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Chapter: (172) Ancient Nova

Translator: Tseirp

The Leviathan’s attack swallowed the island and the island’s shape changed in a blink of the eye.


That can no longer be called lightning. Isn’t that an Eldritch Blast that consumes everything?

“Ichino-sama, that attack was only aimed at the surface! Since the labyrinth is deep underground, Sheena should be all right.”

“I know… but”

Is she really fine?

That labyrinth is not a normal labyrinth but an artificial labyrinth. There were things like pipes trailing here and there.

I can’t imagine the facility’s equipment surviving being bathed in lightning. If just the air conditioning breaks down in that underground labyrinth, the monkeys would suffocate to death.

The Leviathan began moving.

It intends to get closer to the island.

“Ichino-sama, quickly, your spell!”

“I know ― but, I can’t get an aim on it.”

I’ve not used Ancient Nova even once until then so I didn’t know the speed and the size of the flames. Moreover, since I was adding Boost to it, I didn’t know the speed even more. If only there’s a way to make it stop for a moment ―

Or rather, I missed my greatest opportunity just now.

The Leviathan stopped for a split second when it released that attack.

I would have been able to somehow pull it off at that time.

But I couldn’t wait for that to happen again.

Since there was no guarantee that Sheena won’t die from the next attack.

If that’s the case, I just have to aim at it ―

(If only Marina was here, I could probably hit it if I follow her instructions.)

I knew that I couldn’t hope for something that wasn’t possible but I wanted to somehow make it such that I won’t miss.

“Ichino-sama, it is fine as long as you aim it in the direction of the enemy. And Carol also has a plan that might work.”


“Carol will dive into the sea ― below the boat. The effect of the Temptress skill manifests even during the day when Carol is underground ― since that is the case, it might work if Carol dives down under the ocean surface as well. Carol has the bucket we used to throw water out of the boat. If Carol turns this upside down, Carol can have enough air to last underwater for a couple of minutes.”

“Carol, your Captivating Fragrance of the Moon is a skill that invites monsters with smell! Even if it is only released in the air pocket made by the wooden bucket, if that smell spreads into the ocean ―”

“Carol heard that sharks can smell blood from a kilometer away ― In the first place, Carol doesn’t know either if Carol’s skill works on the Leviathan.”

”… I will release my magic the moment the Leviathan changes direction. Immediately return to the boat after that. Even if the Leviathan doesn’t change direction and I don’t release my magic, swim back to the boat once two minutes pass. If that saying about the sharks’ olfactory sense is true, even if it doesn’t work on the Leviathan, there’s a high possibility that the smell will cause the monsters that escaped just now to turn back.”

“Okay. Carol swears on this slave collar that Carol will definitely follow Ichino-sama’s orders.”

Carol nodded as she turned over a large bucket to capture air and prepared to jump into the sea.

“Carol, the boat might sway greatly once I release my magic. Be careful not to hit your head.”

“Yes, Carol prays for Ichino-sama’s fortune in battle.”

Carol said that and dove into the sea.

I heard the sound of the bucket hitting the bottom of the boat. She probably pressed the bucket against there to stabilize it.

I didn’t count how much time passed.

If the Leviathan showed any gesture of releasing the next attack, I would immediately move to attack.

After all, if I allowed the next Leviathan attack, I would lose the meaning for this battle.

Then ― a minute passed.

The Leviathan opened its large mouth and gathered power at its horn.

Sheet, I can’t wait any longer!

I thought.

“Boost Ancient”

As I was about to cast my magic, lightning suddenly retracted from the Leviathan’s horn.

Then, it changed its direction.

Towards us.

(You’ve done it, Carol!)

The Leviathan was heading straight in our direction.

In this situation, neither the attack speed nor the enemy’s speed would matter.

Aiming directly straight at the enemy would most likely hit.

“Carol, hold on tight! You better not drown!”

I shouted,

“「Boost Ancient Nova」!”

and released my magic.

I was immediately struck with the sensation of my energy being uprooted and snatched from my body.

It was a sensation I had not felt until then, an intense feeling of weakness greater than when I had magical power depletion.

At the same time, a minutely small grain of flame was released from my wand.

Its speed was quicker than the eye could capture but I wondered what was the meaning of such a flame.

That flame struck the Leviathan.

Then, there was an impact. It wasn’t an explosion or a blast.

All the surrounding space was absorbed and the released Big Bang-like destructive power swept the boat backward greatly. (Note: The direct translation was Big Van-like but it didn’t make any sense at all… unless he was referring to truck-san? lol)



The rolling waves swept Carol but I grabbed the hand she stretched out. I felt like I was about to lose consciousness from the feeling of weakness but I summoned the last of my strength and pulled her up to the boat in one go.

“Was it defeated?”

Carol said as she stared at the Leviathan that was still caught within the blast flames.

“Of course. If it survives that, I no longer have any chance of winning ― ah……”

That’s when I came to a realisation.

My level didn’t rise.

Even though my Fire, Water, Wind and Earth Magicians were at the peak, my Jobless job still has room to level up.

If my level didn’t go up, it meant ―

I wanted to think that it was a condition whereby its experience points didn’t come in because it was a boss but it was wishful thinking.

Because a gigantic body appeared from within the flames that was clearing up.

It survived. It was considerably weakened but it was still alive.

”… Its wounds are closing up.”

It was beginning to self-regenerate.

Does that mean now is the only time to defeat it?

“I’ll release the same magic again.”

“That’s reckless, Ichino-sama! Your magical power won’t sustain it! Not only is it doubtful if Ichino-sama’s magic will activate with your current condition, we also don’t know what will happen if you activate it! Magical Power Boost might be a trump card for magicians to use during important battles but at the same time, it is also a dangerous magic! If Ichino-sama dies ―”

“Carol will not be able to leave My World and Pionia would also be troubled… but, there’s Torerul-sama. That person will most likely come to my world to slack. You can appeal to Torerul-sama when that time comes ― I can tell from that attack from the Leviathan just now. If that thing reaches the continent where there are countless people, thousands or tens of thousands of people will die.”

Coming to this world, I thought that I will be able to do anything with my growth cheat power and Jobless cheat power. No, I believe I can do it.

Therefore, if I don’t defeat it, who will!

“Prepare yourself, Leviathan! Boost”

― 『Gan』

A dull sound struck the back of my head and my weakened body suffered immense damage.

When I collapsed, I saw the figure of Carol crying while holding onto the oar.

“Ichino-sama, sorry. But Carol cannot live without Ichino-sama.”

Carol said as she pulled my body and entered My World — at the same time, my consciousness once again fell into darkness.


The shadows of two human-like beings that suddenly disappeared and the flames that assaulted it just now. And the mysterious smell that controlled its consciousness. The Leviathan that was being wary of all that detected the appearance of a new presence.

“I thought I saw a huge explosion — what happened?”

A human girl on the island said while laughing.

The Leviathan bared its fangs.

Because even though the appearance was different, it could detect that it was the human that asserted itself as the Demon Lord, the one who sealed it.

Then, as the Leviathan was about to release lightning,

“For you who haven’t regenerated your horn, you are out of your depth challenging me. 「Thousand Dark Swords」.”

She — the reincarnated Demon Lord Famiris‧Raritei — Kusunoki Miri released a gigantic sword of Darkness that pierced the body of the Leviathan and that darkness swallowed its body.

Then, in the end, all that remained was a calm sea and a burnt island — as well as a small unmanned boat.

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