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Chapter: (174) Beyond level 99

Translator: Tseirp

When I regained consciousness, I felt damp earth below me as well as a dull pain in the back of my head.

When I opened my heavy eyelids, I saw a white space in front of my eyes — I thought I had passed away for an instant but that wasn’t the case.

I was currently inside My World.

And while I was in the process of regaining consciousness, Pionia peered at my face.

“Master, have you awaken?”

I answered her question that was posed without any intonation.

“How long was I asleep?”

“About 249 seconds.”

About 4 minutes — it wasn’t a long duration at all but it was plenty of time for the Leviathan to trample on the island.

“Master, although you’ve just woke up, please assist to release Master Carol.”


Then, I noticed Carol who was beside me with a face of agony.

“Carol, what’s wrong!?”

“Her slave collar is constricting her — Please quickly touch the slave collar and loosen it.”

“O, okay!”

I hurriedly touched her slave collar.

Upon doing so, her expression immediately eased up.

“What exactly happened —”

“A slave attacked their owner. This kind of punishment is natural.”

”……… I see.”

I forgot. Carol was a slave. It was absolutely forbidden for her to resist her owner.

Nevertheless, Carol defied me — this was the price of her actions.

“I’ll apply healing magic immediately —”

“Master, please wait. Master’s magical power has not recovered at all. If you used healing magic now —”

“I know. But although it’s pitiful, I rather lose consciousness than not do anything now.”

So I applied Petit Heal on Carol and grandly collapsed.

I woke up again after another 2 hours.

Carol still had not regained consciousness. It was tough not knowing the situation outside.

Perhaps it was already night time outside.

Just as I was thinking that.

“It’s been a long time, boy.”

Koshmar-sama appeared before my eyes.

I was shocked by her sudden visit but I was also slightly relieved.

“It’s been a long time, Koshmar-sama.”

“Oya, it’s the first time you didn’t call me an Orc the moment you saw me.”

“That’s true… I don’t have the leeway to have such thoughts at the moment.”

“Is that so?… I watched a little of your fight. Sorry, but I can’t exert much power on this present world.”

“It’s all right, Goddesses seem to have their own rules too so I’m not in the position to question you.”

If I spoke my true intention, I would want to ask why did the Goddesses not defeat the female too when they defeated the male Leviathan.

“There were various circumstances regarding that incident too.”

Koshmar-sama said apologetically after reading my thoughts.

“Don’t worry, I brought this upon myself because I was conceited but lacked strength.”

“The Leviathan is dead.”

”… Eh?”

The Leviathan is dead. Those words made me speechless.

“What do you… mean?”

After I finally squeezed out those words, Koshmar-sama explained further.

“Demon Lord Famiris‧Raritei has resurrected and dealt the final blow to the weakened Leviathan. Incidentally, he/she took that automata you were attached to along with him/her.”(Note: The sentence was gender neutral.)

”… I’m glad.”

Instead of getting surprised by the news that Demon Lord Famiris‧Raritei has resurrected, I was more relieved by the knowledge that Sheena was all right.

“Demon Lord Famiris‧Raritei is currently traveling to Port Kobe. Child, I wish that you head there too.”

“All right. The Demon Lord is Haru’s — my companion’s benefactor so I also know that the Demon Lord is not just an evil being. I have to thank the Demon Lord for the incident this time after all and I was originally planning to go to Port Kobe too. Did Koshmar-sama come here for the sake of telling me that?”

“No, there’s another troublesome matter.”

“That’s right, when I reached Lv90, I acquired some strange skill —”

“I am aware of that too — I can’t tell you the specifics at this moment but it is a skill that doesn’t give any problems as long as you don’t use a transfer circle so please go about your daily life without using transfer circles for a while.”

As suspected, it was because of that skill that I was transferred to the island.

“As a preface, the limit we Goddesses placed on all jobs that we configured is set to be Lv99. And only a very limited number of jobs can reach Lv99. For example, the Jobless and Commoner jobs are configured to only reach up to Lv99.”

“I see. Then, my Jobless job would reach counter stop soon.”

“It seems like you have not noticed yet.”


“Child, your Jobless job has reached Lv99.”

”… Eh?”

That’s a lie, did my Jobless job reach counter stop without me noticing?

I checked my jobs.

【Jobless Lv99 Fire Magician Lv60★ Water Magician Lv60★ Wind Magician Lv60★ Earth Magician Lv60★】

It was true, it had reached Lv99. I didn’t notice since I didn’t acquire any skills.

… Eh?

“Have you noticed? That’s the thing. Even though it should be the level limit, your Jobless job did not reach the peak. That is extremely troublesome. What exactly would happen once you reach Lv100? In the first place, will you even be able to reach Lv100? Even I, as a Goddess, do not know the answer — Of course, I do not intend to stop your growth. On my side, it would be better to have information on it after all. However, remember this. Just like the skill you acquired at Lv90, keep in mind that not all the skills you learn are beneficial to you.”

Not all skills are my ally…

“Child, it is still not too late. You can still erase the Jobless job with your Job Change skill. The choice is up to you.”

After saying that, Koshmar-sama began to fade.


“For now, take a good rest…”

She left with those words.

Then, I —

Author’s note:

All that remains is 2 to 3 chapters of the tournament and the epilogue before this long arc comes to an end.

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