’s voice was slightly raised, she still asked with composure. However, internally she was astonished.

Haurvatat heard about the legendary beast Fenrir from the person who sealed it after all.

That person was — Demon Lord Famiris‧Raritei. She told Haurvatat about it.

She expressed that she could defeat Fenrir with a single arm. Haurvatat knew that it was a form of compliment to its strength. After all, normally she would say she could defeat them with a single fingertip or even without having to use a single finger.

In light of the conversation until now, she speculated that the current master of Kanon and Norn was a person capable of removing the seal on Fenrir and control it as a subordinate.

”… Yup, a lot has happened on our journey to here.”

Norn said ambiguously. She had no choice but to say it ambiguously.

Since she can’t speak of anything about her master.

In the end, Haurvatat returned to the Cat Sith village at 70% of her full speed.

As she ran there at full speed and came back at 70% speed, Haurvatat’s legs were burning up to the point that pain would run through them if touched, no, it was in a state where the pain persisted even if they weren’t touched.

Nevertheless, they somehow made it.

“Kanon? Kanonnn!!”

Malina ran over and hugged Kanon.

“Wait, calm down Malina. Didn’t you say she has grown? She’s exactly the same as before.”

“That was unfair, leaving all on your own. I haven’t even had the chance to thank you. So I’ll say it now. Thank you thank you thank…”

Suddenly, Malina was started — and pushed away Kanon who she was hugging.

”… More importantly, it’s… terrible!”

“To think that our reunion would be like this… you’ve certainly become a little stronger, Malina.”

Kanon said somewhat sadly.

Ignoring what Kanon said, Malina told them about the serious incident.

“Jofre-san and Elize-san were attacked by somebody… and suffered serious injuries…”

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