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Chapter: (158) Growth Cheat Detour

Translator: Tseirp

In another 48 hours, the monster sealed by the Demon Lord Famiris‧Raritei would be released.

Sheena told them that it was because a part of the barrier was broken.

“Sheena… don’t tell me the seal was broken because we saw that jewel just now?”

“No, just the other day, the cornerstone at the Western Continent was broken. That is the cause. It is just a coincidence that master visited this island.”(Note: If you guys don’t remember, I’m pretty sure she’s referring to the one Jofre and Elize took from the undiscovered labyrinth.)

I was slightly relieved after hearing that but…

“Is the monster really that strong?”

“It is a monster that Famiris‧Raritei-sama could only resort to sealing it. Even if the hero and his party who defeated Demon Lord-sama fought it, they probably wouldn’t have been able to win too.”

“Such a monster… then the current me won’t be able to win… but I can’t just leave it be too.”

I muttered worriedly.

What would happen if such a violent monster revives?

It won’t stop after just trampling on this island. It would naturally attack any passing merchant ship and if it attacked us while we are rowing our boat, it might be life-threatening.

”… Is it certain that the monster would attack this island?”

“As I mentioned before, this island also serves as a cornerstone for that monster’s seal — that jewel you saw before. It will assault this island to destroy that seal. If possible, before that happens, I would like master to take that jewel. I would like master to protect what Sheena No.3 has protected all this while.”

Sheena said that as she once again took out the hidden jewel.

”… Sorry, Sheena. I can’t take that. Sheena, you take it. Let’s escape together.”

“I apologize but I am unable to comply. Only Demon Lord Famiris‧Raritei-sama, the grandmaster, is able to give me permission to change location.”

“I’ve already said it before. The Demon Lord is no longer in this world.”

“Yes, so Sheena No.3 will not be able to leave this island.”

Then, Sheena continued.

“Rest at ease master. I may be able to speak like this but I do not have emotions. I am entirely a doll created to fulfill my role. I do not want to think that I am expendable but it is Sheena No.3’s lifelong ambition to complete my task.”

”… You said that there are another 48 hours before the seal is broken right?”

“Yes, 48 hours… to be exact, it is 47 hours and 50 minutes but once the seal is broken, it would take 30 minutes to reach this island.”

“I see, if that’s the case, we can make a ship. Carol, sorry but please tell Pionia to hasten the production of the ship. Let me see, please make it within 40 hours.”

I opened the door to My World while saying that.

Carol could somehow guess that I won’t be coming with her.

She looked at Sheena,

“No.3-san, please believe in your master - Ichino-sama. Everyone has the right to happiness. No.3-san, I am certain it is alright for you to be a lot happier. Ichino-sama taught Carol that.”

No way, she went and said such embarrassing words.

My ears were turning bright red.

“Carol - please hurry. We don’t have time.”

“Yes, understood.”

Carol nodded and entered My World.

Then, I asked Sheena.

“Sheena, are you able to communicate with the monkeys?”

“Yes, I enlisted their help in exterminating monsters in exchange for providing them with fruits.”

“I see. From now until the time the ship is built, I wish to level up here but could you guide the monsters to me? Don’t activate the traps too.”

“Understood. Then, I shall send you to the interior of the labyrinth and tell you where the monsters surge from so please work hard to level up until the ship is constructed.”

After saying that, Sheena touched the wall with her hand.

The wall suddenly transformed into a door and opened.

Damn it, that Carol, she went said such an embarrassing phrase.

Thanks to that, I was too embarrassed and didn’t get to say anything.

…… That’s right, everyone has the right to happiness.

A monster that Demon Lord Famiris‧Raritei could only resort to sealing? One that the Hero party can’t defeat?

Doesn’t that mean it is stronger than the Demon Lord, than the Hero?

Well, my time limit is 48 hours. With my growth speed 400 times faster than a normal person, it’s already close to 2 years worth of training.

Furthermore, since I am able to train 5 jobs at the same time, it’s closer to 10 years worth of training. Moreover, the rate I gain experience points would be raised since the monsters would be led to me and by being able to combine the status of those 5 jobs, my ability shouldn’t lose to even the Hero.

“Sorry, Haru, Malina. If possible, I would have liked to meet up with you two sooner but please wait for me.”

Once I prove that there is nothing impossible once I combine my Growth Cheat and Jobless Cheat, I will immediately go to where the two of them are!

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