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I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being Jobless (Web Novel) - Chapter — (176) Haru’s martial arts competition (Captain battle)

Chapter: (176) Haru’s martial arts competition (Captain battle)

Translator: Tseirp

“Participant Miryuu right? The match is starting nya!”

The Cat Sith judge invited Miri to the center of the arena. But Miri turned around to glare at that Cat Sith,

“Shut up, I’ll be done soon so wait!”

“Yes nya!”

The judge was silenced with a single gesture.

Then, Miri drew near to Kanon.

“What is with this fuss?”

“Pardon me ― that person there is General Earl Valf from the Demon Lord’s Army.”

“Demon Lord’s Army General?”

Miri looked at Valf with a displeased look.

“Why is something like that carrying the name of the Demon Lord’s Army General. Kanon, you seem a lot stronger to me!”

“Well, there’s that but ― incidentally, Ichinojo Onii-san was given a hard time by that Earl and if it went badly, he would have been swallowed by tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of monsters ― so personally I just want to kill him.”

”… Ohh, is that so?”

At that instant, the air felt like it was freezing over.

Among them, Haru who was the most sensitive to such changes felt the hair on her whole body stand on end.

And, naturally, Valf also sensed it.

“Wha, you, who exactly are you?”

“I see… you have yet to notice my true identity. Well then, Demon Lord Army General Valf-san ― feel free to ask the Goddess or whoever after you die!”

Miri thrust her hand forward.

“「Darkness Bomb」”

Immediately after she cast it.

Valf’s body exploded and scattered in all directions. Not to mention feeling shocked, there wasn’t even time to notice what happened.

Even if Valf can split his body into bats, he could no longer revive once his body was blasted to pieces.

Twelve years since the death of the Demon Lord Famiris‧Raritei. The vampire who danced in the shadows died an abrupt and disappointing death.

“Wha, what just happened!”

Marina exclaimed. It wasn’t unreasonable as a person’s body was blasted apart without anyone having touched him.

Even though they knew that she had cast a spell, that spell was quite uncommon and different in nature compared to other spells so other than Miri who cast the spell and Kanon, everyone else failed to close their mouths in shock.

“I converted the power of darkness that demons have into energy and caused an explosion. You might have heard rumors regarding it, it is a deadly spell to the demons.”

“Explosion using the power of darkness? Maybe it’s something like Akumaito ray?”(Note: Reference to Go! Go! Ackman)

When Marina muttered that under her breath, Miri looked at her and said.

“It doesn’t really have the power to amplify the power of darkness within them so it is a difficult-to-use spell that has no effect on normal humans.”

As Miri descended from the arena, the judge declared the winner.

“Killing the opponent is an infringement of the rules nya! And so, this match ― Oi, get a hold of yourself nya!”

One of the Cat Sith judges wanted to announce the winner but he noticed that the other judge had still not returned to reality so he elbowed his stomach.

Then, just as the other Cat Sith judge returned to reality and was about to announce the victory of Prince Maru.

“Please wait nya. This match is our loss nya.”

Prince Maru went up the arena.

“We were being manipulated by that monster called Valf. And I handed him the Cat Sith’s national treasure, the Far-sight Crystal Ball nya. A person like me do not have the right to ―”

“That’s not true nya! Maru-onii was strong nya! Even though you were being manipulated, that sword technique was the real deal nya!”

Stella ran up the arena and took Maru’s hand.

“I believe Maru-onii will be a splendid king nya! I will help out too nya!”

“I, I will help too so I wish to stay by your side nya.”

And Stella’s younger brother Mikke appeared and grasped Maru’s hand as well.

”… Stella. Mikke. Thank you nya.”

Those three Cat Siths decided to work together and make the country flourish while the other Cat Siths clapped and praised their names.

At that time, Haurvatat approached them and asked.

“Prince Maru ― you mentioned that you passed the Far-sight Crystal Ball to Valf so where would it be now”

“I don’t know nya. I think we will have to assume that it has fallen into the hands of the Demon Lord’s army nya… even though this village had a strong friendship with Demon Lord Famiris‧Raritei, we lost contact after the demon lord was subjugated… I’m sorry. Even though you need it to look for Ichinojo-dono who is my younger sister and my father’s benefactor ―”

Miri moved forward when Prince Maru said that.

Then, she stood beside Haurvatat, looked up at her and said.

“One moment.”

“Yes ― you are ― Miryuu-dono right? Thank you for lending your strength just now”

“Port Kobe. Ichinojo is heading that way.”


“That’s all I have to say ― Kanon, Norn, hurry up. We’re departing.”

After Miri said that, Kanon and Norn could not go against her order as they hopped onto Fenrir who was laying down on his belly waiting.

Then, as soon as Fenrir howled once, it ran off towards the south instantly and Haru and the others couldn’t see them anymore.

“Port Kobe… Master is there?”

Haurvatat digested Miri’s words and looked towards the southern sky.


On the other hand, Miri and the others who were running.

“Miri-chan, I actually wanted to introduce everyone to you.”

Norn shouted loudly while making sure to not bite her own tongue.

However, Miri answered her as she maintained her gaze forward.

“I know them even if you don’t introduce them to me. I’ve been to the Cat Sith village some dozens of years ago after all”

“Not that, Onii-san’s companion”

“I know that too… Haurvatat and Saku Marina right?”

“”… Eh?””

The two of them raised their voices.

That’s right, Miri knew both their names.

She heard about them from Sheena No.3 as Ichinojo had mentioned them to her before and above all else ―

(Saku Marina ― she came to this world after all. And also Haurvatat…)

Miri clenched her fist tightly and muttered in her heart.

(I don’t want to kill them if possible… but.)

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