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I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being Jobless (Web Novel) - Chapter — (162) Martial arts competition for Haru and the others 5

Chapter: (162) Martial arts competition for Haru and the others 5

Translator: Tseirp

Marina was facing one of the Nyanto Six Stars, Nyai.

Nyai was not holding onto a sword but instead claws.

“With no further ado, the King position determining martial tournament, first round, first match —”

“The King position determining martial tournament, first round, first match, with no further ado —”

The referees for this tournament were the two Calico Cat Siths who can’t speak in tandem but this time they announced in sync.

“”Begin nya!””

At the same time as that announcement, Nyai took a forward-bent posture.

At the same time, Marina pulled her magical bowstring and released a Wind Arrow, and further pulled the bowstring two more times to release a total of three arrows.

Nyai dodged the arrow by jumping, dodged another by jumping and reduced the distance between them.

Marina released arrows as she ran backwards to increase the distance between her and Nyai.

”… Attacking with a bow and arrow losses its advantages in a narrow arena… I guess Marina has no chance of winning.”

Kanon said calmly.

The difference in speed between Marina who was running backwards and Nyai who was running forward on two feet despite evading the attacks was evident. Furthermore, if Marina continued escaping backwards, she would crash into the audience stand. Even though there wasn’t a stage, reaching the audience stand would constitute an out-of-bounds lost.

She was pressed — or so Kanon and other as well as the Nyanto Six Stars thought. But,

“It’s all right.”

Haurvatat claimed. Her eyes didn’t show any hint of anxiety.

Even though Kanon didn’t know, Haurvatat knew.

Marina grew at a tremendous rate after she was separated from Kanon.

As Marina released arrows while running backwards, she confirmed that she can’t run backwards anymore and suddenly ran forward. And she released even more arrows.

“It’s meaningless no matter how many times you attack nya!”

Nyai said as he moved to evade the first arrow but at that moment, the arrow behind it hit the arrow that Nyai just evaded. The collision of the Wind Arrows caused an interference that caused a Wind Bomb.


Not to mention evading, Nyai who was directly beside the blast was completely hit by that gust of wind. He somehow escaped from getting blown away by piercing the ground with his claws but that gave plenty of gap for Marina to aim for.

She got closer to Nyai and released even more Wind Arrows towards the arrows that were approaching him. Then, after he was caught in another blast, the Wind Arrows she released changed their directions and hit Nyai’s claws — causing a crack in the metal claws. When the wind subsided, the cracked part of the claw broke cleanly when he attempted to pull the claws out.

“I believe you can’t fight any longer with those claws. Why don’t you surrender?”

Marina wiped her sweat and provoked him.

Nyai took off his claws without a word.

Then, he got on all fours and charged towards her.

Marina couldn’t release an arrow at Nyai.

His speed was incomparable to before. It was clear that he would be able to evade it if an arrow was shot at him and the clever scheme just now won’t work too.

Then — Nyai circled around Marina’s back, jumped onto her back and thrust his natural sharpened claws at her neck.

Feeling the sensation of those claws on her throat, Marina closed her eyes and,

”… You got me. It’s my loss.”

She said with a sigh.

Those words were taken as surrendering.

“Winner, Nyai nya!”

“It’s Nyai’s win nya!”

The referees’ announcement marked the end of the first match and Marina’s loss.

Nyai lowered his claws,

”… Why nya?”

“Why… huh. Unfortunately, I do not have that much magical power. It would be difficult for me to release any more arrows.”

“Not that nya. That attack aimed at my claws, if you aimed at me then, I would surely have been defeated nya.”

“Oh that… yeah. Unfortunately, I am not able to suppress the power of the Wind Arrows. You might be an opponent at the moment but there is a girl that would grieve if I injure you.”

Marina said while placing her hand on her chest. Haurvatat and the others understood that she was referring to Malina.

“Moreover, there are three people behind me guaranteed to win who are waiting to do so. I thought that it was the best option to leave the stage by losing via magical power depletion.”

Marina said as she spun a Wind Arrow around her fingers and returned to where Haurvatat and the others were.

Looking at her back, Nyai bowed his head deeply.

”… That was surprising. I came in knowing about that child’s skill with the bow but to think that she would be able to exhibit similar ability — no, to exhibit an even greater ability in battle.”

“Marina’s offensive power mainly revolves around your skill with the bow and clever schemes. Prolonging the fight would be unfavourable for tomorrow’s fight so that was probably a strategic withdrawal right… believe in us.”

“That’s true, after that girl showed us that fight, there’s no way we can afford to lose.”

Kanon said with a bitter smile.

“Sorry, everyone. Looks like I lost.”

“Good job Marina-san nya. It was a good match nya. I’ll do my best next.”

Stella drew her sword.

“Second participant, please come out to the front nya!”

“Come out to the front nya, second participant!”

Those eyes were filled with fighting spirit.

The Nyanto Six Star’s second participant was a grey cat named Yunya.

His weapon was a one-handed axe.

Even though they all held daggers when they first met them, it looked like when the Nyanto Six Stars put on their official equipment, each of the members have different weapons that they are proficient in.

”… Stella-sama — I have never won against Stella-sama but I will take this as a practice against an opponent with higher skill and fight with all my ability.”

“Same here nya. I shall see with my own eyes Yunya’s growth nya.”

As such, the second match began.

Axe versus sword. Yunya was apparently the strongest Cat Sith and his attacks were powerful. However,

“It’s meaningless if it doesn’t hit.”

It might not compare against Haurvatat but Stella boasts the highest speed among the Cat Siths.

Stella accurately hit Yunya with her sword.

Then, after 15 minutes, Yunya admitted to his defeat.

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