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Chapter: (159) Solitary Labyrinth Exploration

Translator: Tseirp

At this moment, I urgently had to level up.

By the way, my current jobs have been set as:

【Jobless Lv90 Fire Magician Lv12 Water Magician Lv1 Wind Magician Lv1 Earth Magician Lv12】

As long as I do not know what kind of monster is going to revive, I should avoid having to fight it in close combat. As such, my only choice of attack would be by using magic.

I will raise my strongest magic to the limit with Magical Power Boost and finish it with a single shot.

Even for me, magical power depletion and having to exit the combat would be unavoidable once I release a highest level magic with Magical Power Boost.

I can’t help it in that circumstance. I would probably use a door to My World I prepare in advance and flee.

That’s why, in order to reliably kill that monster, I was intent on defeating monsters to level up. However, Carol would have to stay back.

Initially, I thought of fighting together but I realized that Carol would then take 25% of my experience points if she was together with me.

As we were tight on time, that loss would be too big.

That’s why, although I felt sorry for her, I had her return to My World and asked her to cultivate Mana Grass.

Mana Grass is a herb that can be made into mana potions if purified but consuming it unprocessed would also provide some amounts of MP regeneration (However, it is extremely bitter). I’ll be utilizing the herb Carol harvested during our travel between Gomaki Village and the Border town of Dakyat.

『Sheena No.3 reporting. A monster is spawning. Please turn right at the next corner.』

A message came from Sheena as if she was doing an on-site broadcast. After running for a bit, I identified the position of the monsters with my Detect Enemy skill.

Upon turning right at the corner, there was a large centipede close to 3 meters tall.


I released magic.

The middle-rank Fire Magic mercilessly swallowed the centipede and returned it to ash.

【Ichinojo Leveled up】

【Water Magician skill: 「Water Magic II」has skilled up to「Water Magic III」】

【Wind Magician skill: 「Wind Magic II」has skilled up to「Wind Magic III」】

With that, my Water Magician and Wind Magician reached Lv8 in one go and Fire Magician and Earth Magician reached Lv14.

Surprisingly the monsters here give wonderful experience points. But the rate the monsters spawn wasn’t that fast.

Usually, for Magicians and Apprentice Magicians, just using magic would gain experience points but for Attribute Magicians, they can’t gain experience points if they do not use the corresponding magic. For example, if I used the magic 「Water」, I would acquire experience points for Apprentice Magician, Magician and Water Magician but not for Fire Magician, Wind Magician and Earth Magician. (Note: Wait, he just used Fire and got exp for water and wind magician too…)

As my MP wasn’t limitless even if it is significant and my means to recover it is limited, I gave up on gaining experience points by using magic even when there was no need for it.

Collecting the magic stone that dropped, I kept it in my item bag and ran deeper into the labyrinth.

Apparently, miasma would flow when people walk by and that would cause the birth of miasma stagnation and make it easier for monsters to spawn.

I wondered if it was reversed when I heard that making it flow will make it easier for it to stagnate. For water, a stagnant pond would appear cloudier than a flowing creek. That was the image I had in my head.

However, I heard that when walking in a labyrinth, it would make the miasma flow easier and the miasma would accumulate at locations where the flow is obstructed, like the dead-ends in the labyrinth.

To visualize it, imagine placing 200 marbles on a billiard table and gradually increase the number.

No matter how much you increase the number, the marbles probably won’t gather in a single spot but once they are moved, they will ultimately all fall into the six pockets. In other words, they gathered in six locations.

Miasma works in a similar fashion and once a certain amount gathers, it would apparently materialize into a monster.

If that’s the case, you would ask would monsters not be born in labyrinths if nobody enters, going back to the billiard example just now, if the marbles continue to increase, the end result would be a large number of marbles on top of the billiard table.

If that happens, the miasma would form gigantic monsters and frenzied monsters, leading to a major outbreak of monsters.

That is most likely the principle for the occurrence of the Fish Lizard outbreak and the Gigantic Fish Lizard in the Intermediate Labyrinth in Florence.

”… As expected, it was a good choice to not strike down those monkeys.”

Those monkey monsters have a good relationship with Sheena and they seem to be nice guys who just love hot springs.

『Sheena No.3 reporting. Monster spawning. It looks to be heading your way. It is a water and wind attribute monster so please defeat it with Wind Magic or Earth Magic.』

Oops, looks like a monster has spawned.

After waiting for a bit, a huge jellyfish came flying towards me through the air from a distance.

I wondered what was the name of that monster.


I released Earth attribute Magic for now. The large rock that flew forth pierced the jellyfish and it was down with a single strike, falling onto the ground.

【Ichinojo Leveled up】

【Water Magician skill: 「Water Resistance (minor)」acquired】

【Earth Magician skill: 「Earth Resistance (minor)」acquired】

I was leveling up satisfactorily but nevertheless, the joy of leveling up is halved after all if there are no companions beside you to share it with.

I picked up a gelatine-like substance that the jellyfish dropped.

That was genuine gelatine so maybe I should use grape juice later to make grape jelly. I don’t know if this world has jelly (Suzuki, Malina, Daijiro-san and etc., countless Japanese people have reincarnated in this world so the possibility is high) but Carol would probably like it.

“Originally I would want to let Haru and Malina eat it too.”

Talking about that, I wonder if Sheena No.3 can eat? Pionia is definitely capable of eating though.

“Haru… are you doing well?”

Talking to nobody in particular, I muttered to the ceiling of the labyrinth.

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