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Chapter: (178) Pirates and Piracy Arc Prologue

Translator: Tseirp

Under the brilliant sunlight, the sailing ship failed to sail through the ocean. That’s right, failed.

“I totally didn’t expect the lull to continue on for so long…”

Water could be created using magic while there were vast amounts of vegetables available as a food source in My World. Furthermore, even without a bath, body cleanliness can be maintained using the 「Clean」 magic so it won’t lead to illness. As there wasn’t any danger to our lives, this lull period was extremely boring. Even if I tried to use Wind Magic, they are a type of offensive magic so it would surely break the sail. Surprisingly, magic was hard to utilize apart from the magic of Lifestyle Magic.

Although being impatient won’t change a thing, to be honest, I was extremely tired of having only vegetables to eat.

As such, I was now amusing myself with fishing.

I had Pionia construct the fishing rod, fishing line, and fishing hook. She truly is a dexterous person.

As for the bait, I cut the dried meat into small pieces for now.

Wearing the same straw hat made by Pionia, Carol and I both fished side by side.

“Oh, by the way, Carol, you’ve acquired the Angler job after your Farmer level increased right?”

I suddenly thought of it and asked Carol.

As the Farmer level rises, it will open up jobs such as Whip-user, Angler, Harvester, Cook, and Sickle-user in that sequence.

Even though I still don’t quite understand how the Whip-user is related to a Farmer, since Carol has already acquired the Harvester job, she should have acquired the Angler job too.

Incidentally, her Harvester job level increased as a result of that day’s battle so she acquired the Apprentice Herbalist job but as she didn’t learn a single recipe, she can’t create a single medicine.

“Yes, I have. Angler is a job that can earn experience points by fishing.”

“Well then, maybe I should change Carol’s job to Angler… My Farmer level has not leveled up after all.”

My Farmer level was still currently at Lv3.

I’ve been reminding myself to train it. I wanted to become a Monster-user after getting Whip-user after all.

“Thank you. If Carol’s Angler level increases, Carol will be able to raise the Dismantling skill too.”

“Eh? An angler can raise Dismantling level too?”

“Yes. Carol heard that there are three types of jobs that can raise the Dismantling level, Hunter, Angler, and Dismantler.”

I see, I didn’t know that.

Thanks to the rise in level of my Dismantler job, I have quite considerable skill in the art of dismantling but the level can rise even further huh?

“This reminds me of when I went fishing with my family.”

I muttered without thinking.

“Family… huh.”

Carol’s expression darkened instantly.

“Ah, sorry.”

I apologized immediately.

Both of Carol’s parents were already dead. The reason was due to the skill Carol possess.

The topic on family was taboo.

“No, it’s all right. Carol also wish to hear about Ichino-sama’s family and furthermore, to Carol now, Ichino-sama, Haru-san and Malina-san are my family.”

“I see. Yup, for me too, I have Carol, Haru and Malina so I won’t be lonely even if I don’t meet my younger sister.”

Conversely, I wondered how my younger sister was feeling… I looked up to the sky.

Miri’s feelings, in a different world, having lost her brother and parents and with only money to accompany her. I definitely won’t forget my sin of leaving her behind alone.

“And so, Ichino-sama. Did this fishing remind you of something?”

“Hn? Yeah. It just reminded me of the time when my younger sister Miri fished up something called a tuna weighing 420 kilograms during a fishing competition.”

“It’s an extraordinary story even when you’re just starting from the introduction!?”

The wind blew just as I started talking.

“The wind is here! Carol, please prepare the sails!”

“Yes, Ichino-sama! Please make sure to tell Carol the continuation of that story!”

“Okay! There’s also a battle story with a giant squid!”

The ship finally started sailing.

Towards Port Kobe.


It has been a week since we started our voyage.

According to Carol, we should be seeing signs of land soon but all I could see was the shadow of the ship. Turning to look in another direction, I saw something coming straight for us.

It looked like the ship ahead of us noticed us.

“Hard to starboard!”

The ship tilted to the right as I turned right. I don’t know which side is starboard which side is port but I was probably right.

“Carol, we’ve done it! Now, we can find out the exact distance to Port Kobe!”

I shouted loudly but Carol’s complexion didn’t look too good when the opposing ship matched our turn and their sail came into sight.

“Ichino-sama, please prepare for battle just in case.”

Maybe Carol was holding herself back from pouring water on my joy as she said softly.

”… Eh?”

Preparations for battle?

“Normally, ships won’t change their direction towards another ship they see… unless.”

“Ah… you mean that possibility.”

I finally got it after she explained it that way.

In other words —

As the ship in the horizon steadily grew bigger, I finally saw it.

The sail was black and depicted a skull mark.

A stereotypical pirate ship.

How do I put this, what a promising development?

“Hn, I wonder if they will tell me the distance to Port Kobe if I give them a barrel full of tomato and wine?”

I said with a wry smile.

If they are still hostile after I give them tomato and wine, I’ll just have to sink their ship.

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