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I’ve Became Able to Do Anything with My Growth Cheat, but I Can’t Seem to Get out of Being Jobless (Web Novel) - Chapter — (183) Side Story Haurvatat and Port Ithaca

Chapter: (183) Side Story Haurvatat and Port Ithaca

Translator: Tseirp

Haurvatat, from the White Wolf Race, and Malina, who was transported to the Otherworld from Japan, were travelling to Port Kobe on the clue given by the mysterious young girl Miryuu in order to reunite with their master Ichinojo.

“This is as far as I can go nya — Although I have been helped by Ichinojo like you two, I have to govern the village with my other two siblings after our King’s death so I can no longer leave whenever I want like before nya.”

Stella, the Cat Sith, persuaded but — Malina did not release her grip on Stella.

“No, I don’t want to part with Stella.”

“Malinya, please don’t be so selfish… I only came all the way here because you two can’t cross the border alone as slaves nya…”

“Uu, Stella-san.”

Teary eyed, Malina released her grip and stepped three steps back from Stella before she waved her hands grandly while Haurvatat waved goodbye too.

“We’ve been in your care, Stella-san. Next time, we’ll drop by together with master to say hi if we are nearby! Until then, I will try to be able to drink alcohol so —”

“Stella-saaaaaan, I’ll definitely, definitely come see you.”

The three of them said their goodbyes.

And then, the two of them relooked at the current situation.

Currently, they were in Kakensain, a country they had to pass through on the way to Port Kobe from Dakyat. They were now in the border town Kayama. From there, they will travel south to Port Ithaca and take a boat to Port Kobe. If what the Miryuu young girl said was true, they will be able to reunite with Ichinojo there.

They only had 500 sense that they were given by Stella (They actually only wanted to borrow it but slaves can’t borrow money without their master’s permission). As the item bag was with Ichinojo, they carried the money in a bag.

Malina looked back reluctantly but she took out her mask from her bosom and wore it,

“Shall we set off?”

And turned into Marina who strode ahead in good spirits.

As Fuyun and the horse carriage were inside Ichinojo’s My World, they had to travel on foot.

“By the way, Marina-san, did you travel via carriage when you were travelling with Kannon-san?”

“Umu. My sworn friend Kannon and I thread the eternal expanse of land with our own feet. Of course, with the help of a temporary collaborator, we’ve also rode on a carriage pulled by a wise beast that advanced to the future.”

”… That’s a little hard to understand.”

“Basically, we’ve walked but we’ve also traveled via passenger carriages.”

Marina explained it in a simpler manner this time around. In other words, they travelled normally.

“I descended to this world at the Southern Continent. So I have a grasp of the place called Port Kobe.”

“That will be helpful — I came from the Northern Continent so I have passed through this continent as well.”

The two of them were walking. Incidentally, there were passenger carriages that traveled from Kayama to Port Ithaca but Haurvatat had the stamina and felt that slaves shouldn’t enjoy such luxury; whereas Marina was acting as Malina in town and she wanted to spend even a second longer with Stella so she didn’t even consider the option of taking a carriage.

Marina was led to think that after they had started walking for five minutes — when she saw a carriage in the distance heading south as they walked on the pavement-less grassland.


They camped out for four days, stayed a night at a village along the way, and although no passenger carriage stopped over at that village, they paid to ride on a cart meant to transport crops to Port Ithaca for two days.

They arrived at Port Ithaca after a total of seven days.

Although Port Ithaca faced the sea, the coastal region was shallow so large-scale ships could not enter but in their stead, there were plenty of small boats docked at the harbor. They seemed to be mostly made up of fishing boats.

“Oji-san, thank you very much!”

It would have been difficult to explain their circumstances to enter the town as slaves on their own but they entered together with a middle-aged farmer who they befriended on the road so the two of them entered the town of Port Ithaca smoothly.

“Umu, I smell the scent of the sea. It’s a mother’s scent.”

“Eh? Marina-san’s mother used a perfume that smelled like the sea?”

“No, because the sea is said to be the Mother of all life.”

“I see, what a nice way to say it.”

Haurvatat was honestly impressed while Marina looked a little awkward.

“Leaving that aside, I’ve once again been reminded of Ichino’s existence. A journey without the Clean spell was extremely inconvenient — I’d prefer we choose an inn with a bath.”

“We had to pay the town entry tax and we have to consider the transport fee to Port Kobe so we can’t afford that luxury.”

“I guess so — well, it just takes half a day to reach Port Kobe by boat — let’s enjoy the luxury after we reunite with Ichino on the other side.”

The two of them covered their slave collars with scarves and quickly headed to the pier for the connecting ships but —

All the connecting ships were suspended.

“The ships won’t set off — is there no other way?”

Haurvatat persistently asked the 50 year old man resting at the pier.

“Sorry, young lady. During this period, we can’t set off regardless of the circumstances due to the rules. The ships will set off a week later so come back then.”

It seemed like no ships were allowed to depart during this period to protect the fishing of some specialty shrimp that inhabit the sea.

“Can’t you work something out?”

“Even if you plead, it’s the rules — There’s the option of sailing with pirates but cute girls like you young lady will most likely end up as their plaything so — I’m sorry but please wait patiently for this week to pass.”

The man naturally didn’t know.

The strength of Haurvatat and that she could not wait a week to meet her master.

She successfully found out where the pirates’ hideout was within five minutes after that conversation.

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