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Chapter: (187) The strength to face tomorrow

Translator: Tseirp

That night, the fishermen and former pirates Hallock and the gang gathered and started a party in the name of celebration. It wasn’t like we had actually won but the fishermen had already given up on securing a fishing ground this year so it was no longer just about winning.

Furthermore, since it was resolved without spending the money that would otherwise be spent on paying the pirates, it was converted into paying for the alcohol for everyone to pass around.

I thought to myself that it was lucky that Haru wasn’t around. Knowing her, she would drop a bombshell remark due to the stench of alcohol at the place and faint.

Incidentally, Carol was diligently going around pouring alcohol and gathering information. She’s seriously a great girl.

I was able to weather through today without having to use the Clean spell to clear any accidents but I swore to myself to keep water intake in moderation and use the restroom on the ship before tomorrow’s negotiation.

“Nevertheless, the faces on those guys when Sensei released that magic — it was as if they had wet themselves.”

My heart skipped a beat when Hallock said that with a laugh.

He wasn’t talking about me. No no, I didn’t leak. Yeah, I’m fine.

I slowly drank the beer that was poured for me by those around me. The beer wasn’t that good but the atmosphere wasn’t bad.

“By the way, Sensei, are you not accustomed to the sea despite owning a ship?”

“Hn? Yeah. I’ve actually only arrived at the sea not long ago.”

“Then perhaps you aren’t aware of this kind of dishes.”

Hallock said as he brought out — a plate of raw fish with beautiful shining white flesh.

That’s —

“Is that Sashimi?”

“You know about it? Yes, it’s a dish introduced by the people who were transported from the other world — It’s actually supposed to be eaten with a sauce called shoyu though.”

“There’s soy sauce too? Rather, at this rate, I’ll be fine with even fish sauce.”

“Sorry, I don’t have it. I don’t have shoyu — so I’ll use ponsu.”

“Ponzu sauce?”

They have ponzu sauce?

Eh? But I somewhat recall that shoyu is the base ingredient for ponzu sauce.

“No, not ponzu sauce but ponsu.”

Hallock brought out a slightly pale yellow liquid.

“Can I try a bit?”

“Yes, of course.”

Hallock poured some ponsu into a small saucer and passed it to me together with the plate of sashimi.

I added a pinch of that sauce on the white fish and brought it to my mouth.

“Hn — sour… fruit juice huh.”

“Yes, it’s the juice of the citrus fruit from the southern country so it’s too sour to consume on its own but it goes well with raw fish.”

”… I see, I remember now.”

Ponsu was the prototype seasoning for ponzu sauce.

I heard my senior in my family restaurant part-time job speak about it before. It was pointed out to me that what we normally call ponzu sauce was actually supposed to be called shoyu ponzu sauce and that it was just orange juice in the past.

I always only saw oranges as new year decorations and never knew that they were the raw ingredients for ponzu sauce.

“Well well, this somewhat resembles carpaccio, it’s delicious.”

I said with a wry smile but I kept to myself that I still missed shoyu after all.

I had no way of knowing at that time.

The blazing ball of flame that I sent into the sky — many more people saw it than just the pirates at the scene.


In the former pirate hideout near Port Kobe.

Norn who was preparing for camp looked like she was extremely restless.

During the day, Miri’s condition was weird after she saw the enormous fireball that suddenly appeared in the western sky.

After Miri, Norn and Kannon arrived at Port Ithaca, they found that the connecting ship to Port Kobe would stop after one last round trip.

After that, Miri’s choice of action was swift and Norn could not understand it.

Miri suddenly summoned Fenrir outside the town and decisively chose that they would ride on its back and cross the mountain.

Normally it would have taken about a week to cross on foot and it was a path that only traveling monks could traverse but by relying on Fenrir’s mobility, they crossed the distance in just half a day.

Then, what happened immediately after that was the annihilation of the pirates around Port Kobe.

“Immediately stop this pirate business this instant.”

The pirate Miri said those words to immediately attacked her but the tentacles from Miri’s Darkness Magic coiled around the pirates and splendidly tossed them into the sea while Fenrir dog-paddled and attacked the pirate vessels floating offshore.

It returned after the ships turned into wood chips.

The pirates didn’t feel anger or hatred seeing their ships sent to Davy Jones’ locker, they only felt fear.

They later heard that the pirates decided to stop their pirating business and took the last connecting ship to Port Ithaca.

Miri had 2 reasons for destroying the pirate ships.

The first was to prevent Miri’s brother, Ichinojo, from getting attacked by pirates when he took the boat to Port Kobe.

And the other reason was to keep Haurvatat and Malina at Port Ithaca.

As mentioned earlier, it was currently impossible to take the connecting ship from Port Ithaca to Port Kobe. Travelling on land and crossing the mountains would take too much time. The only remaining method left would be to utilize the pirates to cross.

In other words, they would have to go to the island near Port Ithaca where the pirates would have their meeting and ride the ship of the pirates from Port Kobe. However, now that the Port Kobe pirates were completely annihilated, Haurvatat and Malina no longer had any options left.

Norn asked her.

Why does Miri reject the reunion between Haurvatat and Ichinojo? And if she does not want them to reunite, why did she tell Haurvatat that Ichinojo would be at Port Kobe?

Although she couldn’t get an answer from Miri, she was even more nervous after hearing the report from Norn when they returned.

It seemed like there was a new pirate. That pirate was absurdly strong and was the messiah of their town.

And after seeing that huge fireball just now, Norn noticed that it was the work of that new pirate.

Tomorrow, the pirates would have another meeting.

(It’s no longer a situation where only the Port Kobe pirates will be annihilated… I shall annihilate the pirates from both Port Kobe and Port Ithaca.)

Miri deemed that it was none of her business if the fishing ground turned into a mess because of that.

The news that a new ship had reached the harbor had not reached her ears.

(I’ll clean everything up before Onii arrives.)

Miri made her decision and went to bed early in preparation for tomorrow.

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