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Chapter: (177) Epilogue

Translator: Tseirp

A night had passed since the battle with the Leviathan.

Carol had completely recovered while I ― even though my magical power had not fully recovered from yesterday’s usage, my MP was sucked dry by Pionia who spent the whole night making final adjustments to the sailing ship.

My original plan was to take it slow for another day but I wanted to verify something before that.

I opened My World’s door below the sailing ship and it fell onto the sea. Carol mentioned that we fled from the Leviathan yesterday during high tide and we were currently approaching low tide so it was unlikely that I would end up opening the door within the sea if I did so now.

After the ship fell through the door, I also followed behind and appeared on the deck of the sailing ship.

Before my eyes was a wide sea and blue sky. And when I look in the opposite direction, stood an island that looked different compared to when I first saw it ― but there were no further changes after it suffered from that first attack by the Leviathan.

It seemed like Koshmar-sama’s words were true. The Leviathan was dead. By the hands of Demon Lord Famiris‧Raritei.

Perhaps, since I came to this world, I had the thinking that I could do anything.

Saving Haru who was about to be bought by an aristocrat, saving Carol from her suffering brought about by her skill, or occasionally challenging thousands or tens of thousands of monsters.

I held a power different from others. Possessing growth speed 400 times that of others and holding 5 jobs where others can only hold 1, I ascended to amazing heights with Jobless while not actually being without a job.

“In the end, I couldn’t do anything.”

When I muttered that, Carol, who had imperceptibly also returned to this world, grasped my sleeve.

“No, Carol believes that Demon Lord-san could defeat the Leviathan because Ichino-sama worked hard.”

”… That might be true. But that is merely judgment drawn from hindsight…”

It’s all right since the Demon Lord defeated the Leviathan. ‘All’s well that ends well’, I believe that is also a valid way of thinking.

But, what would have happened if the Demon Lord was one step late?

My immature power failed to defeat the Leviathan and in the process, I exposed Carol to danger due to my conceit. That fact doesn’t change even if the result was good.

“Ichino-sama ― what do you plan to do with the Jobless job?”

Carol asked.

What are my plans ― in other words, she was asking if I would continue holding the Jobless job.

”… I think I will keep it like this ― Carol will… probably be against it.”

It was still impossible for me to make a choice.

It’s better to be strong but while I feel that it is sufficient as long as I am strong enough to protect my companions, Koshmar-sama also mentioned it.

When my Jobless levels up next time, there is no telling what kind of skill will I acquire.

It might harm me ― no, not only me. There’s a possibility it will pose a danger to Haru, Carol, and Marina who travel with me.

However ― I was unable to shake the feeling that the Jobless skills have some kind of special meaning.

And rather than not do anything, I would not have come to the deserted island if not for the mysterious skill I got when I reached Lv90. Given that I was transported to the island directly before the Leviathan revived, it was obvious that it wanted me to do something.

Although, I cannot tell if the intention was good or bad.

Nevertheless, I must find out the meaning behind this Jobless job ― I felt that it was my duty.

“Now then, let’s set off ― let’s adjust towards the wind’s direction ―”

“Ichino-sama. Carol will adjust the sail so please take the wheel, Ichino-sama ― firstly, please steer us towards the north.”

“OK! Advance full speed to the north!”

The sail received the wind and the ship sailed towards the north.

Towards Port Kobe.

At that time, I did not imagine that I would reunite with the girl I thought I would never see again in this life.

Author’s note:

I’m sorry for the short epilogue.

This arc has ended even though it was long.

The next arc will be a laidback story.

Pirate extermination and fishing showdown. Jofre and other’s part time job?

More importantly, the climax will be the long-awaited reunion between Miri and Ichino, and lastly, that person…

As well as when Jobless reaches Lv100 ―

(This next arc notice is still in the drawing stage. Please understand that there might be changes.)

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