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I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being Jobless (Web Novel) - Chapter — (168) Battle where death is not an option

Chapter: (168) Battle where death is not an option

Translator: Tseirp

I was with Carol at the beach.

After this, we would ride the ship and sail for the mainland. However, before that, I must defeat the resurrected monster.

After all, I have been in Sheena’s care, albeit only for a short time. I have to return the favor for letting us stay the night and treating us to a meal.

It’s all right. I have put in my utmost effort to train these 2 days.

Even though it’s only been 2 days’ worth of training, I have my ability from the two blessings bestowed upon me that allows me to grow at 400 times the speed. Furthermore, I trained 5 jobs at the same time. Although, Jobless was fixed so it was 4 jobs in actual fact. In other words, I trained at 1600 times the speed.

My hard work for 2 days was equally effective as training for 10 years. Moreover, with Sheena No.3’s support, I hunted monsters at an extraordinary rate. Further furthermore, adding up all the status of my 4 jobs, my hunting strength was 4 times more than an ordinary person.

Don’t worry, I’ve become stronger.

The current I is absolutely strong. The current I shouldn’t have any monsters that I can’t defeat.

I convinced myself so but I could not stop the trembling in my feet.

“Ichino-sama, are you nervous?”

“… Only a little… It’s a monster that the Demon Lord couldn’t defeat after all? I was wondering if I could actually defeat something like that. Perhaps I won’t be able to defeat it after all.”

“I see… it’s certainly possible that you can’t defeat it.”

Carol said with a smile.

Eh? She affirmed it?

“I wanted you to deny it there.”

“Ichino-sama, Carol doesn’t want to die. Ichino-sama said it to me. That Carol has the right to live a happy life.”

“… I’m sorry for dragging you in this, Carol. However, if it becomes dangerous you can escape into My World so - - “

“Ichino-sama must come too. If Ichino-sama dies, Carol would not be able to exit from Ichino-sama’s world. I will have to spend my life together with Pionia-san and Fuyun until I die.”

“That’s true - - I definitely can’t die - - I will definitely send Carol - - no matter what happens.”

“Did that dispel your nervousness?”

Carol said as she gripped my hand.

“Perhaps Ichino-sama considered the possibility of your death but if you really did die, Carol will be sad. Haru-san will be sad and Malina-san will be sad too. Ichino-sama must definitely survive. So, like I said in the beginning, please escape if you think it is dangerous.”

“And leave Sheena to die?”

“It is not set in stone that Sheena will really die if you do not defeat the monster. Sheena only predicted that the monster will attack the island.”

Carol said so. That train of thought was well past optimistic thinking and had entered the realm of an impossible future.

However, that’s right. What Carol said was true.

If I weigh Sheena and Carol’s importance, even though I know that I shouldn’t do something like that, I want Carol to survive. After all, she has entrusted her life to me at this moment.

Not only Carol. I do not know what will happen to Haru who has become my slave once I die. The same goes for Malina.

“That’s right, I can’t die yet.”

“Yes, please live, Ichino-sama. Ichino-sama might feel that you have to hold responsibility for Carol and the others but please do not forget that Ichino-sama has the right to chase after happiness as well.”

“… Carol, that’s a big misunderstanding - - My World!”

I said as I opened the door to my own world.

“After all, Haru, Malina and Carol - - I was able to meet you all. I’m already seriously happy.”

I said and entered My World where I became astonished.

“Thank you for waiting, master.”

Pionia graciously greeted me with a bow.

I had entrusted Pionia to construct a ship.

I was sure that it would be nothing more than something like a canoe. However - - sitting there was something different entirely.

“Pionia, what in the world is this - - “

“The ship - - I could only make two boats though.”

“Rather than 2 boats, it’s more like 2 ships.”(Note: Pionia used the counter for small boats while Ichino corrected her with the counter for large boats)

Sitting there were large sailing ships.

“Just how in the world - - what did you use for nails and such.”

“I couldn’t create a mine but I was able to create a small mining vein so I mined iron ores from it - - we had plenty of lumber so it ended up like this - - however, I used up most of my magical power - - master, could I request for magical power supplement? I’m already close to my limit.”

“Pionia, what is your opinion if I die?”

“If master dies now, Master Carol will become my new master. I will request for magical power from Master Carol.”

“Haha, you’re quite realistic.”

“I’m a homunculus after all.”

While Pionia said that, she looked like she suddenly thought of something and added on. Her actions were way too human-like.

“If master is going to die, please supply your magical power before that happens. Master’s magical power is extremely delicious so - - I’d like it if you provide it to me while you are still alive.”

“I see, sorry but I won’t be supplying you with magical power - - I kind of have a fight waiting for me in a bit.”

“I see. That’s unfortunate. Then I shall standby here, please do not die.”

Pionia said. Is it possible that despite how she looks, she is a Tsundere? I thought to myself.

“Now then - - “

I thought as I looked at the magnificent sailing ships.

How do I send these out from here?

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