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I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being Jobless (Web Novel) - Chapter — (166) Martial arts competition for Haru and the others 8

Chapter: (166) Martial arts competition for Haru and the others 8

Translator: Tseirp

The final round of the tournament to decide the position of the Cat Sith King was about to begin.

On Stella’s side, the first participant was Marina. On the opposing side, Maru’s side sent out Pierre as the first participant, the one who fought against Milky and the others yesterday.

Same as yesterday, he was standing at the center of the arena with white makeup and a red nose like a clown. His application of lipstick that forms a constant smile on his face told of the repulsiveness of his appearance.

His strength was unknown. His job and skills were also unknown.

(He is a Human. He’s probably being manipulated just like Maru.)

Perhaps noticing Kanon’s observation as if to appraise him, Pierre took off his silk hat, revealing his black hair and tossed that silk hat at Kanon. The silk hat transformed into a small bird that flew at Kanon ― but when it approached Kanon, it suddenly burst into a storm of falling cherry blossoms.

Then, without anybody noticing, Pierre had his silk hat back in his hand as he bowed elegantly. His actions were as if to apply pressure on Kanon.

Although the Cat Siths who weren’t aware of such hidden meanings were rewarding the magic show with applause.

“He’s pretty popular.”

Marina said with her Wind Bow in her hand.

Kanon warned Marina.

“Marina ― please. Surrender immediately if you think it’s dangerous.”

“Kannon. If you are talking about my disappointing show yesterday then you are wrong. Once my sleeping powers awaken —”

“Leave something like that behind! Your opponent is dangerous.”

“However, I also have to maintain my position. In the first place, against the next fighter Maru, Stella has never once won against him in a fight right? So it would be dangerous if I lose here.”

“Don’t worry, I will do something about it.”

“I see, if Kanon word it that way then I shall obey. But whether I surrender or not is a different matter.”

Marina commented as she stepped up to the arena.

With the contestants ready, the round was refereed by the same two Cat Siths who signaled the start of the round.

“Without further ado, the King position determining martial arts tournament, final round, first match —”

“The King position determining martial arts tournament, final round, first match, shall we now —”

The two of them raised their hands.

“”Let the match begin nya!””

They shouted as they swung down their hands.

However, neither Pierre nor Marina made a move at all. It’s not because they were at the dimension where the first person to move would lose but because the two of them turned towards the audience together.

“I know, I can understand, Marina-dono. That you are one that lies on my side of the people.”

“Umu, what a coincidence, Pierre. I was also thinking of the same thing. If we had met under different circumstances, we might have become friends.”

Pierre was the first to make a move.

He took out balls from out of thin air — five of them. He tossed them high into the sky.

The balls stopped in midair and transformed into white doves.

The Cat Sith audience once again cheered when they saw that.

Jofre and Elize who came to sightsee — by the way, Jofre’s leg was still wrapped in a cast but he would recover by tomorrow. Elize had already recovered completely ― they mingled with the Cat Siths and joined in the applause and cheers.

“It’s amazing Elize! Is that technique similar to the Magic Journalist talisman paper technique Milky talked about?”

“That’s true? Jofre! Is that technique similar to the Magic Journalist talisman paper technique Milky talked about?”

The two of them asked while Milky who was seated behind them nodded slightly. There was a piece of gauze pasted on her cheek but there were almost no traces of burns remaining.

It’s normally impossible for balls to suddenly transform into doves in midair.

However, it would be a different story if they were talisman paper used for Magic Journalist skills. Similar to how Milky materialized the drawings she drew on the paper yesterday, if doves drawn on talisman papers were inserted inside the balls created from talisman papers, he could instantly switch them in midair. Lastly, adding in a function to disintegrate would turn the talisman papers into confetti and leave no evidence.

However, if that was the case then there was one phenomenon that was impossible.

The Flaming Lion that he brought to life. Shikigami (familiar) summoning can only be performed using paper. If he used that to give life to the Flaming Lion, the Shikigami paper would burn to cinders in an instant.

However, the Flaming Lion at that time could only be a Shikigami.

Milky could not unravel that contradiction.

And then, looking at the birds above the arena, Marina raised her bow to the sky.

“Maybe you plan to turn them into confetti like just now but that highlight ― I shall be taking it.”

Marina exclaimed as she released a small arrow into the sky.

The arrow that should have only been one arrow divided and the split arrows danced in the air unhindered by the wind ― with movements unlike those of normal arrows ― they pierced the birds.

When that happened, the birds turned into confetti just like before but that was where the similarities ended.

As if guided by the power of the wind from the arrows, the confetti rose into the sky and gathered in a single location.

Then, it happened.

Accompanied by the sound of a small explosion, the ball of gathered confetti exploded due to the power of the wind that accumulated at the same location and the confetti spread out like fireworks.

“Ou, how splendid ―”

Pierre looked up to the sky and said like he was impressed.

“Looks like the winner of this game goes to me.”

Street Performer, Marina.

She grasped the victory for a game that had no relation to the match.

However, the real match for the first match starts now.

Author’s note:

I’m sorry that the martial arts tournament is getting longer than I imagined.

The next chapter would be the martial arts tournament as well while we would return to Ichinojo again in the next next chapter.

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